The best of all in Sevilla!

January 1, 1970

by Vera Dongelmans

In april 2016 I was planning a weekend away with my friend in the Netherlands.
We were planning on going in the beginning of June for about four days.
We didn’t want to go too far, something in Europe would be very good! The choices are enormous but we would prefer a city with good weather and lots of good food.. 
Well Sevilla was definitely a really good decision! 
It’s a city where the good things come together; the weather, food, drinks, dancing, music..
 But there are also beautiful things to visit.

Cathedral and the Giralda

This is the biggest Gothic cathedral of Spain. The construction took almost a century. 
The inside of the cathedral is overwhelming and from the inside you can see the height is exceptional.
You can visit the cathedral the year trough. Tickets are around 8 euros and also available from the internet. 
Next to the cathedral is the Giralda, the symbol of Sevilla. 
The view over the city from the Giralda is the long climb up all worth it!






               View from the Giralda with a part from the cathedral.

Barrio de Santa cruz

Of all the districts in Sevilla, the district ‘Santa Cruz’ kept the medieval appearance it’s best. 
Get lost in all the little streets and alleys and sit down at some of the beautiful squares. 
This district was assigned for the Jews. They lived here until the end of the 14th century, then they were expelled and all the synagogues were changed into churches.

Parque de Maria Luisa

In the middle of the gardens, there is ‘Plaza España’. Between the two 80 meter towers unfolds a gallery in the shape of a half circle which is 170 meters long. The benches at the square propose an important period of the history of the Spanish provinces. Try to come here in the evening, with the beautiful lights it’s like a fairy tail..
 The gardens itself is an oasis of rest, far away from the bustle of the city. 
This garden is the perfect place to take a siesta and to walk around in the shadow of the big fig trees, palm trees and of course the orange trees.

Real Alcázar

This royal palace of Sevilla was build, rebuild and increased between the 11th and 12th century and gives a nice overview of the history of the Sevillian architecture. 
There a lot of different areas where you can walk trough. To see all the area’s and the gardens it will cost you easily three or four hours. The gardens look like paradise on earth! 
Just like the palace, they reflect the successive periods; Moorish, Renaissance and the Baroque-era. 
The gardens cover 80 per cent of the palace.


                                                                                                               The gardens of ‘Real Alcázar’


Arena La Maestranza

I’m not a fan of bullfights, certainly not.. but the Arena of La Maestranza is definitely worth a visit.
 You’ll get a tour of the history of the Arena and of this important tradition. 
There are still bullfights in this Arenca, tickets are available at the entrance.


As food is an important thing to me, I decided to put this also in the list of not to miss attractions of Sevilla.
 It’s perfect possible to fill a whole evening meal with tapas. That’s also something you see the local people do. In the evening you wander around different bars with friends or family (in my case my good friend), looking for delicious food and cold beers or wine.

Obviously these were all mayor tourist attractions but they are truly a visit worth.
Not to mention there are some amazing squares in Sevilla; ‘ Plaza de San Francisco’, ‘Plaza des Salvador ’,’Plaza Nueva’ where it’s pretty nice to wander around and sit down with some drinks and tapas for a few hours.. staring at the people walking by.. enjoying some street artists or admiring the beautiful brides and grooms passing by.

You really can’t leave this city without a visit to a flamenco show.
Flamenco is a living tradition which is anchored in the daily life of the people from Andalusia. 
It’s a music form where the emotions transcending all the rules and where especially the senses being addressed. The dancing, guitar play and singing knows different forms. 
The most known is the ‘sevillana’ where there is dancing with swaying skirts with ruffles. 
While you are walking to the city and in most of the hotels, they make big advertisements for these (some pretty expensive) flamenco shows.
Do what you always should do, think bright and make a decision what feels good. 
And expect to be in a room with a bunch of tourists, it’s worth the visit. 
For me, as I’m a big fan of dancing and music it was an amazing evening.


Flamenco show at ‘El Patio Sevillano’

Practical tips:

 Try to avoid coming here in July, August, simply because it’s too hot.
 April, the month of the famous ‘Semana Santa’ is a really busy month where the prices will rise up and it’s very hard to find any room or hotel.
 Spring, but also fall and the winter are perfect seasons to visit Sevilla!
  • A visit of three or four days in this city is more then enough to explore the whole city in a relaxing way.
    Adjust to the rhythm of Spain, that includes on of my favorite things in the world: ‘siesta’s’!
Between 12:00 pm and 15:00 pm it’s not just very hot outside but also really quite on the streets because it’s napping time. Go back to your hotel or go to a nice park and relax for a few hours. 
This way you escape the most warm part of the day and it gives you new energy for a good afternoon walk trough the city and to stay out until late.
  • Don’t get dinner before 21:30.. if you’re already tired and think that’s bedtime, you didn’t do a proper siesta..
  • As most of the mayor tourist attractions are close by in the centre, try to get an hotel in the centre. This way you don’t have to take taxi’s, busses or metro’s. This way you can walk everything easily.


In Sevilla it’s easily to forget the time and be in the moment, for sure a city where I will be back some day!

Vera Dongelmans

By Vera Dongelmans

My name is Vera Dongelmans and I was born in the Netherlands. I'm 27 years old and have a big passion for travelling and diving. In September 2016 I'll make a big trip to South East Asia and I'll write about my travel- and dive adventures!


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