The best places in Belgrade for millennials

This eastern Europe capital has a lot to offer to the millennials!

If there is one thing you should know about Belgrade, is that you have no idea how much you don’t know! This capital city of Serbia is full of unexpected treasures, good food, friendly people, and amazing places to visit. They call it new Berlin, they compare it to Istanbul, but in all fairness, Belgrade can’t be compared to any of them, not because it’s better or worse, but because it is unique! And as such, it is so attractive to millennials, who appreciate the crazy mixture of history, culture, and architecture you can find. The prices are low, the people and friendly, and they speak English! Although the western media often portrays Belgrade in a negative way, this is far from the truth, which is why tourists always keep coming back to the Serbian capital. So, let’s check out a couple of places you can visit in Belgrade, Serbia, and why they are the best places for millennials.

Start with the visit to the Kalemegdan fortress

Hundreds of year old, breath-taking buildings, walls and views… Don’t miss this place!

First, there is something you need to know about this city. Belgrade is most famous for being built on the confluence of two major rivers, Dunav and Sava, and for participating in almost all of the wars on this side of the planet. These things have left their marks in Belgrade’s architecture and urban planning, as well as culture and the atmosphere. The best way to experience it is to visit the fortress Kalemegdan (combination of two Turkish words meaning hill and battle).  Not only will you get an amazing, very instagramable view, but you will also get a nice history lesson, since the Ottoman empire to the modern conflicts. This way you can add some flavor to your posts! In addition to this, this amazing fortress located in the center of the Serbian capital is always filled with festivals, exhibitions, and concerts.

Skadarlija street has the best restaurants

All that walking can really make you tired and in need for rest. Rather than grabbing a bite in the nearest shopping mall, like a typical millennial, head down to the historic Skadarlija street. You won’t regret it! Here you can see how Belgrade used to be, and what Serbia was famous for.  It’s as picture perfect as most modern restaurants, if not more, and the food tastes way better. Don’t forget to try some traditional food and don’t leave the table unless you had some rakija. This traditional Serbian drink comes in a lot of flavors, and it’s probably stronger than you think, so pace yourself. The street is a bit difficult to maneuver after you’ve had a few!

Don’t miss the famous Saint Sava’s temple

It’s not so common to see new churches and temples being built, which makes this particular temple pretty unique. The construction began as far as 1935 but kept being delayed because of various obstacles. With the impressive architecture and location, Saint Sava’s temple is the biggest orthodox temple in the area. It carries the name and the story of one of the most prominent saints in Serbian history.  It can be seen from almost every part of the Belgrade and it is definitely the first thing that will catch your eye if you are coming by plane. It quickly became the most famous symbol of Belgrade, so don’t forget to take a selfie!
why millennials should visit Belgrade

One of the many reasons to visit Belgrade is this impressive temple

Belgrade Waterfront – where the modern and the traditional mix

Even though the government and the people are still at odds when it comes to this new project, Belgrade Waterfront, as well as Beton Hala, are important places to visit. This Belgrade’s river bay will definitely suit the taste of most millennials. It has a mixture of modern and traditional, pricy and elite cafes, food corners, and colorful murals. It is perfect for taking pictures, catching a break and escaping the heat of the city. It is still in the beginning stages of construction, so there is a lot more to come. Even though it is tempting to visit it during the night, make sure to catch at least a glimpse of this part of the town during the daylight. Your Instagram story will thank you!

Belgrade nightlife is out of this world!

Although a lot of places in Belgrade are interesting for both kids, adults, and seniors, this particular sight-seeing might suit millennials more than the rest of tourists. On both sides of the rivers, you can experience the magic of so-called rafts, that come alive during the night. With no noise limitations and no traffic, the clubs on the river are the best place to be. You can hear everything – from traditional Serbian folk to R’n’B, pop, and dubstep. You can hop clubs the entire night, without spending a ton of money. But, be aware… Parties are so intense and so long, that you just might end up having your morning coffee there!

If you are staying a bit longer, you shouldn’t miss the sea of Belgrade!

Although all of these attractions are the first on the list, there are still a few honorable mentions, if your stay in Belgrade is a bit longer. Don’t miss the infamous National Assembly, the place where in the nineties the people took down a dictator, after months of demonstrations followed rigged elections. If you come during the summer, take a day and dedicate it especially to the Belgrade Sea, the artificial lake of Ada Ciganlija. During exhausting summers in the city, this is the favorite spot for all the resident of the Serbian capital. It is often filled with fun activities, something millennials always appreciate, so you won’t be bored at all. If the weather doesn’t allow for such activities, make sure to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, that has been renovated in 2017. The museum offers no less than 5 levels, and you will be able to learn a lot about this atypical country.

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