The Merriest Town to visit in Jamaica

  Ocho Rios is a favorite cruise ship port in the Caribbean, which is based entirely on tourism and as a result possess so many excitements for the hospitality and enjoyment of the visitors by going the extra miles to ensure that all are treated like royalties.

A image of the Ocho Rios sea side


About Ocho Rios

The best place in Jamaica for a visitor to have a really good time is at a former quiet fishing village, transformed into a Tourism Messiah, called Ocho Rios. Thousands of Cruise Ships with visitors stop by for entertainment include those from the Sangster International Airport, which is just 1 hour and 30 minutes from the neighbor parish of St. James. The name Ocho Rios is translated from Spanish to English which means “Eight Rivers”, for it has been said that the voyager, Christopher Columbus graced his presence on shore then named the area Las Chorreras, to mean “Rapid Rivers” or Water Falls, however, the name Ocho Rios came in existence later. This fine location possesses some of the best enjoyment for any visitors.


The town is stocked with All Exclusive Resort Hotels of all kinds include hotels of lower scale to Hostels and Guest Houses lining up on its borders and shores. One thing a visitor can be sure of there will never be a shortage of places to stay in this merry town. The atmosphere is all rated excellent plus the host of any of these fine dwellings will go the extra mile to make any visitant feel like Royalties. The five star hotels are all well and good but, despite all the niceness of the five stars lodging, to really experience the Jamaican lifestyle and blend into the local feeling one needs a true Jamaican adventure.

Reggie Hostel

Consider staying at the top-rated Reggie Hostel, which is nested in the perfect location, exactly in the center of the town where one can have access to amenities within walking distance, such as the local bars include shopping centers of all kinds. The rooms are neat and clean, friendly and considerate staff, free Wi-Fi on the property and the sound of Reggie music playing in the background at a pleasant beat. Sample the local cooking, meet the local staff, encounter other tourists on the rooftop and share a pleasant conversation with a nice cold Jamaican Red Stripe Beer in one of your hand. Such experience will be a joy to remember and when you return home you simply have such a great story to tell about your recent voyage and others be truly amazed.

Ms. T’s Kitchen

Even though meals are provided at the Hostel, sometime one would prefer to eat out and the best eating place for local dishes, from my experience, is no other than Ms. T’s Kitchen which is just a short distance of 10 minutes’ from the Reggie Hostel. Once you arrive at the entrance you will venture through a gate that resembles a garden and there nested a colorful building in green, red, and gold. The surrounding is so relaxing with the colorful display of the restaurant, which gives the setting a pleasant and warm feeling. The price of the meals is not expensive or cheap just a balance between. If you really want to give your taste buds a treat, order the local Oxtail from the menu plus a cold bottle of Red Stripe Beer. This mouthwatering meal will ensure that your tongue wags plus there a chance you will be ordering a second helping.

The Beach

The Turtle beach is the upstanding entertainment spot, or where it’s at the seashore on the north side of the island, as a consequence it is a great place to take the family plus it is also nestled right into the center of town. It is situated a short distance from the Reggie Hostel, despite it is often packed with visitors from the cruise ships. It may be awash sometimes, but you do not have to say excuse me, as you venture through the crowds, after all, there is always space for more persons on this golden sanded beach. The Beach comes with amenities such as water sports, bathrooms with showers and changing rooms plus there is a restaurant and other eatery nestled in the area so that anyone can dine or enjoy a snack within arm’s reach include more.

 Jamaica National Treasure

There is Dunn Rivers Falls and it is considered number one on the list of what is the best. This famous 600 feet tall waterfall attracts thousands of visitors each year and it is about 6 minutes ride from the town by taxi or by private vehicles. Visitors are always anxious to climb to the top or enjoy the water below. Some take a bath and others try stunt such as diving below, this is not allowed, anyhow, security is enforced to keep all visitors safe. There are pools of waters along the way up and visitors love to nest themselves into the pools to rest, relax in the cold water or chill out before making the final journey to the top. There nothing like the observation of the unique shaped rock with the mighty water falling from above to the distant below.

An image of relaxation and peace

Tumbling down the River

If you wish for a bit of thrill, then visit the White River Tubing for a tube ride down the river. This is a rare opportunity for anyone to miss and it is quite a tingle, there is security in places to ensure a smooth and pleasant ride. Most of the way down is kind of cool, calm and nice, however, part of the way is a bit rapid, nonetheless, there is nothing to worry about. The water is often cool or cold and can also be warm depend on the time of the year. This river travels freely from the top of the mountain to the sea. White River Tubing is 8 minutes from Ms. T’s Kitchen and 9 minutes from Reggie Hostel.

So Much Fun

There is much more to enjoy and the list of entertainments are long. I have introduced you to the best in my opinion yet others are just as good. Places such as the strange famous Blue Hole that you could swim in, you could explore Mystic Mountain, take a horse ride in the water, visit Dolphins Cove and swim with the Dolphins. Ocho Rios has so much to offer.

Andrew M. Gooden

Andrew Gooden is a hearing impaired citizen who spends 29 years in the field of Library Administration. He resides in the central section of the island Jamaica and is presently employed to Northern Caribbean University Library which is known as Hiram S. Walters Resource Centre. He specializes in Academic Research, Internet Research, and Library Administration. Received recognition award for dedicated years of service to the Jamaican Labor force from the Government of Jamaica, Ministry of Education on December 6, 2018. ( )