Surprises that greet a Pakistani in Dubai

January 1, 1970

by Ayesha Amin

As a postgraduate student (UAF, Faisalabad, Pakistan) during the short interval between the end of my course work and beginning of my research, I have started to think to enhance my vision and to explore my knowledge. Luckily, the ACSE annual meeting 13-14 Aug 2015, Dubai provides me a mix of both, an opportunity to meet young researchers aimed to conduct valuable findings as well as scientists active in research from all over the world. So, very wisely I decided to join that and convinced my elder brother, who is also a postgraduate, to volunteer with me. Fortunately, we both got fully funded sponsorship from the organization.1

There is always a special touch regarding an international scientific conference, the ardent excitement, the fusion of ideas, and the junction to meet and organize associations with professionals. The ACSE annual meeting covers all of these charms and much more. The best part was communications between participants, every person I spoke to, from professional scientists to young researchers, was welcoming and willing to share their intuitions. All the sessions themselves were incredibly diversified and provides a heap of latest information and technologies moreover they also incorporate multiple viewpoints on the similar subject. The ACSE annual meeting was gigantic no doubt the organizers did a whimsical work selecting current conference topics and representing them in a way that assimilated multiple professionals impending a topic from diverse angles. At the end of the conferences. I with my elder brother decided to extend our stay in Dubai for tourism purpose. Being a Pakistani student it’s my obligatory duty to share that experience and to explain some pleasure points of Dubai.

Dubai International Airport DXB:


I have heard much about DXB in spite of that I was shocked at once with the huge crowd and intelligent dealing of whole crew with international passengers. One important thing I would like to share that cameras were strictly prohibited I was unaware of that and took a picture in front of clearance officer he instantaneously asked me to remove that picture as it was against their security policies. While talking about shopping I suggest all the visitors to secure some dirhams to spend on duty free shopping which was a delightful experience especially if you came Dubai for the first time and you have to buy gifts for friends and family members. I found certain world class commodities including dry fruits, Chocolates, wide range of electronics and jewelry. Here I do not forget to share one more charming attraction (for a tourist) the availability of free internet.


Fusion of different cultures:

The United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s fastest-growing destinations for leisure visitors and for business. Fusion of different cultures directly indicates an excellent opportunity to know different philosophies. This is almost not astonishing from the time when geologically, economically and customarily, uncertainty it is in an extraordinary tactical point amongst East and West. I found Philippines mostly working in restaurants and running fast food points, Indians serving as doctors, drivers, waiters Chinese mostly indulging with the small scale business, Pakistani working as teaching staff in different institutions and exporter of goods last but not the least of course local people of Dubai. I also found people working from other countries like America, Italy, etc. but a very few, mainly they visit Dubai for tourism purposes.

Safari desert

The UAE is gifted with a widespread shoreline, diverse landscape and sandy seashores, where an extensive diversity of activities can be indulged, extending from sand skiing to powerboat races. Things I love about DESERT SAFARI the exciting and adventurous desert tour, listening to local music, watching dance, eating amazing food, photography, henna painting, quad bike last but not the least night on desert safari what a lovely experience it was!


I actually don’t know but I am pretty much sure that there was something that words cannot explain. Make sure while you visit Dubai must consider trip to safari desert in your interest points with high quality cameras and obviously a perfect photographer like my brother.  I’m definitely doing this again. Because luxury and nature come together to form an unforgettable experience.

Burj Khalifa/ tallest building

United Arab Emirates is systematized by seven sheikhs and it is well-known as desired destination of tourists around the world. Which I thought may be due to the features like free of criminality environment and vastly advanced infrastructure along with various worth seen places making the country’s tourist productiveness at boom.


Dubai mall, burj kalifa and dancing fountains all you just need a plenty of time and money. I preferred and suggesting you guys also to use local metro train which was itself a wonderful experience with low cost it very matters because you had to save some money to spend on shopping in Dubai mall. In the evening near 6:00pm dancing fountains show were started aww it was so relaxing to see fountains dancing with music. I watched that show 2 times as it was free. After every 30 minutes the resting fountains began dancing till 11:00pm.


Dubai museum

Dubai museum shelters the ironic history along with unique archaeology of Dubai, and therefore an extraordinary locality of inheritance by itself. After viewing the ships outdoor the museum Al-abra at the museum, timeworn Arabic housing  model in Dubai’s Al Fahidi Fort and the Arish with the Airstream tower I enthused towards the entrance to the walkways first gallery exhibits ancient maps following the video room screening a video to visitors that portrays Dubai previously and later the discovery of oil in the 1960s. Moving forward there were yards or it should be better to call them shops occupied with craftsmen, customers and merchants. Happening to the new adjacent a tailor next a carpenter, an iron smith, a knit vendor and others line the path. The way clues to an archetypal mosque, house and domestic, then moving to the right hand where it was representations of desert natural life. A camel (not allowed to touch), date farm (mouthwatering indeed) and wild animals. Succeeding area were packed with old fashioned jewelry, trinkets and stuffs from the everyday life of Bedouins. Entirely passing through different ways a sound, graphic possessions and automated guides go with the dioramas. The small gift store was the last end beforehand a twisting slope takes you up to the museum’s southern exit.



Coming back from the meeting to Pakistan , I have gained a broader perspective of science, nature and obviously manmade attractions. For now, my thesis work consumes most of my time and energy, but my broadened perspective is definitely a huge asset for my career. I highly recommend especially to students to avail opportunities of conferences and events not only in their own hometowns but in neighboring countries too because science and tourism sublimates side by side.

Ayesha Amin

By Ayesha Amin

Miss Ayesha Amin I am doing my Postgraduate at the age of 23 years from University of Agricultural and BSC (hons.) from National Institute of Food Science and Tech. UAF. Pakistan. I am a self-motivated and target obtained person and have strong analytical approach with problem solving skills. I have excellent communication skills in Urdu and English. I am very fond of books reading, badminton, chess and interior decoration.


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