The Best Of Southport In One Day

Southport is an amazing town in Merseyside in England and it is just 20-30 minutes by train from Liverpool and 1 hour by train from Manchester. It has a great location, so it is really easy to be visited and all the spirit of the town is more like in a resort. So if you are in one of both big English cities you can also have a nice day walking tour to Southport and you can enjoy many sightseeings.

Shopping streets

If you are coming by train I will recommend you to go out of the train station on Chapel Street. It is a wonderful carfree shopping street where you can visit different stores to leading brands or have a nice walk and a coffee in some of the nice coffee places there. After that, you can take Eastbank Street in order to reach the main shopping street – Lord Street. This is a really spacious street with great English architecture and a lot of fine restaurants, shops of famous brands, benches, small garden places, main community buildings and a monument. Every small street aside is also a nice shopping street where are also situated all the night clubs and fish restaurants.

Marine Lake

If you want to see more of the sightseeings of the town you have to continue walking more closer to the sea and to reach the Marine Lake and the Promenade. This is exactly the place where you can feel on a vacation. You can just walk around the beautiful Princess Park or King’s Gardens or you can choose some of the amazing theme parks – Pleasure Land, Bowling Club, Southport Model Railway Village, The Theatre and Convention Centre, the cinema or to enjoy all the games in the Silcock’s Funland and Pier. So many things to do, but my favourite is a high-speed boat. It is an amazing adventure that you should not miss. You definitely have to walk all around the lake and you will be amazed by its beauty and the fun you can have there. When you cross the lake via Marine Parade you will reach a lot of restaurants where you can have a fine dinner or to choose an option from the fast food restaurants. Many of the restaurants have a view of Southport Beach. The combination of lake and sea could be really romantic for many couples.

The beach & Southport Pier

The beach is really romantic for walks or many families are going there for a picnic and fun beach games. The interesting thing is that sometimes there is no sea on the beach, because of the huge tides, but you should be also really careful because the sea could come really fast. One of the places I love is the Southport Pier that is entering really inside of the sea. You can experience there old tramway which is one of the biggest attractions. It drives you to the Southport Pier Pavillion where you can play some more fun games and arcades or to have a nice cup of tea.

Mariya Iliychova Georgieva

I am Mariya from Bulgaria and I am an adventurous person who is inspired to live a life full of interesting and challenging possibilities. My varied work experience as an expert in political campaigns, screenplay writer in a TV program, a manager in an online company, an assistant manager of a hotel, an exotic destination wedding expert and an ambassador’s program lead of an educational blockchain is the reason to give me an excellent opportunity to explore new areas, develop my skills and gain valuable experience that makes me more curious about life. That’s why I have lived in 4 countries and I have travelled to 55+ countries.