The Best Restaurants in Jordan, Hong Kong

April 28, 2019

by Jamie Bennett

Jordan is a lively district in Kowloon, Hong Kong that is undeniably a foodie’s paradise. The food scene here may be somewhat understated compared to Hong Kong island, but the variety and quality are definitely on par.

Most tourists venture over to Jordan to check out the Temple Street Night Market and sample some classic Hong Kong street food and seafood. However, this is a tourist trap best avoided. Instead, take a culinary journey and explore some of the world-class international cuisines on offer.


Hao De Lai Dumplings

The Shanghainese restaurant Hao De Lai Dumplings has probably the best xiao long bao I’ve ever tasted. The friendly restaurant owner always greets us courteously with a smile and provides excellent service. The xiao long bao, which are delicate dumplings filled with pork mince and a light soup, are the must-try item on the menu. The best way to eat xiao long bao is to first dip the dumpling in some vinegar with shredded ginger. Then, holding the dumpling in your chopsticks over a spoon, bite a small hole in the top to let some steam out and cool down the soup inside. The spoon will help catch any soup that may spill out. Once the temperature is safe, pop the whole thing in your mouth and enjoy.


Funky Monkey

Funky Monkey is the best Nepalese restaurant in Jordan, Hong Kong.

Funky Monkey is a fun Nepalese bar and restaurant situated on a back street of Jordan. It’s a great place to relax, try some genuine Nepalese food, meet some locals and have a few drinks. They often have live music on the weekends and always ensure their guests feel welcomed. I always get the lotus salad and momos. The momos, a Nepalese-style of dumpling, come with a spicy sauce and are a must-try item. The cocktail list is extensive and surprisingly innovative, while the Funky Monkey IPA is an all-time favourite and something that has me coming back time after time.


Bedana’s Filipino Restaurant

Bedana’s is the best Filipino restaurant in Jordan, Hong Kong.

Although the Philippines is not exactly known as a culinary destination, Bedana’s Filipino Restaurant is one of my favourites places to eat out in Jordan. The menu has all the classic Filipino favourites and I am yet to experience a dish that disappoints. My favourites are the kinilaw, a raw fish marinated in lime juice, chopped capsicum, ginger and chilli and the deep-fried pork belly. Both go very well with some garlic rice and a pint of Red Horse draft, the favourite beer of the Philippines.


Shau Shau Shau Thai Food

Shau Shau Shau Thai Food is the best Thai restaurant in Jordan, Hong Kong.

Although there are a number of delicious Thai restaurants in Jordan,  Shau Shau Shau Thai Food (also known as Three Sisters Thai) is the best. The family-run business has been operating for more than 20 years and still remains authentically Thai. The salt grilled fish is cooked to perfection every time with a clean, succulent taste. The egg curry crab is a classic that is favoured by many locals and worth spending a little extra on. The egg yolk calamari is also another excellent dish not to be missed.

Jamie Bennett

By Jamie Bennett

Globetrotter and unusual destination seeker. Jamie has been around the world twice and back. She revels in unusual, off-the-beaten-track experiences and specialises in solo-travel. She is also a freelance English tutor who is passionate about language and engaging students of all levels and ages.


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