The best hiking routes in Italy: Dolomites, Como, Camogli, Amalfi

Simple, but very scenic routes throughout the Apennine Peninsula – no more than one day is required to go there and back! In Italy, a lot of great places for hiking. Choose the best among them – not an easy task even for an experienced traveler. The website WhyGo Italy turned to Madeline Javar, who worked as a guide on hiking routes in this country for several years, with a request to choose five best tracks. If you are going on a trip to Italy and love hiking, you should set aside at least one day for this activity. The routes listed below require from two hours to a whole day and at least initial walking skills. All of them intersect with well-known and larger tracks, but there is practically no crowded. Routes are presented from the very north to the southernmost.  

1. The track “Ville de Pan” in the Dolomites

This route offers beautiful views of Marmolada – one of the most famous peaks of the Dolomites. One of the main advantages of hiking in this region is the cable cars operating all year round, so even those who do not like hiking can go up and see the stunning mountain scenery, and then just as easily go down. In addition, there are restaurants in the mountains, in which there are rooms in case there is a desire to stay overnight. The route starts in the city of Canazei, at the Belvedere lift (coordinates: 46.474175, 11.774638). The journey on one way takes three hours. It is necessary to descend the mountain for 430 meters and rise – 120 meters. The highest point reaches 2,450 meters above sea level. The track is well marked; It is one of the most popular in the Dolomites due to the views of Marmolada. Along the way, there are at least five restaurants where you can have lunch. Important: they only work during the season, from July 20 to September 25. Book a place in the opening hours of the lift is not necessary. The route ends at Fedaya Lake. If you do not want to go back on foot, you can get back to Canazei by bus. In the summer they drive often enough. However, it is important to note that after the end of the lift, the frequency of their flights is greatly reduced, so that it is better to go on the route at the beginning of the day. After 16-17 hours, it will be more difficult to return to the city – to the extent that you have to take a taxi.    

2. Greenway Road, Lake Como

Along the shores of Lake Como, there are many excellent routes, but the ten-kilometer Greenway road is one of the most popular due to the views that open along the way. On the Italian Lakes website you can see a nice, but unfortunately rather a small map of the route. Greenway is a well-marked road on the west bank of Como, between the communes of Colonna and Cadenabbia. As it runs along the lake, you can start from any point and go all the way in whole or only part of it. The most beautiful stretch of road is between Lenno and Tremezzo; It will take about an hour and a half to go along with a visit to the famous Villa Carlotta Museum. You can start right from the museum, then walk to Lenno, and from there continue on the boat. You can do the opposite: take a boat or a boat to Lenno, from there walk to Tremezzo, and at the end of the walk go to Villa Carlotta.  

3. Camogli – Portofino

The popular Cinque Terre route did not make it to this list because of the crowds of tourists, but it was impossible to completely ignore the coast of the Ligurian Sea. The area between the towns of Camogli and Portofino is exceptionally picturesque, and on the paths between them is not at all as crowded as on the track mentioned above (besides, unlike it, these routes are free). Before the campaign is better to get a detailed map of the area. Depending on the availability of time and energy, you can choose a long or short way, and return back to the boat. It is worth noting that the boats do not go especially often even in season, so check the schedule before you go. Several route options in the area: A half-hour walks from Camogli to the church of San Rocco (coordinates: 44.332031, 9.157305). The simple route through olive groves with beautiful views around. From San Rocco, you can either go back or continue to the village of Punta-Chappa. The route from Camogli to Punta Chappa. It will take one hour. In the end, you can swim! There are no highways to Punta-Chappa, so if you are not in the mood to return on foot, you can take the boat back. You can also go or go on a boat further – to Portofino or San Fruttuoso. From Camogli to San Fruttuoso. The route lasts about two and a half hours. San Fruttuoso is considered one of the most beautiful fishing villages in Italy. In addition, there are several excellent restaurants. There are no roads to this village, so you will have to take a boat to go back or continue the route.  

4. Path of the Gods, Amalfi Coast

This route, located high above the sea, got its name thanks to stunning views. Going through it takes two and a half hours. The track begins in the village of Bomerano and ends at the observation deck above Positano. Downstairs you can dine, go to one of the local bars or swim. A walk along this route should begin either in the early morning or in the late afternoon. In the middle of the day, the sun will shine all the way in the eyes. You should not come here on Sunday: members of the Italian Alpine Club gather on the route. The road is well-marked, but you still need a map or guide, because along the route there is a mass of paths that go away from it. For an evening walk along the route, it is worth getting warmer.   Bring water and food with you. The dressing is warmer because it gets very cold at night. Fire from a volcano to keep warm will not help. For any of these routes, the following tips will do: wear good shoes, take plenty of water with you, use a map or guide services (or both), know the time of sunset and warn someone about where you are going. than go. Have a nice trip!  

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