The First Agri-Tourism Park in Tupi, South Cotabato, Philippines

April 20, 2019

by Liz Paelmo

Mariano’s Blooming Agri-Tourism Park is located at Purok 3A, Tupi, South Cotabato Province, Philippines. Tupi is a first-class municipality in the province, consisting of 69,976 residents as of 2015. This municipality is positioned at the foot of the famous Mount Matutum, a dormant volcano. Tupi is also dubbed as the “fruit, vegetable, and flower basket” of South Cotabato. That being said, it’s only clear why you must visit its first agri-tourism park.

How to Get to Tupi

Tupi’s town proper is an hour away from General Santos (GenSan) City’s International airport. The Tupi Transport Terminal is open 24 hours every day to and from Koronadal City and General Santos City. From GenSan, you can either ride a van or a bus then get off at Tupi National High School. Tricycles are available from there to the park. From Koronadal, you could also ride a van or a bus, then get off at the Sea Oil Gas Station just before entering the town proper of Tupi. Tricycles are also ready to transport you from this point to the park.

The Flower Garden

Now that you know how to reach the place, it’s time to discuss why Mariano’s Blooming Agri-Tourism Park is worth your time. First, it’s not just a flower garden. Before you arrive at the sunflower area, you’ll be welcomed by a bird cage where tourists are given a chance to mingle with a variety of birds.

Even though the park is known for its 5,000 sunflowers that bloom daily, other varieties are also featured for your eyes to behold. This park boasts of its continuous plantation of sunflowers, which means you can visit the park anytime as long as the sun is shining!

Everywhere you look, you’ll be pleased to see these plants that grow in tropical areas. Visiting the park reminded me of how beautiful nature is and how I miss spending time with it! Personally, I see sunflowers as symbols of happiness and positivity. Whether they’re red, strawberry, or yellow, they’ll always lighten up my day. It also represents long life, beauty, delight, hope, and power for some people.

My Recommendations

I suggest you bring your umbrella, sunglasses, cap, hat, or wear a hoodie when you visit this garden. When my family and I visited, the heat was a bit unbearable as if it’s piercing through each cell of our skins. Well, I guess that’s a mistake on our part because we visited at noontime. So learn from us and take a tour late in the afternoon or early in the morning. Also, don’t forget to check the memory space of your camera and phone before you go. You’ll most likely be taking a photo of every area in this beautiful tourism park.

Important Reminder!

Also, don’t forget about sustainable travel. Throw your garbage in the designated bin and if you can’t find one, keep the trash in your pocket or bag. Don’t leave your rubbish. Help maintain the cleanliness of the park.

In a Nutshell

If you want to experience being surrounded by blooming sunflowers and have the opportunity to brighten up your Instagram feed, then this agri-tourism park is the place to go!

Liz Paelmo

By Liz Paelmo

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