The Main Irresistible Reasons Why You Should Visit Sanchez Mira

At the tip of the northern part of Cagayan province where you can experience both worlds of mountains and beaches, lies the beautiful town of Sanchez Mira. This coastal town is sprawled with a vast of fine, black sand beaches.

Brief History of Sanchez Mira

Sanchez Mira is a beautiful town name and was named after Manuel Sanchez, a Spanish Brigadier General in Cagayan. “Mira” means “see” in Spanish or “kitaen” in Iloko which was then added hence the name became Sanchez Mira.  

The Main Reason Why Sanchez Mira is Famous in the Northern Part of Cagayan

Not just because of its vast natural resources that Sanchez Mira is considered as the center of commerce, trade & agro-industry in Northwestern Cagayan but also of the presence of banking and finance facilities like Land Bank, Rural Bank of Sanchez Mira, BPI, MASCOOP, microfinance organizations, cargo logistics, and money remittance services.  

Sanchez Mira’s Natural Resources

The town’s major livelihoods are farming and fishing because of its wide meadows for planting and pasture and rich marine resources. It’s also rich in coconut trees hence known as the coconut municipality. In addition to that, it is the home of grey-faced buzzards or locally known as “sawi.” On winter, the Grey-faced Buzzards migrate particularly to Sanchez Mira to hunt and roost because food sources are abundant. The town has a public awareness campaign to protect the said bird and it’s now in its second year of successful operation.  

Sanchez Mira’s Architecture

Aside from being a nature-adorned place, it is also a town of many religious faiths like Roman Catholic, Iglesia Ni Cristo, Baptist, Methodist, Iglesia Filipina Independiente and many more. It’s also where the Cagayan State University campus in northwestern Cagayan is located. Folks from nearby towns also flock into the town because of its two big shopping centers, Legacy Lienmavel Shoppers’ Mart and Me Shopping Center Corporation.  

Must-See Places for Relaxation and Recreation in Sanchez Mira

  • Feel the nature and plunge in the fresh water of Nagbaranganan Dam located in Centro 2, the marine-protected Minanga river, and the Pikkang falls in San Andres.
  • If you’re seeking for an adrenaline-inducing activity, you can climb the sand dunes and slide in Minanga, Masisit, Tokitoc and ride on boats or swim into the clear, blue seawater.
  • If you’re into historic preservations or just wanna feel like you’re traveling back in time, visit the Ruins of Nagsimbaanan Church. It’s the most nostalgic tourist spot.
  • If you love artistic craftsmanship, visit Marly’s Fleau Shop.

Other Interesting Things To Do

  • Have a cultural encounter experience with the Agta community.
  • Satisfy your cravings with the local food and drinks listed below.
  • Witness different festivities.
  • Swim at the beach.
  • Hike the nearest mountains.


With 3 festivities celebrated yearly, this is the best place for dance-loving souls. The barangays showcases their talents not only on dancing but also on costume-making which usually come from organic material like coconut leaves, bark, fruits, etc.

Abal-abal Festival celebrated by Barangay Namuac

Abal-abal is the local name of May or June beetle. It is also called as abalin, abaleng, sibbawen, tateg or salagubang.

Suman Latik Festival celebrated by Nagrangtayan

Suman Latik is a delicacy which consists of a rectangle-shaped suman (local name for a rice cake popularized in Nagrangtayan) made from steamed glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves and a sweet sauce called latik or coconut caramel.

Coconut Festival, celebrated by the whole town of Sanchez Mira

Since coconut is abundant in Sanchez Mira, Coconut Festival is celebrated annually. Coconut is called “tree of life” because of its many uses and every part of it has a commercial value. Being said, the coconut has given so much help to all Sanchez Miranians that’s why they hold this celebration every year. The mass production of coco-geotextile has also been generating income for households.  

Where To Stay

Baggak Son’z Hotel and Restaurant, Pukel

If you’re dreaming of a perfect venue for whatever occasion you’re celebrating, Baggak Son’s is the best place to go. Enjoy the beauty of nature in a modern hotel adorned with nipa leaves roof, restaurant with a beautiful facade, an infinity pool overlooking a breathtaking view of rice paddies and the stunning backyard surrounded with palm trees carpeted with carabao grass. What a complete package for your instagrammable photos and memories. Fall in love and feel closer to nature in a memorable experience by celebrating your special occasions like reunions, baptisms, birthday parties, engagements, and garden weddings. Baggak Son'z Hotel & Restaurant

MASCOOP (Masisit-Dacal Livelihood Cooperative) Training Center and Beach Resort, Masisit

If you love the beach and also want to swim in a swimming pool, MASCOOP is the place to go. It is located in Barangay Masisit where you can enjoy a breezy, summer sunshine while watching the beautiful views of the Babuyan Channel. Masisit Beach is also a nice place to walk on fine sand where nipa cottages are available to shade whenever the sun burns your skin. MASCOOP has a swimming pool, cottages, training center, consumer center, wide parking, event area, etc. which is perfect for seminars, school programs, even family occasions. MASCOOP Training Center and Beach Resort

Verena Lei Lodge, Pukel

This place is good for swimming, relaxation, and a place to spend the day and especially night if you’re a traveler. It also has a perfect venue for big occasions and also has cottages for a smaller group of people. Surrounded with different types of trees, might not as modern-looking as Baggak, but the fresh air and the province ambiance is good enough to enjoy your vacation.

Kirstein’s Place Hotel and Restaurant, Centro 1

They pride their favorable accommodation rates for you and your guests for your dream weddings, birthdays, and other important occasions. The place has also a scenic view overlooking the busy “city” vibe of this humble town and backyard trees from the neighborhood. Kirstein's Place Hotel & Restaurant

Where to Eat

Honey’s Miki & Restaurant, Callungan

You would already know what they serve, isn’t it? It’s the scrumptious miki noodle soup! But wait, there’s more. They also serve bulalo, sisig, different kinds of Filipino dishes, pasta and burgers but as the restaurant’s name suggests, their miki is their specialty so this is a must to order when you visit the place.

Baggak Son’z Hotel and Restaurant, Pukel

The best to try here is the pancit batil-patung, a popular noodle dish with egg drop soup.

Legacy Lienmavel Shoppers’ Mart

I love their spaghetti bolognese and club sandwich.

Max’s Panciteria

They’re the best when it comes to pancit bihon guisado.  

Best Drinks You Should Try in Sanchez Mira

Sanchez Mira has a drink specialty too just like any other places. Among them are these two famous locally produced wines: bugnay and calamansi wines.

Bugnay Wine or Black Currant Wine

At first, you might have mistaken it as grape wine but don’t let the look deceive you because it has a combination of sweet and tart taste with just the right amount of alcohol and have a distinct, pleasant, fruity aroma. This wild berry wine comes from the ripe fruits of bugnay trees. Bugnay is called as bignay in other places of the Philippines and have international names like Chinese-laurel, Herbert River-cherry, Queensland-cherry, salamander-tree, wild cherry, and currant tree and its scientific name is Antidesma bunius.

Calamansi wine

Like the bugnay wine, calamansi wine has also a unique taste but with a zesty citrus flavor and aroma. It can be used as a digestif or a refreshing drink.  

Must Try Foods and Where To Buy

  • The mouth-watering Ilocano miki noodle soup topped with egg and chicharon can be bought in Honey’s Miki.
  • The famous and scrumptious suman latik and with its cousins suman, patupat and royal bibingka can be bought in Rowena’s Bakeshop.
  • The addictive Ilocos empanada can be bought near the public market, just take a look around the sidewalks.


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