The Charms of Kowloon Park in Hong Kong

April 28, 2019

by Leigh Fuentes

I recently found myself in Kowloon, Hong Kong and although it was my first time, I have to admit that there was a certain familiarity I already felt with the place. I attribute this mostly to the large online presence of photos from and in Hong Kong online, so I was even more excited to explore.

Aside from the must-go-to places such as Hong Kong Disneyland, Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, or Ocean Park (which are also great), I’ve grown to have a certain appreciation for exploring the quieter, less mainstream places. Because of this, on our last day in Hong Kong, we decided to explore Tsim Sha Shui our feet lead us to Kowloon Park.

Kowloon Park: Tranquility in the City

Although from the main streets amidst the bustling city, Kowloon Park may seem like nothing short of ordinary – not to mention you don’t really see much of it because of its high walls – it’s actually more than 13 hectares of recreational space that can provide you with some peace and quiet within the busy city of Kowloon. Formerly housing an army fortress, it was handed over by the military for public use in the 1970s and the park is now managed by the country’s Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

A Venue for Various Activities

Due to the big land area of the park, it’s definitely a good idea to pick what parts of the park you want to explore so you avoid wasting time. Because the park is for leisure and recreation, there are also places for activities such as the community pool and the trails for walking which include the Fitness Walking Track and the Woodland Walk. In fact, within our first few minutes inside the park boundaries, we were able to observe a group of elderly doing Tai Chi, which is definitely an interesting sight if you’re not from a Chinese country.

Landmarks for Picture-Taking

Admittedly, we also really wanted an opportunity to be able to take photos that are worthy of the increasing standards of social media. At the same time, we also wanted an opportunity to explore without a strict itinerary or time deadline. Kowloon Park is definitely not short of this. Among our favorite spots were the Totem Pole, the Castle of Unity, the Maze, and the general plants and flowers planted all around the park.


Chinese Garden

Probably the most sought after parts of the park is the Chinese Garden. Meeting your expectations of tranquility and serenity, the Chinese Garden is one of the most peaceful parts of the park. Aside from the beautiful pavilions, the pond also has dozens upon dozens of turtles that are basically just waiting for you to take a picture of them.


photos courtesy of Camille Cruz

Amazing Aviary

Kowloon Park is also home to an aviary which takes care of various exotic birds like the colorful Macaw and the Victoria Crowned Pigeon, the most outstanding display of which is their collection of flamingoes who have a whole area to themselves.

City View from the Viewing Cone

Probably one of my favorite aspects of the park, if not my most favorite, is how it provides a view of the city from another perspective. The park isolates you in a way, but at the same time, brings you closer to the city by showing you a lot of character.


If you admire the city but want to get away just for a little while without the hassle of going to an entirely different city, Kowloon Park is definitely a worthy place to visit for you.

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