Tanzania: Tukuyu

January 1, 1970

by Desirée Monsén

Things to explore in Tukuyu

Tukuyu, a small town in the middle of Tanzania close to Malawi. I spend two months in this beautiful town filled with wonderful nature, vegetations and people. I was in Tukuyu to do a project for RICOBED – Rungwe international college of business economic development. Together with the university we made a short documentary film about the town tourists places and the economic resources. I also worked as a teacher once in a week. I was sharing my skills in the area of communication. Students were great and it was a really fun experience to act as a teacher, of course I was very nervous at first, since I have never been acting in this role. But its was great, not only teaching, but sharing! Sharing knowledge and information. It is so important, to pass it forward. Knowledge and information for future generations.

For this journey I travelled alone, which became one of my biggest adventure. Before I travelled from Sweden to Tanzania I was very nervous. But my nervous feeling would quickly disappear as soon as i landed in Tukuyu (Tanzania).

I was received by the most beautiful and caring people ever, everyone were so nice and friendly. The first thing i learned was that in this country or city you are not calling each other by name, instead by what you are which is either sister, brother, mother, father, daughter, son etc. So already during my first time in Tukuyu people called me sister. It was something that made my heart so warm and I felt so welcomed. Because in the end we all are either sister, brother, mother, daughter, son, etc.

I also learned that greetings are very important. It is part of the culture, you have to great almost every person you see or meet, even if it is a stranger. To greet families are very important to. This is a way of showing respect and kindness to another human been. This would later be a big culture shock for me returning back to Sweden where we barely greet strangers on the street. So if you choose to go to Tanzania, don’t forget the greetings!

Everyone is also very welcoming to invite you to their home, which for me also was a culture shock, but a wonderful culture shock. I meet so many nice and kind people. All were so welcoming.

Tukuyu has some very beautiful and stunning places to visit. Every place comes with a story which makes the places even more interesting to visit. I will list some of my favorite places i visited in Mbeya region.

Daraja la Mungu – God´s bridge

God´s bridge is natural bridge over a river. The bridge is estimated to have been formed 1800 million years ago by water that have been flowing through cooling lava that came out from the volcano which is near Rungwe. The story from the dominated Nyakyusa tribe in the area says that the river below have a special meaning; if you have evil things, the river will strike you, but if you are good the river is good. if you are bad the river can give things like infections or being drowned and further. But if you are good the river treats you good.

Kisiba lake

This is a beautiful lake that says been formed by an old crater.

The story goes that once a upon time during evening there were a certain stranger that came to the area. The man went to a certain house nearby and asked for drinking water, the first house denied him, he said thank you and moved to the second house. Here he asked the same, the owner of the second house gave him some water. The man said thanks and then relieved and told them that they should move from the house because later when the man goes the house will go into deep water, after he shared the information the man went and disappear. The owners of the house did as the stranger man had told them, they accepted the message they have been giving and therefore they moved. The same night the place started to get wet and it occurred water, the banana tress and houses were dipping into the water, the area of Kisiba lake were later covered in water. The story says that the stranger were just a messenger to the people which lived nearby the area of Kisiba. The story says that people which live nearby Kisiba should be nice and polite to people who come and offer them something. This because of the history, if you are nice you will receive the message, and if not you will not receive the message. This was the oral story we got from the villagers that lived nearby.

Tea production

Tukuyu and the region is famous for the tea production.

Kaporogwe waterfall

A beautiful waterfall located just outside Tukuyu. Created by nature it is hidden among the beautiful nature that dominates the area of Mbeya region.

It exist many places to explore around and in Tukuyu. these was some of the places I have listed. My adventure in this beautiful town and country was so rewarding and i will never forget the beautiful people living here. So kind and friendly. My two month in this country really gave me a travel not just outside, but inside as well. Since this was a culture so far and different from mine, I learned a lot. I really enjoyed my time and to have the opportunity to visit so much beautiful places was really rewarding. But the best of my travel were the people. you can travel the world, explore the most stunning places, discover wonderful places. But in the end, people make the places. they really do. I will never forget all the friends I gathered on this trip.

Love and good energies


Desirée Monsén

By Desirée Monsén

I am a traveler. Since i was i little girl i decided I want to travel every country in the world. I decided to explore what the earth had to offer, i decided to explore different cultures than my own. I have been to various places around the world, in both tourists and studied purposes. To travel for me is like breathing. It gives you a power that is hard to explain, and it gives you a wonderful experience of people, places and cultures. I am coming from a background where i have been studied communication with orientation of peace and development. i studied for three years, i lived and travelled abroad for 1,5 years of my studies to different places. Since then I have non-stop kept on traveling.

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