The Center of Oceanography and Marine Biology “Moskvarium”

Winter is the season that associated with the snow. I've never had experience with winter, everything was new for me. My first winter was in Moscow in February 2018. I think some people will agree with me if winter isn't the best season to go outside for a long time. But that didn't stop me from going out. My husband and I had a free time to go somewhere so we decided to spend our free time indoors. We did some research where would be the best place to visit. Aquarium gave me more attention to visit. Why aquarium? Is that exciting? Yes, for me as Indonesian it's totally exciting. I will never discover beach or sea in Moscow, so it would be so pleasing if I could visit Aquarium. Also, it was my second time visiting an Aquarium, the first time was in Jakarta. So why not visit another one.

Which aquarium?

There are two aquariums in Moscow. The first one is Москвариум (Moskvarium) and the second one is Океания (Oceania). We were more interested in visiting Moskvarium. It was opened in 2015. It is located on ВДНХ (VDNKh) area. VDNKh is a permanent general-purpose trade show and amusement park in Moscow, Russia. Moskvarium is the biggest European Oceanarium with the total area of the complex is 53 thousand sq.m.

Building from the front

How to get there?

Moskvarium's address is Moscow, Prospekt Mira, 119, Blvd. 23. You can reach it by taking the metro orange line to the VDNkh station. From the metro line, you can go directly to the VDNKh entrance (about 500 meters). However, your journey hasn't ended yet. You can take a deep breath first because it's still far. I rarely walk long distances so it was a bit tiring for me.

Where to buy the ticket?

You can buy the ticket through online or you can buy it directly. Not far from the entrance there's stall to buy the ticket. There's also cashier inside the Moskvarium building.

What's the price?

There isn't only Aquarium, there are also some shows there; because we only visited the Aquarium so here I'll tell the price for the ticket. AQUARIUM TICKET
  1. Weekdays (Monday 0r Thursday): Full day tariff 900 roubles, family ticket 2 adults + 1 child (3 – 12 years) 2200 roubles, young visitor ticket (3 – 12 years) 600 roubles, family ticket 2 adults + 2 children (3 – 12 years) 2800 roubles.
  2. Weekend ( Friday – Sunday): Full day tariff 1000 roubles, family ticket 2 adults + 1 child (3 – 12 years) 2400 roubles, young visitor ticket (3 – 12 years) 800 roubles, family ticket 2 adults + 2 children (3 – 12 years) 3200 roubles
Are that actual prices? It depends on you. The other prices you can see on their website. For your information, Moskvarium opens from 10 am – 9 am.

Let's continue it

After we bought the ticket, we were walking again to the Moskvarium building (less than 1 km). Unfortunately, it was reconstruction until September 2018. It's important to be careful while walking and seeing around. When you can see rocket and plane statue, go left. On the building, you can see whale image. Luckily we went there on a weekday so it wasn't crowded. When we entered the building there's security that checked our bag. After entering the building we can put our jacket on checkroom. It'll be uncomfortable if we wear and carry the jacket while going around, right? As I know there are 4 floors. 1st floor is the aquarium, 2nd floor is checkroom, cashier, merchandise store, cafe. Then on the 3rd floor is restaurant and bookstore, 4th floor is closed.  


After you see this plane just turn left

Let's enter the Aquarium

The ticket was already on our hand and jacket on checkroom, then went downstairs. We were amazed because there's a small water fountain that showed the year. We're way back, we can enter after scanning the ticket at the entrance but don't throw it first because we need to exit the aquarium. There are about 8000 species of sea creatures from all over the world and the design is so fascinating. There's information about the fish in every aquarium (name of species, age, length, and weight). There are some cameramen from there, you can take a picture on the special spot (unluckily it's not free). It's good if you have kids and take a photo there with their cameramen. Inside there are also a cafe, ice cream stand, cotton candy stand and a small area for kids to do some creativities.       Don't:
  • If you bring the camera keep in mind that it's prohibited to use the flash. I also recommend you to turn off the AF Illuminator since the red light can irritate the security.

What kind of sea animals they have?

They have many sea animals. I can't explain it one by one. From the first fishes until big fishes they have.  I found fish that popular in Indonesian. In Indonesian, we call it “ikan cupang” but if in English “fighter fish”. You can go upstairs to see bigger aquarium with some species and also a cafe. It's also good for taking a picture and video. The best part there's big aquarium to see the killer whale. From all the sea animals I like to see the whale and shark more than other. We were waiting there a bit longer to see the killer whale but it didn't appear. We just gave up because we need to continue other sea animals. It was disappointing

Fighter fish



We were going around. We saw turtles, stingrays, small crocodiles, jellyfishes with some lighting from the aquarium and other. Finally, we arrived at shark area, I was so exciting. The position of the aquarium shark is a bit different with other. We need to see the sharks above us and it's quite big. They swim on the top of us. There are also other fish that caught my eyes. If you've ever watched Finding Nemo and Finding Dory from Disney, we can see how it looks like there. The real name of Dory is Blue Tank Fish and for Nemo is Clownfish. Near the exit, there's an animal from Lake Baikal (located in the Asian part of Russia). The name is Baikal seal (or Nerpa). They are so cute, they swim from one side and hit the wall to move to another side.

Spot to take a picture

There are many free spots to take a picture. You can see the shell, sea animal statues and other. The aquarium is a bit dark, so sometimes your pictures can be blurred. You need a good camera with a good lens (at least f2).

Pardon my face ?

Our journey has finished

We exit from the aquarium and show our ticket again. We took 2 hours to going around. After finished we took our jacket and suddenly felt hungry. We decided to have a lunch in Mcdonald. The problem was VDNKh area is big and also there's construction, it was hard to find the location. We were looking for about 30 minutes and finally found our hunger saver (McDonald ?). We ended our journey with buying french fries and burger. After we already full, it's time to back home. I recommend you even adult and kids to come. It'll be interesting to see the sea animals that we rarely find it. It was such an amazing experience when winter season. Next time if we have a chance to back again,  I want to see the show also. My tips for you when going to VDNKh is you need to have strong feet to going around. Thank you all ?    


I’m Kezia. I was born in Surakarta but I grew up In Jakarta. Currently, I stay in Moscow (temporary). I’m eager to visit all beautiful places all over the world. I like to travel especially seeing the nature, interact with other, learn new cultures. In my free time, I do some activities (making lyrics video o youtube, writing a blog and have online shopping). I have visited approximately 7 cities in Indonesia and 2 countries (Russia, Thailand).