Taj Mahal:One Of The Seven Wonders Of World

January 1, 1970

by Danyal Warraich

Introduction To Taj Mahal

I have known Taj Mahal since I was a child and it’s probably because of my obsession with history.visiting this beautiful monument had always been on my “go to places” list and then I finally decided to take a time machine ride to Taj Mahal India to fulfil my dream.everyone is familiar with the fact that it’s one the seven wonders of the world.

The Journey Begins

We all have seen pictures of this monument while growing up but those pictures don’t do justice and one has to visit it to get why this has been on the list of seven wonders of the world. My best friend Sam and Sarah accompanied me, after reaching New Delhi, we decided to take a train to Agra and trust me it’s the most convenient and cheap way to reach the destination as the journey is roughly of 2 hours.when we reached Agra,we immediately booked our return ticket so that we wouldn’t have to face any inconvenience, taxi stand, and rickshaws were available outside the station, we booked a taxi for the entire day on rate of 800 Indian rupees($8 roughly)after negotiating with the taxi driver who was very kind to us throughout our journey.Although you have an option of getting much cheaper rides such as rickshaws they are less convenient especially when you are travelling during the summers as it’s very hot in India.

Entrance To Taj Mahal

The ticket to visit The Taj Mahal for a foreigner is 1000 Indian rupee( 10 $) but while you are buying the ticket you have to be careful that you choose the authentic ticket counter because fake ticket sellers are everywhere outside The Taj Mahal.The gate that leads to the Taj Mahal Mahal is called Darwaza e Faiza, which is made of red sandstone and one cannot ignore the beautiful marble work on it.

Tan Gardens Called Char Bagh

Once you cross the gate you will see how the mesmerising monument is surrounded by hundreds of meters of well-maintained gardens and looking at this creative masterpiece first felt like a dream.the tan gardens called char bagh are not just another feature of the monument as in Islamic style of architecture a garden reflects spirituality.The garden is divided into 4 blocks with different types of trees and has studded with fountains flowing in the centre which is home to many fishes.the view becomes more aesthetic due to the presence of char bagh. You can see tourists everywhere once you enter from the gate but it’s not that rushy because it’s very spacious.

The Story Of Undying Love Behind Building The Monument

Taj Mahal is a symbol of love as this was built in the mid-17th century by Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal.
Shah Jehan was engrossed in sadness after the death of his third wife and to reflect his love for his wife he built this extra ordinary marble monument.Every child in India is familiar with this love story and people won’t forget this for centuries.

The Mesmerising Architecture Of Taj Mahal

As we were getting close to the exterior decorations, every surface of the Taj Mahal contains delicate cravings and Islamic calligraphy expressing passages from the Qu’ran.Upon walking into the mausoleum, you will be given a little white paper to cover up your boots to protect the ground from your footsies or you can also walk barefoot.As we entered the interior it was very impressive and gigantic.The view from inside was breath taking.It was one huge empty room as it was the mausoleum.The dome view was also very great and the ceiling was very much impressive I could just stare at it for much time.Then we explored the interior of the Taj Mahal everything was neat and clean.The floor was very clean and we almost roamed in it for an hour.There is a river which passes by the Taj Mahal which gives another reason to love the view from outside.We wonder how the river, sunset and Taj Mahal will look like.It sure would be one heck o a view.The buildings around the Taj Mahal were also worth watching.They were also beautiful from inside and outside, we quite enjoyed it.After exploring Taj Mahal for hours and spinning around it felt like I have completed my dream to visit this place.As it was beautiful from inside and outside I could not take my eyes off from it.Then we decided to depart from the Taj Mahal as we explore many things and were fully satisfied that nothing is left behind.the day was well spent.the sun was about to set so we moved away from the Taj Mahal to go to perfect place for the far better view.As we walked and walked and look back, The great Mahal looked perfect with its four pillars standing like a giant.

Departure From Taj Mahal

Then we moved to the parking area, where our taxi driver was waiting for our return.when we reached the train station in Agra we thanked the taxi driver for a nice and safe journey he had provided to us.With our return train tickets, we waited for our train which was to come in a half hour.We were starving and there was a tuck shop in the station.we enjoyed spicy Indian food (Chana chaat) I must say whoever will try Indian food will definitely fall in love with it.One could see a juxtaposition of cultures.The train came and we departed to new Delhi where we had our hotel booked already.The New Delhi train station was very rushy.There are many pickpockets in that rush zone, so you have to be alert and careful.we took a taxi from the station to reach our hotel.on the roads of New Delhi, we could see a new type of culture, the open food street looked great at night.we wanted to have dinner there but all the travelling and walk had us exhausted.It was a very memorable tour.as we were on our way back we were lost in the thoughts of the amazing love story behind Taj Mahal.It is a great monument to visit and absolutely worth it.

Danyal Warraich

By Danyal Warraich

I love to travel to new places and explore new things,history of that area and culture. I take photographs and study people life style and how they survive in different places even without the normal resources. Mostly i also observe nature and its natural concept of how everything works and revovle around us.

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