The Hidden Haven of Yangon, Myanmar: Kaba Aye

Kaba Aye at a Glance

Kaba Aye or “World Peace” in English, is somewhere in Yangon with every feature of attraction you’d expect to find in a Myanmar township, but still keeping the magic balance of possessing those and not being overrun by tourists. The place is simply in three words “pleasant, prosperous and unique” and which I proudly call home.

            Places to be and things to do in Kaba Aye Neighbourhood!

For jewelry lovers


VES gems in Kaba Aye can be reached right across my street and it’s arguably the biggest place for anything jewelry in Myanmar! The large building has 3 floors, with the first 2 occupied by around 80 shops and the 3rd is a museum where you can learn anything about gemstones if it’s in your interests. All of these can be accessed by a $5 entrance fee which may sound pricey but surely worth at a cut-rate, considering how premium the experience is the quality of the gems sold. Jewelry addicts or learners, you have to come here!

For beauty salon hunters

Evergreen Salon

Amongst so many beauty salons and services available in Kaba Aye, Evergreen boasts qualities such as being the friendliest and cheap-at-twice-the-price but of professional quality. Friendly to all and to regular customers like me from the neighborhood, they’re like family. My sister and I get our hair and makeup done there quite often and they’d charge us less than $4 for hair washing plus styling! We truly enjoy how personal our experience can get and the family-like feeling around the salon we can’t get anywhere else. There’s just something about them, maybe the generosity of the salon owner Missus who is like a sister to us, or just the services which make every customer come back to the salon after their first visit! And they always come back!

Heart’s Ease Spa

Heart's Ease Spa in Mayangone, Yangon

Heart's Ease at night

Heart’s Ease is the spa right next to my place which newly moved from Sanchaung Township and already built up its massive reputation before it moved to my hood. It’s most popular for its mani-pedi and body spa services but in my opinion, has just as impressive hair services also. I dyed my black hair to white just recently and while most salons would take six hours and more to get black hair paint white, they took three hours to do that on my hair with results that lassst! The salon is on the high-end side with a lot of class and comfort customers will delight in. You can get services from hair color retouching to armpits waxing there!

For religious explorers

Kaba Aye Pagoda

Just a fifteen minutes’ walk from my house will take me to this go-to place for Buddha worship in the Kaba Aye neighborhood. The affiliation is Theravada Buddhism but it attracts people of all religions, Buddhists, Christians and Jews alike. If you are a foreigner, you do need to pay a $5 entrance fee to see this unique and auspicious place, built around 65 years ago. Long sections of vendors selling different kinds of yummy street food are ever present inside the pagoda compound and on festival nights, they seem to stretch endlessly. A little further into the compound will lead you to the pagoda lake where you
Fish feeding area in Kaba Aye Pagoda, Yangon

At the fish feeding place!

can throw in crumbs of loaves and loaves of bread to feed hundreds of hungry fish! It really is a spectacular feeling! Inside the pagoda building itself is the colorful, numerous souvenir shops with fortune-telling services attached to some. The point is, you’ll love it here!

For malls and supermarkets

Gamone Pwint Shopping Mall

Just in front of Kaba Aye pagoda is the nearest shopping mall to my home, Kaba Aye Gamone Pwint. I’d say the range and variety of products available there is moderate but yet, it serves as the local neighborhood mall to run to for Kaba Aye people who wish to stick to famous local and traditional brands. There is a reasonable number of international brands though not nearly as many as at Myanmar Plaza, which I’ll talk about later! It’s simply located strategically in Kaba Aye and a recommended place to visit if you want a sense of an average, long-existed Myanmar mall with nothing much changed since it was founded in the early 2000s before the transition period.

Myanmar Plaza

Myanmar Plaza, the one-stop solution for all your shopping needs cannot be left out of this article. It’s one of Myanmar’s first worldwide standard plazas which just opened recently and it has it all. Yangonites are loving Harry’s Bar there with live-band, fabulous drinks and most of all, their fantastic food! The Innwa bookstore on the third floor is my favorite place to go. There, you can read from their library-size selection of books for free while enjoying their drinks (which are paid of course). You should buy books from them sometimes if you can instead of always coming to read for free, don’t be a cheapo! Enjoy EVERYTHING here at the hottest plaza in town at the moment! Myanmar Plaza in Yangon

For nature lovers (singles and couples)

The Inya Lake!

For exercise lovers and couples, the Inya Lake is the perfect spot! It’s a big lake that stretches across three townships and part of it is in Kaba Aye, quite close to my house! The view around the breathtaking Inya Lake will include people jogging or exercising aerobics, alone or in groups, couples on benches trying to hide their PDA (the irony!), facing the lake with standup umbrellas over their heads, mostly. The fact that it’s the best place to be in Kaba Aye for a leisurely evening stroll, a guitar session with your buddies or reconnecting with nature remains undeniable.

For kids’ (and adults’) fun

Mya Kyun Thar Amusement Park

A visit to Mya Kyun Thar is the ultimate treat for kids and also a treat for, Dads and Moms! For kids, self-explanatory in the name as there are countless options for fun and so many amusement park rides! For adults, it’s a great place to hang out with your little loves and get some fresh air! The entire place has been upgraded just a few years ago and now it’s better than ever! I remember how I talked my parents into sending me there every weekend when I was a kid! That Ferris wheel was so tempting! Those are my personal picks from my neighborhood at Kaba Aye in Mayangone Township! I can’t describe all of it or write details about every place in one post so please excuse the vague and very shortened, summarized content. Despite it, it would be of great happiness for me if you enjoyed the article and got a sense of Kaba Aye from a Kaba Aye girl’s point of view!  


My name is Eé Mon Si aka Elle,Myanmar and a recent graduate with a Bachelor degree on English for Professional Purposes. Life is good doing what I love these days, juggling part-times jobs teaching English and writing various types of content. I am bubbly, spontaneous and travelling is my life, hence my motto goes “Live Love Travel!”. I have so far visited twenty countries, explored far and wide away from home and am very keen to share about my travel experiences in places as beautiful as the Grand Canyon or Halong Bay through my articles and blogs. I would just as gladly write about many charming destinations, each uniquely different in my beloved home land of Myanmar.