The city of Peace: Osnabrück, Germany!

January 1, 1970

by Erna

The Rubbenbruchsee in OsnabrückMy trip to this city began thanks to the invitation of my good friends. There for I had a supervisor who helped me to get to know the beauty of this city and the state. It was easier having someone giving me lessons for many things and helping me to get around and understand the Germans. It was easier knowing how German people act toward foreigners

The first time I got there it was cold, but still sunny. Well, I expected snow, rain or storm. It was December, that’s why…

I took a taxi, and was well surprised by the drivers welcoming appearance, being very helpful and talkative while heading to the apartment. I was surprised that the taxi driver speaks pretty good English although his age.


Places to visit:  Historical, museums and nature


First let me introduce you with this city on the north of Europe. Osnabrück is the fourth largest city in Lower Saxony in North West Germany, with the population of around  160 000. Osnabrück is the turmoil of the Thirty Years War survived virtually untainted, so exhausted warring parties chose the old town along with the neighboring Munster as the site of the peace treaty.

Now this city becomes known for its industrial zone, such as companies in the automobile, paper etc sector located in Osnabrück.

The 17th century University of Osnabrück

The 17th century University of Osnabrück

The image of the city and its heritage fits the facts that Erich Maria Remargue was born here. The author of the anti-war classic „In the West, nothing new“was born in this beautiful old town. The German writer whose real name is Erich Paul Remark becomes famous for a series of works which describes the horrors of the war, whose participant, was and himself. Osnabrück is a city that does not forget its past and strives to the urban future.

Now what can you see in Osnabrück? There are many beautiful places to visit such as: the 17th century University of Osnabrück, Osnabrück’s Zoo, Rathaus Osnabrück, Dom Sankt Church etc. The entrance to the Dom Sankt Church is free, so you can visit it by your own, and feel the wonderful vibe around the Church, which is beautiful both inside and outside. You do not

The Dom Sankt Church

The Dom Sankt Church

need necessary a tourist guide. It is a very old historical building that you must see (from the 12th century). Rathaus is a fascinating mixture of history and the classical old building in the heart of old city. You can also see the Heger Tor monument of Osnabrück – devoted to the soldiers who died at Waterloo, or the Museum “Felix Nussbaum Haus”. The University of Osnabrück is huge and the infrastructure is fantastic offering the students a lot of different possibilities. There are many greens and parks in this towns as well as culture and sports offers such as: cinemas, amazing libraries, sports, night swimming in awesome pools etc. You name it Osnabrück has it. Fastest way to see the city is to buy a city card. The City card is a ticket for all busses within the city including free admission to six museums in Osnabrück plus a voucher booklet for other interesting cultural activities. The ticket costs 8 Euros for one person.


Food? Let’s eat in Osnabrück


Regarding to food in Osnabrück, you can find fast food restaurants everywhere you walk or you can try some delicious typical German food. All food cultures are represented here, from Chinese, Mongolian to Turkish and American, where you can find a burger from a crocodile. Germans love to taste different foods. Their tradition is to go to the market and eat fresh fish, they absolutely love it.

A specialty with crocodile and ostrich meat

A specialty with crocodile and ostrich meat

The most popular salad is sauerkraut-for someone who doesn’t know its salad of pickled cabbage. They even have a happy hour in every bakery.

Famous Brötchen-brad is absolutely divine, but Osnabrück has their “Springbrötchen”. Spring goes from the German word “schpringen” which means to jump, and the whole recipe is one big secret. There for don’t you miss to try it. Pumpernickel is popular too and is black bread. The most expensive restaurant is “La Vie” where the cheapest meal for one person costs around 20 Euros.

Having a rest and coffee

Having a rest and coffee

The most popular German delicacies are sausages that are prepared in every possible way. One of the places, worth visiting if you have a good appetite, is restaurant “Tang”. It offers the most diverse food cultures like Asian including amazing sushi. Prices are really low. So gourmets dig in.

If you are crazy about sweets, Germany is for you! You must try the Schwarzwald cake. This luxurious and refreshing classic cake was born in Germany, and is today’s favorite worldwide. I suggest you to try the famous German beers, you just have too.


Accommodation and nightlife


Having fun with friends at Alando club

Having fun with friends at Alando club


For accommodation I suggest one of the plenty hotels in the city such as: Hotel Westerkamp,

Ibis styles, Parkhotel, Ibis budget, etc. Since I was staying at my friends place am not much into the prices of the hotels.

If you are party maniac who wants to have a good night fun, you should do it in one of the following clubs Alando or Neo or maybe Pubs like Graner Jager. Osnabrück offers a good night life, which is not so surprising, given by the fact that it is a student city.


Where to go for shopping in Osnabrück


For all lovers of shopping – shoppingholics, Osnabrück offers a wide range of shops from old streets enriched with large greatest brands to the most

In front of a Wine store

In front of a Wine store

modern boutiques. There is something for everyone. They say pocket is your limit, but this city offers huge discounts during the holidays. So if you’re going there for shopping I think it would be wise to go during or after the holidays. If you are shoppingholic the Hasestrasse is like made for you. It’s the oldest shopping street in Osnabrück and therefore rich in historical appeal. Or maybe you would like to visit Johannisstrasse .Johannisstrasse is more than just a shopping street. This street is known for Johannisstrasenfest, a famous street fest. Grosse Strasse, Osnabrück main shopping streets offers a vast selection of clothes. If you need some stuff for your sweet home or garden, or just to buy gifts for your family and friends “Action” is for you. This Dutch store sells mostly small, low budget products. Trust me you can find everything there. The most famous department stores are L&T, Sinn Leffers, Peek and Cloppenburg, Galeria Kaufhof, TK Mexx, Saturn etc.



The Germans


Rubbenbruchsee -the beautiful lake in Osnabrück

Rubbenbruchsee -the beautiful lake in Osnabrück

Let me speak about the Germans .Unfortunately, German people are often considered as rude and cold.

There are stories that the North Germans are less tolerant then the rest of the Germans, but I do not think so. Why?  Well, because I meet a lot of people there, who are really helpful and friendly. And even the knowledge that they accepted thousands of refugees from Europe and allow them a decent life, cannot be bad and judgeable. Just be diligent and honest, they are recognized and highly regarded. They are disciplined, cultural but introverted, actually introversion concept for whole world. They are well organized, love to plan everything, they try to keep everything clean and tidy. Traditions are important in Germany and people strongly hold to their traditions. My experience from Germany shows me that I will never forget the most beautiful memories in my life. The memories of seemingly cold, but very helpful and care peoples, good food, lots of good beers, fun and rich history that this city offer to his tourists, and of course this country. It was nice to travel through Germany, to see its beauty like Osnabrück .I remember it as cold, rainy, fogy, but green, interesting, wild and lively city I hope to see you again Germany .


By Erna

Hello my name is Erna I made this blog together with my friend Halil Demir so we could share with you our travel experience and journey. We love to travel, explore, meet new people and cultures and of course have fun.


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