Surigao del Sur and Its Wonders

May 14, 2019

by Liz Paelmo

So far, I haven’t visited any place that’s more memorable than Surigao del Sur. This province in Mindanao features various tourist spots that will make you appreciate and view nature like never before. But it has more to offer than nature. Let’s look at its famous tourist spots, shall we?

The Niagara Falls of the Philippines

The first place in our travel itinerary was Surigao del Sur’s Bislig City, which boasts of its Tinuy-an Falls. The famous three-tiered white water curtain is dubbed as the widest waterfalls in the Philippines. Each level is around 180 ft. or 55 meters high, and every tier is structured naturally. The magnificence and one-of-a-kind formation of Tinuy-an Falls has also been featured in the International Travel Magazine. That’s proof of how glorious it is!

Ocean View Park (OVP) and International Dollhouse

These are two places you should also visit when you’re in Bislig. BUT LET ME WARN YOU! Before you approach the destinations, prepare your legs and feet for 250+ steps! Both the dollhouse and the OVP rooftop restaurant are located on top of a hill, and the journey could be exhausting if you are not used to working out. Of course, you can take it slowly. And don’t you worry, the dolls are interesting to behold, plus the food in the restaurant is superb. Add those two with the picturesque view of the ocean and those 250+ steps would be absolutely worth it!

The Mysterious Stream of Water

Another favorite tourist spot in the province is the Enchanted River. It is located in the municipality of Hinatuan, which is on the northern part of Bislig City. The name of the river comes from the concept that no one knows where the water is flowing from. Whether it’s from a spring or part of the sea, the source remains a mystery even to this moment. The river is positioned six hundred meters from the coastline of Hinatuan Bay, which faces the largest and deepest of Earth’s oceanic divisions–the Pacific Ocean.

A Collection of Islands with Different Names

Finally, let’s travel to the municipality of San Agustin. This municipality in Surigao del Sur features the popular Britannia Group of Islands, composed of 24 islands and islets. Surrounded by clear waters of the Lianga Bay, these islands and islets are uninhabited and have minimal to zero vegetation. The pristine beaches are so calming you’ll suddenly turn into one dramatic person finding yourself self-reflecting. These group of islands offers a different kind of adventure–a magical and memorable one.


Now that you know where to visit when you’re in Surigao del Sur, here are my suggestions to make your travel experience the best one yet:
1. Bring sunglasses. Protect your eyes especially when island hopping.
2. Always charge your camera. You don’t want your batteries to drain in the middle of any tour!
3. Bring sunscreen. Protect your skin so you can look good in your photos.
4. Enjoy with your eyes. Sometimes, you should prioritize observing your environment with your eyes instead of taking videos and pictures of it. You’re there to live in the moment!
5. Lastly, your safety should always be your priority. Remember, no adventure is worth risking your life for.

Liz Paelmo

By Liz Paelmo

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