The Kaohsiung Cultural Center, Taiwan

Modest as it could be, the Cultural Centre in Kaohsiung may not be among the top lists for those who first visit the city. However, as the very early site of cultural performance and art exhibit, the Kaohsiung Cultural Centre has remained its popularity since1981, with a growing attraction around in recent decades.

An Overlook of the Kaohsiung Cultural Centre. (Image Source: Kaohsiung Panorama)

The Kaohsiung Cultural Center had been fenced a long time ago but adjusted to an open area after 2002.The main building of Kaohsiung Cultural Center consists of two main halls: Zhi-Shan hall and Zhi-de hall, which could accommodate nearly 2,000 people in total. Musical concerts and dramas are commonly held in these places. For art exhibition, Zhi-Zhen hall and Zhi-Mei Xuan welcome students and local artists. There is also extra room for regular cultural relic and precious literature display.


At the Main Door

Drop out off of the Kaohsiung MRT station or any bus stop nearby, you will find the architecture of the cultural center appearing in less than five minutes walks. Before crossing the intersection of Wufu 1st Road and Heping 1st Road, try to take a different way rather than just head forward into the massive grassland. The original name of the cultural center was ‘Kaohsiung Chiang Kai-shek Cultural Center’ in order to pay a tribute to the founding ancestor. The name was then abolished by the local government in 2007.

In order to take a glimpse of the majestic main door, take a local advice, go straight on Wufu 1st Road and walk along the Wufu junior high school where at the school front door, right across the street, will be a perfect spot for a nice shot of the iconic arch. Look more into the memorial hall where in the middle stated as ‘Kaohsiung Cultural Center’.  The whole construction was also furnished after 2007 and turned out to be what it looks like today.

 The main door of the Kaohsiung Cultural Centre, with a traditional stele in the middle written as “???????”  Photo [email protected]

An Open Space for Creative Ideas

After taking some photos, I would suggest you go forward on the Wufu road.

By the way, NEVER cross the street randomly! The reason is that, although Taiwanese people are gentle, the traffic in Kaohsiung is famous for its speed and density. On your way to the nearest crossroad, you can also take an eye on the peripheral area of the center.

The Kaohsiung Cultural Centre is an open environment surrounded by lush leaves. A couple of bus stations are also located around the center, which is rather convenient for the citizens to reach here. What’s interesting about the bus stop is the decoration itself. The art of installation is also a character represents the main part of creative media in Kaohsiung. There are even more outdoor collections widely scattered in the 13-hectare area.

A creative bus stop decoration located by the grassland. Head on and take a closer look! Photo [email protected]

A Friendly Community Center

Feel free to stroll around the main area at the Kaohsiung Cultural Center and embrace a piece of natural atmosphere in the core of this wild city. The circle plaza welcomes any types of activities or gathering. During the evening in a typical weekday, you will find people walking their dog, jogging and roller skating. Teenagers will gather for the afterschool club, showing their talent on dancing, singing or acting. You will also have a chance to spot some traditional exercise and entertainment from the local community, such as Tai Chi and outdoor Karaoke. On the other hands, there are also people waiting in line to enter the main building for a night performance, maybe ballet or drama; admiring a piece of artwork in some of the interesting exhibitions, perhaps calligraphy or embroidery.

Image Source: Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government

Children playing football on the grassland. Photo [email protected]

The main building of the Kaohsiung Cultural Center. Image Source: Kaohsiung Travel

Weekend Bazar at the Kaohsiung Cultural Center

Every weekend, the art market is a spotlight all around the Kaohsiung Cultural Centre, open from 16:00 to 21:30. This remarkable event is a display from both international and traditional cultural organizations as well as impressive street artist performances. You will discover a variety of creative design rebuilt on daily necessities over the stalls, such as painted leather goods, fashion goldsmith works, glass art, handcraft, jewelry pottery, handmade soap, sculpture and so on. There are also typical Taiwanese street cuisines. Have you ever tried on wheel pies, aiyu and grass jelly? Be sure to plan your trip to Kaohsiung on weekend!

The art market around the Kaohsiung Cultural Center on weekend. Photo [email protected]

Learning Chinese at the National Kaohsiung Normal University

For foreigners eager to cultivate their language skill or planning to spend a period of time in order to experience more of Asian life in Taiwan, the area around Kaohsiung Cultural Center will be your top preference. The National Kaohsiung Normal University, located right across the center, has been famous for their professional Mandarin program and welcome student from all over the world.

Spring at the National Kaohsiung Normal University. Photo Credit @krissyhuang

Coming up…

If you hope to explore Kaohsiung city more, the local will definitely suggest you visit the Kaohsiung Cultural Center to take a glimpse of the multicultural aspect in Taiwan. Spring and autumn is a perfect timing to travel here as you might encounter flower blossom and picturesque falling leaves. It is also a suitable place to simply spend a lazy afternoon and enjoy an open area with public art, leisure space, and fantastic artistic surprise.

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Useful Information

  • Transportation

Address: No.67, Wufu 1st Rd., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

If you are traveling from the MRT station, get off at the ‘Cultural Center Station’ and walk about 3-5 minutes along the Heping 1st Road.

  • Weekend arts and crafts market:

Every Saturday and Sunday from 16:00 to 21:30, mostly gathered on Guangzhou 1st Street.

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