Taiwan : A secret place better than Yehliu Geopark

January 1, 1970

by Zoey Kao


Planing a trip for Taiwan ?

Taiwan is an island country located in south eastern of China, it nears tropical and have 4 lovely seasons , it condense all the nature landscape and activities, from from hiking to nightlifes, from surfing to build a snow man , but if you’re nature lover, and planning to visit Taiwan, you’ll probably heard about Yehliu Geopark ,when you started to read the article , and put it on your list ,I’m sorry to disturb but please, HOLD ON , and give a chance to local guide.


But what is Yehliu Geopark ?

Yehliu Geopark located in the northern east coast of Taiwan, where face the seasonal monsoons ,and that caused the wave and gale erosion, made the rock formations became bizarre but incredible.

Many years ago, it was a well-kept secret place that only locals know how to get there,but lately, it became popular and attracted tons of tourists to visit this place,the officials set up Yehliu Geopark, and protect this otherworldly landscape won’t be damage and pollute.

Prevent harming the geopark is a good thing, but if you’re looking for a “REAL” natural attractions, and don’t wanna share with hundreds people with selfie-stick, Let me introduce — Shen’ao Bay 




Meets the New Mars on Earth

Shen’ao Bay located in northern east coast of Taiwan, only takes one and half hours by car from Capital Taipei city, which is also near Yehliu Geopark (40 mins away by car ).

On the way to Shen’ao, you’ll pass by a giant rock beside the coastal highway, the rock looks like an Aboriginal’s face, so Shen’ao also as named as ” Aboriginal Bay “.

Due to the same  “natural persecution”, Shen’ao also has those spectacular rock formations (but bigger and cleaner!) , the rocks look like giant mushrooms , wanna check out more ? you gotta climb it all the way from the bottom, and watch out for the huge gap! It takes 40 to an hour from the entrance to the very end of the peninsula, if the weather is good, you can see a lot of locals fishing at the edge of the cliff.



The perfect spot for instagram!

“Gently” jump up and down, 15 mins after walking forward , you’ll see a large lithosphere, it’s name is ” Elephant’s nose “, the reason is pretty obvious.

” Elephant’s nose ” is made of lots rock formations, but the erosion made it lost the part below, however, we didn’t lost this large stone, and turns out, it became a good spot to take some “instagram inspiration” ( you know what I’m saying #qouteoftheday)


Shen’ao Bay is located in the very end of Shen’ao road, which is also near by Shen’ao fishing port and the power factory, follow Shen’ao road all the way to the end, you will see a little entrance with a small sign.

Here’s five way you can get there :

Ruifang District, New Taipei City, 224(25°08’08.7″N 121°49’29.1″E)

By car :

Take National Highway No. 1 to Expressway No.62 , find  Second-tier way and meets Shen’ao road

By public transportation :

1. Take rail train to  Rueifang station, transfer to Keelung bus no.791 or 1051 to “Shen’ao Power Factory”, follow Shen’ao road to the end.

2.Take New Taipei City bus F805 or F806 to “Shen’ao Power Factory “,walk along Shen’ao road.

3.Take Keelung bus T99 to “Shen’ao fishing port “walk along Shen’ao road.

4.Take bus No.1811 or 1812 to “Shen’ao station”,walk along Shen’ao road.


Let’s keep this Utopia together

As a Taiwanese local guide, I highly recommend this virgin land, if you’re interested in secret wonderland and wanna get away from crowd, Shen’ao can gives you the same visual feast as Yehliu Geopark, but fulfill the desire of conquer Mars or any wild planet that you dreamt to explore, and it’s also a special gift by mother earth that you barely can’t find any similar place like here, so when you leave, don’t forget to keep the place nice and clean, keep the environment in quality, needs everyones’ effort, please make Shen’ao as a pure Utopia, take the garbage and memories with you, and enjoy the adventure!

By the way : don’t forget to try some seafood restaurants near by!

Zoey Kao

By Zoey Kao

Zoey is a Taiwanese girl who addicted to travel, she's a graphic/fashion designer, film editor, and a dreamer. She's interested in bogging, photography, design and travel, in the mid of 2016, she started to write blogs and sharing inspirations. She's in love with backpacking, outdoor adventures, cultures, night life, summer, ocean, nature and creatures. Life is too short to spend most of the time in the cube, it will takes your whole life to explore this spectacular world, so start to do it, NOW!

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