The Parties of Ios

January 1, 1970

by Evelina

Why Greece?

No words or pictures can ever do justice to the beautiful Greek islands. The idyllic beaches, turquoise waters, charming villages, and welcoming locals are only a few of the many reasons why visiting the Greek islands should be on your upcoming travel plans. In terms of what islands to visit, I would say eventually you should tour all of them. Every island has something unique to offer and you’re bound to fall in love with the Greek culture with every new spot you tour. One island that will either fuel or reignite your inner wild animal is Ios. Before I continue, I want to make one thing clear: I am not what society categorizes as a ‘partier’ or a crazy ‘socialite.’ In fact, because I lead a healthy lifestyle I tend to stay away from parties as they take me off track. That being said, the parties of Ios are not what you are probably expecting of an island nightlife, and I would go as far as saying Ios may have some of the best parties in the world.

Party Culture

Ios has a party for everyone, and I mean everyone. From the upbeat music on the beaches that make watersports a celebration, to the dinners with romantic dancefloors, and finally, the indescribable nightlife. Whether you’re a dancer or not, you will spend your time in Ios sporting your best moves. Visitors of all ages can be seen clinking glasses, singing along to their favorite tunes, or dancing dances that are popular from all around the world. You will feel right at home even if home is a long plane or boat ride away.

Overlooking the start to my inner party animal at Mylopotas Beach

The magic of the nightlife

Have I convinced to party in Ios yet? If not, here is a short list of some of the bars and clubs that stuck out to me while dancing through my vacation on this island. Once again, keep in mind that words or pictures do not do justice to the Greek islands. Take my descriptions as a trailer to a 5-star award winning movie.

Alt Bar

My inner Harry Potter lover came out in this bar. Shooters and cocktails are made with wicked state of the art mixing techniques that feel and look like magic.

Baru Bar

Stylish and elegant looking, the Dry Ice Cocktails will have you enjoy the night in class.


Take the fun and vibrant atmosphere of a circus and put it in an Aussie owned bar where you play drinking games with the bartenders and watch a fire flaring show to light up your night. At circus, your wild animal definitely won’t be tamed!

Disco 69

One of the largest and oldest clubs on the island, you can’t go to Ios without dancing to a few songs on the Disco’s dancefloor to be a part of the beginning of the parties of Ios.

Lost Boys

This Aussie owned bar takes you to Neverland in its mystical decor and cocktails that require at least 4 people to finish – I’m fairly certain I had about 8 straws in mine! Play beer pong and snack on free popcorn with all the partying pirates.

PASH Night Club

For the House and EDM lovers, this is the place for you. PASH is the island version of a house music festival and you won’t be disappointed. The best DJs of the island and from abroad come here to spin their sickest tracks.

Shush Bar

A silent disco (if you’re unaware of a silent disco, there is no DJ or live band. You are given a pair of headphones that have a set amount of stations. You can switch through the channels to match your friends or sing along to your favorite songs on your own, but there are no general speakers for everyone to hear the same songs) that gives you Hip Hop and R&B, House, and Top 40. The best part is taking off your headphones and hearing everyone sing along to the different stations.

Slammer Bar

Enjoy every genre of music in this homey bar. Not appealing enough? How about enjoying a row of shots and then being slammed on the head with whatever the bartenders have laying around behind the bar – maybe a skateboard, a hammer, a fire hydrant, who knows?

How to Make the Most of your Night

Keep in mind, there are so many more places to check out. These hot spots made my trip to Ios one of the best trips I’ve ever been on because I experienced so many different worlds and cultures in a couple of nights. I would recommend doing a pub crawl so that you may see as many clubs as possible. Although spending about half an hour at each club won’t do them justice, remember that you could always return to your favorite spot at the end of the night or at the beginning of the morning (if you could last that long). You can’t leave the island without seeing at least a handful of the bars. If you don’t, did you even go to Ios?

Finish your Parties with a Stunning Sunrise

To add a spark on top of your electrifying night, grab a gyro and a bottle of water, and climb one of the many hills to watch the stunning sunrise. Think of the sun as a giant disco ball if you still want to continue partying on a hilltop, or take this time to relax and appreciate the subtle beauty of Ios. Remember how I said there is something for everyone? There is no way you won’t enjoy Ios.

A natural light show to start the end another night

Memories of a lifetime

The people I met, including the bartenders, DJs, bouncers, and tourists, give me the feeling that in a world full of differences and varying views, we can be easily bound by a good beat and a smile. Connecting with people who are traveling or working on the island for whatever reason will remind you of the good in the world because a good time overpowers differences on Ios. The aura of the majestic island will have you feeling naturally happy and youthful. Whether you are fueling or reigniting your inner wild animal, Ios will have you escaping reality and enter into a world of good vibes and unforgettable memories.


By Evelina

With my studies in global education, love for fitness, taste for good food, and passion for going to places I've never been to before, to travel and to connect with people are a part of me. I live for adventure and the thrill of the unknown. In fact, because of my spontaneous desire to pick up and go, I met the love of my life while on an adventure and moved to Israel from Canada to be with him. Join me as my adventure continues to unfold, and I take on new places one tasty bite of new food and sip of freshly brewed coffee at a time.


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