The Mystique of Maasai Mara-KENYA

The Mystique of Maasai Mara



If you’ve ever wished to get out of the extremities of your imaginations and backpack to the most exciting destinations full of adventure, then let me lure you by relating the Mystiques of Maasai Mara wildlife destination. Maasai Mara has a lot to offer, not only the intriguing adventurous atmosphere but even with the outstanding and most luxurious hotels that dazzles the place. Situated at the south-west part of the Kenyan territories, Maasai Mara has been at the center of attraction owing to aesthetic eco-system that bewilders both internal and external tourists. I must admit that when I came to learn about this place, my trip to Narok County was a priority in my diary. With these amazing experiences in Maasai Mara am sharing here, I believe will make you fall for it even more!

Cultural Diversity

While appreciating one’s culture is paramount, Maasai Mara wild life has brought many people from different nationalities within Africa and other continents that trade cultures for mutual existence in the site. Firstly, I got to learn about the maasai community that have long lived in Maasai Mara as pastoralists in the Isokon Maasai Cultural Village. These people did remarkably showcase a sense of tranquility and resilience through their cultural practices that enhanced wild life conservation and peaceful co-existence. Events such as the Annual Cultural Extravagance saw people with different cultures and from different places trade their cultures. I took the opportunity to affirm what I learnt during my primary and high school about the maasai community; their historical habitat, rights of passages, form of leadership among other interesting things and events. Far from this, a two days safari allowed me to socialize as we went for an excursion at the border of Kenya and Tanzania where the Serengeti National Park lies. Together with some tourists from various parts of the country and abroad, we were able to interconnect and learn our cultural differences. The Maara hedge bottles up several camps and hotels. These provide a magnificent opportunity to show case cultural practices ranging from types of food, dressings, and forms of mutual-coexistence in multicultural societies among many others. Well, if I am to articulately describe all these diversities, just a page isn’t enough!


Maasai Mara is the world’s mega wildlife conservation destinations hosting a number of species of all types of predators and preys. Well, I know for a myriad of reasons, you know some wild animals like lions, wild beats and zebras, just to mention a few, by names.  Or rather, you might have only managed to see them on TV. No one would blame you if that’s so. Perhaps you’ve never been persuaded in one way or the other, or got a chance to explore and learn about the exciting beauty of these wild animals you watch on TV. Let me take you through… My two days safari was full of adventure. The experience with big five animals was the best part of it. Wouldn’t the seeing of ‘real’ Lions, Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino and Leopard make you enthusiast and pay some dollars to extend your visit? You know best. The camouflage feature of several preys and predators we saw made us revel in the beauty of startling sites. The game driver whose experience was notable in the routes and sites he took us had a lot to narrate about the animals for the period he’s been working there. Have you ever learnt about the seasoning wild beast migration? Even though it is the most attractive event in the history of Kenyan’s wildlife, my timing to visit Maasai mara compromised my urge to experience the migration. I later realized that the wild beast migration occurs between April and July. Therefore, if I’ve quite convinced you, make sure you don’t miss the wild beast migration when you decide to drop by.

The Hot Air Balloon Safaris

The excursion was more fascinating with the hot air balloon. It was an exciting experience having gotten into the air balloon and trailing through the clean air of Maasai mara. The aerial view of the rich land of Maasai mara hyperbolized our sensational voyage as trees, scrubs, savanna, settlements and wild animals became vivid. With a tour guide and ‘new chaps’, we were able to see the strategic natural set up Maasai mara. Well, if time wasn’t a limit, I bet I would have spent much time traveling ‘above the ground’ wow mad fun. Hotels and Camps and Conference facilities Well, you know your favorite food and drinks, right? May be a cup of cappuccino, white coffee or chicken-wings and bugger, mention them. The best resorts are available in the Maasai mara offering varieties. Speaking of the Sarova Mara Game Camp, It admittedly got me fond of it. The environment is welcoming and the plains are clearly seen. The scene around you is perfect and the hospitality part of this hotel was outstanding. More interestingly, different packages that suit your level of satisfaction are available. Even though a couple of tented, non-tented camps and hotels are available, I can just say I was in a big dilemma to select my preferred hotel to unknot my muscles. You wouldn’t want to time to pass by. Life is too short.


They say time is the rider that breaks youth, yes! and that time fleeth away without delay. So explore to learn and experience the life your living before you break it. If you are looking for a place to spend your holiday after the exams, or when you’re on a leave off, you now have an idea of what to do. I know you will also have a narration to give about the experience there. As I just mentioned earlier, expressing my entire experience with my digital pen on a one page, isn’t enough!  


I am an open minded person, ready and willing to experience the tremendous adventure of the world. Travelling is part of my hobbies, and i have traveled quit a number of place, will share my travel expo with the world.