Sunny morning in Moscow: lovely walk with the tasty stops

It’s bright Sunday morning, you’ve just woken up and found yourself in Moscow? Great! Let’s have a lovely walk in the heart of the city. But first… tasty breakfast.

Use a subway to get to the starting point

Choose a ticket

In Russia, we call it metro. You need to get a metro ticket. You can buy it directly inside your metro station. Choose this one ticket – it's the most convenient and works like a usual credit card: you buy it, then put some money on it and go. 1 metro trip = 35 RUB with this card. It does not matter which station do you need to get – we have no division into areas in Moscow, so if you have a ticket – you can get to any station without problems:
Metro ticket

Metro ticket

Find your station

After you got a ticket, you need to reach our starting point. Moscow subway is easy to use: the metro map is clear enough. You need to get to Kitay-gorod station – I marked it with an arrow on the map below. Funny fact: it can be translated in English as a “China town”, but it’s just a funny linguistic match and has nothing to do with China. By the way, central stations in Moscow Metropolitan are worth seeing – they are old, each of them has its own impressive design and look like the museum exhibition.

Moscow Metropolitan

You need an exit to Pokrovka street.

Let's walk

Pokrovka is a very old Moscow street. There are lots of historical buildings. Most of the architecture relates to the 19th century. Nevertheless, there are some buildings constructed in the Soviet Union period – they have a simple shape, monochrome colors and look a bit outstanding. Such buildings perfectly illustrate the idea of social equality supported by the country many years ago and, more importantly, they add a contrast to the city architecture, despite they look frustrating.
Pokrovka Street

Pokrovka Street

Walk straight to the cross with Pokrovsky Boulevard and turn right: Not so long ago there was no chance to have a delicious meal in a cafe in Moscow, and my parents had to make with is a standard public catering chain called “Stolovaya”. Since then the situation had changed, the restaurant market had grown enormously, and now we have a wide variety of special places to try an unusual tasty dish from any cuisine of the world. I’ll show you some of such places. Extremely advise you to find your breakfast here: Pokrovsky Boulevard, 8. It’s a very cozy cafe Dizengoff99, where you can eat the best Shakshuka in Moscow! Just open the door:
Dizengoff 99 - Pokrovsky Bvd, 8

Dizengoff 99 – Pokrovsky Bvd, 8

And order your delicious breakfast called Shakshuka – tasty farmer eggs with the deep tomato sauce and sprinkled with fresh green, served with pieces of crispy rye bread and balls of butter with herbs:


Are you done? Let’s go on and find a beautiful Lutheran Cathedral. When you’re out from Dizengoff99, turn left to Khokhlovsky lane, then Kholpachny lane and finally you will need no instructions: the cathedral’s rooftop is very hard to miss. It’s one of two active Lutheran Cathedrals in the city, but this is the oldest. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll have a chance to listen to the Organ Concert inside:
Lutheran Cathedral

Lutheran Cathedral

Boulevard Ring

Ok, let’s go back to the Boulevard Ring – the oldest and the smallest ring of boulevards in the heart of Moscow, lined with trees and flowers. To be honest, its shape is more like a horseshoe, than a ring, but still. Many years ago there was the White wall instead of this green pedestrian zone – a powerful defensive construction, built in order to protect the heart of the city from invaders. Now it's the perfect place for meetings and photo exhibitions, long lazy walks and rallies related to “hot” political issues.

Chistoprudny Boulevard

The next stop is Chistoprudny Boulevard with its ponds. It's the last stop on the route of the tram called “Annushka”, which is mentioned in the famous Russian novel “Master and Margarita” created by Mikhail Bulgakov. One of the characters slipped on the oil and felt under this tram. At the moment you can take an ice cream somewhere around and chill out a bit on the green grass near the water, or just visit a small cafe directly on ponds to have a cup of coffee:
Chistye Ponds

Chistye Ponds

There is an interesting house is located in front of you. The house is decorated with magnificent moldings, illustrating mythic beasts. Don’t waste a chance to take a nice photo:

House with molded animals

Sretensky Boulevard

Let’s move on along the Boulevard Ring and reach the Sretensky Boulevard. It’s a popular place for street musicians to play Russian national songs like well-known “Kalinka-malinka”:

Sretensky Boulevard

Also, here is an interesting house with bats and salamanders on the front of the building. Spend a little time to research its facade – it reminds me of a great picture in the famous art gallery:

House with bats and salamanders

Rozhdestvensky Boulevard

The graceful white church hid on the next boulevard – Rozhdestvensky Boulevard. You can find lots of light, high ceilings, beautiful frescoes and a piece of the calm inside of it. Do you feel the atmosphere?

The Church on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard

Are you hungry? That’s awesome! Move forward and you’ll see The Central Market with the excellent food court, where you can take some tasty pizza, fresh smoothie, vegan dishes, curry, cakes and even high-quality oysters with champagne. The entrance is easy to overlook, but it is on the left corner of this building, downstairs:

The entrance to the Central Market


The Central Market food court

Under the food court, there is a usual market with fresh fruits, veggies, berries and some Russian specialties like sweet “tulsky pryanik” – a kind of cookies.

Trubnaya Square

Now you have the strength to carry on our walk. Let’s move to Trubnaya Square.   Now it’s a nice place to relax near the fountains and see how children discover funny monuments around the Moscow Circus:
Trubnaya Square

Trubnaya Square

You can finish this walk in Tsvetnoy Market buying original clothes created by local designers. As to souvenirs, the most popular is a doll named Matryoska. It's a wooden doll, that contains more than 5 smaller dolls, they all are hand-painted and look like they are dressed in old-fashioned Russian clothes. On the top floor, you can find some special local dishes to take home – usually, there are different jams made with rare northern berries, wild fish, pickled vegetables and, of course, caviar.
After that you can go down to the nearest subway station called Tsvetnoy Boulevard, feeling well exhausted.  

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