The Mini New Zealand of Malaysia: Desa Cattle Dairy Farm

February 16, 2019

by Joan Raylle

With Malaysia – both Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia – located near the equator, the climate falls under the equatorial climate which is calculated to be hot and humid throughout the year.

Take a break from the awful and sweat-inducing weather and pamper yourself and your family with a short getaway to this mini paradise in Sabah.

Desa Cattle Dairy Farm in Kundasang is one of the blessings for the hot-humid climate country like Malaysia. With only a 2-hour drive from the city capital, Kota Kinabalu, you can experience a Mini New Zealand with it’s cool and refreshing surrounding.

This place is open daily from 08:00 a.m. until 05:00 p.m.

The entering fees are as listed:

Adult:                                    RM5 (approximately US$1.30)

Student/Child:                  RM4 (approximately US$1.10)

Child < 6 years old:         Free of charge

The View of Mount Kinabalu

The pride of locals – Sabahan – which is the Mount Kinabalu offers a majestic and alluring sight to behold. Make sure to capture one for the camera.

Every angle is served with an amazing sight of Mount Kinabalu.

Desa Cattle Dairy Farm which is situated at the foothill of Mount Kinabalu offers the most majestic sight of the treasure itself. Often chosen as a photography destination for weddings, holidays, or just a weekend outing. Including the green pastures from the farmland itself, the scenery is simply tremendous.

I believe that words alone wouldn’t sway you, thus, you should come for yourself and experience the breathtaking sight by first-hand experience.

Dairy Delight

The cows in this farm are Friesian cows imported from New Zealand itself and are listed as one of the highest milk producers of all cattle breeds.

Dairy Delight from Desa Cattle Dairy Farm

This company is the main producer and supplier for milk, not only in Sabah but Borneo itself. With an estimation of monthly production up to 200,000 litres of fresh milk and the demands of consumers skyrocketing each month, it’s no secret that this company is developing each day.

When you visit here, make sure to taste the frozen yoghurt sold here, it has its own eye-opening taste. The freshness that comes with the delight will make you crave for more and more.

There’s also a little café and a restaurant inside to help you with your fill. With the cool breeze flirting its way around you, a cup of tea or latte could warm you a bit.

Cold and Refreshing

What better way to beat the coldness than with chilling chocolate gelato


If you decide to visit this farm – or Kundasang at general – in the morning till before noon, then be ready to be blessed with blankets of thick morning fogs right from the Aki Nabalu itself.

So, make sure that the homestay or hotels that you are accommodating on include hot-showers or a warm bath, or else you’ll be embraced by Jack Frost in the morning.

It is highly recommended to pack at least a sweater and long pants for your stay here. It’s like the Kundasang region has its own mini-climate for themselves.

Also, beware of rainy weather in this town because it will double the coldness level and have you clattering your teeth in no time. It’s better to be prepared rather than regretting your decision freezing and shivering.


Beautiful Scenery

There’s a saying that goes, ‘Every picture tells a thousand story’. Well, for this place, I have my own quote that goes ‘Every step is worth a thousand picture’. And this, my friend, is meant in a literal way. Like literally.

Every step.


Every place.


Is just too breathtaking.


Either for a selfie.


Or for a wefie.


By the sidewalk.


By the garden.


Simply. Amazing.

Though I wouldn’t deny that there are other pictures on the internet that would best capture the place’s exquisite beauty, however, we did a good job ourselves despite being amateur photographers with only smartphones as our photo-taking device.


Visit The Animals

Feeding the calves had to be the most enjoyable activity I encounter. Yes, there was the stench of farm animal, but what would you expect at a farm? Despite the foul stench, it is easily ignored with the presence of cute cattle and calves.


To feed them, you can buy grass (RM1 per bunch), and even milk bottle (RM1.50 per bottle which needs to be given back after the milk is finish) at the existing counter.

Next, you can go to the cow barn not far from the calves’ pen. Here you can see hundreds of milk cows under the roof either laying down or just relaxing. Tourist, however, is not allowed to enter the barn, whereas there are more than a few friendly workers cleaning the barn, milking the cows, and even brushing the cow.

But even from a distance, you can smell the foul stench of cow dung – it is well to expected when there are more than a hundred cow under one roof – penetrating your nose. One healthy cow will produce nearly 300 Litres of methane a day which is equivalent to power a normal size refrigerator for more than 24-hours. So not only they turn grass into milk, but they also contribute to biofuel (a lot of biofuels actually). Good job, cows!


Learn More from Educational Tour

While it is true that this place is more of a tourist attraction rather than an educational site, you can never learn too much in a lifetime.

This place also provides several activities for those who are interested to learn more on how the place operates. This educational tour can be joined by students, tourists, and even locals themselves to see and learn how milk is made and processed.

The schedule is as such:

Milking Process:           02:30 p.m. – 04:30 p.m. (Daily)

Raw Milk Processing: 10:00 a.m. – 03:00 p.m. (Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday)

Calf Feeding:                 09:00a.m. – 04:00p.m. (Daily)


Come and Enjoy!

So, next time you crave to escape the hot and humid weather of a typical day in Malaysia, pick a date and drop by this Mini New Zealand. It will surely be a memorable experience.

Joan Raylle

By Joan Raylle

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