Tamiahua: The Mexican Capital of Seafood.

January 1, 1970

by Crisanta Rodriguez

Since I have memory I have always visit Veracruz and I really couldn’t ask for different vacations, I was surrounded by different landscape that even now after many time of travelling there keep me fascinated. This state is part of the 32 that forms Mexico, locate it in the eastern of the country near to the Gulf of Mexico.11350564_10153372535048007_9079277981108099308_n

There are too many places to visit but today I will talk about my favorite place, my mom´s little town call Tamiahua, is located in zone call Huasteca Alta, part of the north of the state, briefly separate to the Gold of Mexico by a natural barrier, Tamiahua lagoon form the shape of a bow, with an extension of 85 km long and 18 width, what made it not only one of the biggest of the state but also the country

How to get there?

I need to be very honest as is a little town is not very easy get there but is totally worth it, If you came from abroad, the closest airport is El Tajin, place it around hour and a half from Tamiahua; in the middle of the cities Tuxpan and Poza Rica, the schedule change constantly and are very limit. So I amply recommend arrive to Mexico City airport that have biggest options, once there you have two options rent a car and take Indios Verdes  drive approximately three hours and get to Tuxpan or use one of the bus lines, like ADO or Omnibus (this last have a direct carrier to Tamiahua) with different schedule to Tuxpan. Once there you find the 42.1 km road that will takes you to Tamiahua. Or you can take bus with the career Omnibus or some local transportation (this is not recommend it but it’s the cheaper, stop in many communities in the middle) ; also there is taxi service that can take you there.

What to eat?

Tamiahua is well known as “La Capital del Marisco” for her big diversity in seafood, thanks to the lagoon that river mouth with the ocean.  Among his extensive dishes you can find oysters, crabs, clams, shrimps and different kinds of fish in different presentations accompanied with the classic “enchiladas de pipian”.We can find different little restaurant at the edge of h the lagoon and some other in the beach area, that make everything at the moment with very fresh products. Speaking for myself one of my favorite dishes is fried fish with enchiladas and pepper Oysters (Ostiones empimientados), also you cannot miss trying Huatape soup or Tamiahuero Saucer, that consist on different dishes. For dessert try fried banana and their frozen water of tamarind and gooseberry. I can keep talking about the food because the options are very different but I challenge you just to try whatever gets on your way, you will not regret it.

What to do?

Tamiahua really is a quiet place that can get you way from the craziness and chaos of the city, it’s also a town where you can get very lucky to see the fisherman take out oyster or any species  of the lagoon. Take tour on little boats to know the entire lagoon and their marshlands that surround the entire city, you can have a look on the suspension bridge that connect the neighborhood of “Milpas” and “Barra de Corazones”, and take you to the south beach. Also connect it to the lagoon you can find some little Islands like “Toro”,”Pájaro”, and “ídolo”; this last one taking the name thanks to Idols figures find it , also still the myth that are some undiscovered ruins, this islands are very well known by biologists thanks to the diversity of species used for research.

To go to the beach you need to cruise the lagoon, there is a bridge you can find in the north of the town and then take a 2km road that take straight to the beach, where you are able to find palm house that works as little restaurant.  If you want to go to the breakwaters where you can see the union of the laggon and the ocean after this 2km road you need to turn right and keep going about three kilometer more.

Tamiahua is part of the mid reef that protected Lobo Island, used for snorkel and skin diving, to travel here you need a special permission but there are some certificates people that can offer the tour without any problem. You can only arrive by boat and the time of the ride is aprox. 45 minutes.

After you visit the municipal head, you are welcome to visit the communities that form part of Tamiahua, going to the road that take to “Tampache”, you can visit “Hacienda San Sebastian”, where you can find a natural water pit and after swim, can have a meal in “Tres Garantías” native people are on charge of prepare the food in the moment, a place where also you can practices ecotourism in the marshlands that surround the place.

In the highway Tuxpan-Tamiahua in the km 24 you can find a natural reserve that will take you to Majahual, a common where you can find Buffalo after 10 km in road also you can release turtles in some season of the year. It’s a beautiful place that confronts an arid zone with the ocean.


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When to visit?

I have visit this town in many  occasions at different seasons, but I always advice to come in May when the carnival one of the biggest party of the town take place , and gets full of color, music and food and in august when two other festivals take place, one is the oyster fest  an event when you can find any kind of dishes based on this seafood from their natural form just take out of the lagoon to pizza or the famous Rockefeller, also since a few year ago they made the biggest oyster cocktail. The other one is in honor  of “Santiago pescador” the nickname give it to an apostol, is a religion tradition where the fisherman take to a ride in the lagoon the figure of apostle Santiago and thank for all  the given, also made different cultural and popular events across the town.

I can keep talking about it and describe all the things I enjoy every time I have been there but prefer to invite you to come and discover what this town has to offer.

Crisanta Rodriguez

By Crisanta Rodriguez

I´m Mexican born in a border city with US call Nuevo Laredo, tourism is not only my profession but also my passion, I´m a lover of places, people, food, music and everything that can be call culture.

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