The Difference Between PayPal And Transferwise

June 18, 2019

by Andrew M. Gooden

If you are one of those unfortunate people who is paying exorbitant bank fees which make you feel so unhappy that you mumble, “I wish there was a better way”, second it is also possible you are a traveler seeking a cheaper method to receive and send money without a hassle. Finally, you heard about PayPal and Transferwise but not sure which one is the better of the two. Let us do a comparison to determine which is the best for us.

The de facto universal online payment enterprise, PayPal or the ultimate boss of sending and receiving money, Transferwise. Which is exactly the best to use in today briskly personal and busy business environment?


If you do not mind parting with a few dollars, which is not as hefty as the Banks, PayPal could be the one for you. Today, many persons own an account includes the knowledge of PayPal since 1998.

PayPal charge users for sending and receiving payments, either for purchasing, sending money to a relative, or billing a business transaction, however, the process completed via SMS or by links in emails.

Personal payment is lower than the fees for business transactions, so it is about which service you use. The payment structure also depends on which country the money is sent to. International countries cost is $4.99 including 2.9% of the total sent, however, to send to Canada and Europe it is $2.99, for the USA it is $2.99 plus $0.30 of the sums.

PayPal is great for online shopping and forwarding money, however, it is not the best one to use for international transfer transactions as transfers can take 5 business days. Not recommended for those who own a tight budget. From 2010 to 2019, the total amount of PayPal registered users stand at 277 million, which is a growth rate of 17% yearly.


Transferwise can send finance from Brazil to Australia at the speed of 15 seconds, which is very fast, but from the United Kingdom to France it takes two days. The quickness of the transfer depending on the country and delivery method which can take more or less than two days.
The charge is a percentage of the amount sent, include a fixed fee plus it depends on where your recipient exists. The amount also depends on the currency or country.
This company came into existence during 2011 and is now the largest undertaker of the International financial transfer sector, today. It has become better than Banks with the cheapest transfer rates plus conducting about over 3 billion pounds (USD $3,805,005,000.00 ) in transfer each month. The number of people using Transferwise service is 4 million and climbing each day.


Although Transferwise is cheaper than PayPal and saves its members a lot of money. PayPal is more well-known and shoppers are more willing to buy online from a store that accepts PayPal than one that does not. However, in the soon future, Transferwise may surpass PayPal and become the undisputed king. Therefore, it is wise to own an account of both applications and switch when necessary.

Andrew M. Gooden

By Andrew M. Gooden

Andrew Gooden is a hearing impaired citizen who spends 29 years in the field of Library Administration. He resides in the central section of the island Jamaica and is presently employed to Northern Caribbean University Library which is known as Hiram S. Walters Resource Centre. He specializes in Academic Research, Internet Research, and Library Administration. Received recognition award for dedicated years of service to the Jamaican Labor force from the Government of Jamaica, Ministry of Education on December 6, 2018. ( )


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