The most important sights in Örebro

January 1, 1970

by Angie L.


When I first landed in Sweden, despite my friend’s most eager recommendation to go to Örebro, I was still a bit skeptical.
I mostly wanted to spend my time in Stockholm- walking in the old town and visiting the museums- but stick with me and I will tell you why Örebro is must-see for travelers in Sweden. Örebro is best in the so-called “Swedish summer”, in September.
Since I was pretty tired, having been in a long flight and then around a 3-hour ride by bus, I settled in my hostel’s room and decided to call it a night, excited for the next few days.

What to see in Örebro :

Örebro castle, Biological Museum, and Örebro County Museum:

Start your day right, with a hearty breakfast. Open-faced sandwiches (smörgås) and cereal or muesli are common but make sure you combine it with a coffee!
So, if you want to say you really saw Örebro, you must visit the castle, the gem of the city. Right in the center of it, lies “Örebro slot”, the medieval castle. Originally built around the 1300s’, as part of the city’s defense, it has taken a lot of roles. Defense facility, prison, governor residence, museum. Now it is used for conferences, as an exhibition center, a tourist office, a café and some parts of it is open to the public.
Take your time to stroll around the park around the castle. Enjoy the river from bridges connecting the castle with the surroundings. You might be surprised by the little things you find, like the small monuments or the famous enormous bench. If you have time, I suggest relaxing a bit and enjoy the vibe of the city.


Örebro castle

Time for a museum visit! For your first day, here are my two suggestions depending on what you prefer: Örebro läns museum (Örebro County Museum) and/or Örebro’s Biologiska Museet Both 5-minute walking distance from Orebro’s castle.
The first, Örebro County Museum has a rather large collection of cultural and historical exhibits as well as an art collection library and an archive. It is an interesting visit if you’re interested in culture or history and also the entrance is free! As for the Biological Museum, it was founded around 1850 and includes a natural library and a collection of plants, herbs and stuffed animals that are displayed.
To finish your day the right way, I suggest you have a cold beer at a bar. I would strongly suggest choosing an outdoor near the city center so you have the chance to also observe the city at night.

Wadköping open-air museum and Vattentornet Svampen:

For your second day in this small and quaint town, I advise you to enjoy the beautiful Swedish nature with a twist of architecture admiration.
But first, breakfast! If you long for French cuisine, give “Crêperie Lemoni” a try, if you want to opt for a healthier option they serve gluten-free crepes packed with veggies, or if you feel like splurging a bit they also have delicious sweet ones.
Now that you’re energized, it’s time to go to Wadköping open-air museum. Wadköping museum is a free, open-air exhibition that was built in 1965. You can take a peek at how people lived from 17th to 19th century. Situated near the river, it’s like a small village with old houses, craft workshops, and a bakery. No matter the weather, it is a nice stroll for the whole family. You can get an idea of history while being able to relax and enjoy the picturesque houses and the cozy atmosphere.
Time to move away from the city center and go for some sightseeing. Take a small walk north of the city, after 20-5 minutes you will reach “Svampen”. Vattentornet Svampen is a tower built in 1958, that now serves as a sightseeing spot. Offering a 360-degree view of the city for free, the “mushroom”, as called by the locals, is a great place from which to enjoy the city. There is also a nice café/ restaurant if you feel like having a meal while enjoying the impressive view.

The view from Svampen

As for how you will spend your night, revisiting the hub of the city would be a great idea. If you are looking for a chance to maybe get to know some local people and if the weather allows it, I strongly suggest going back to the Örebro castle. Equip yourself with some beverages or light snacks and just hang around to enjoy the view, it’s a great pastime no matter if your alone or with a company, the castle and the river encircling it along with the nature around them is a great place to relax and ponder about your trip so far.

Örebro’s Art Gallery and Stadsparken:

For your third day in Örebro, I think it is best to mix outdoor escapades with some indoor activities. If you feel like trying a new place for breakfast “Hälls Konditori” has a great variety of sweet and savory traditional snacks.
If you feel like starting your day with immersing yourself in some culture and modern art, visiting “Örebro Konsthall” is probably the best place to go. It is a municipal art gallery that hosts a permanent collection but contemporary art as well. You can visit its exciting, ever-changing exhibitions just a minute away from the castle and the admission is free. Also, the entrance has a ramp and the exhibitions are accessible to people using a wheelchair.

Örebro Kunsthall

Örebro’s Art Gallery

As for the outdoor activities, if you feel like having a stroll in nature the “Stadsparken” is not to miss. A lovely park near Wadköping open-air museum that is both enjoyed by locals and visitors. Its beautiful structure, colorful flower arrangements, playground and pool (for the summer) make it a great choice if you’re visiting with children.
Having seen the most of Orebro sights, I suggest you choose a night past time according to your likings whether you feel like eating out or just grabbing some beers at a bar. Be satisfied with yourself, you have experienced this beautiful Swedish city at its finest.

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