Subic Bay, A perfect place for adventure

March 13, 2019

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Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ), is one of the most visited places in the Philippines. SBFZ was also known as Subic Bay or Subic. Subic was once a US military base. They made a large contribution to the history of a place. But it was now converted into a tax and duty-free zone managed by Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA).

From Manila, you will be going to ride on a bus/victory liner or a car going to Olongapo for you to be able to reach the beautiful places of Subic. You can stop or drop in Harbor Point Subic and there you are, you are inside SBFZ. The other way is once you drop outside SBFZ, just ride on a yellow jeep and tell the driver to drop you off in SM Olongapo, from there you can see Harbor Point Subic and you can ask someone on how to get inside.

Upon reaching Subic, choosing where you will be going to stay will going to be your difficulties because the place has a lot of enticing beaches resort and hotels. Hotels have different design and artistry. All are well built and maintained but your taste as a customer’s matters a lot. It is you who know better where you can be more comfortable and where you can enjoy your stay.

Crownpeak Gardens Hotel

It is one of the well-known hotels in Subic. It is there wherein you can experience the good ambiance above the mountain and where you can see monkeys playing along with the side of the road. It is located at Upper Cubi, Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Travelers keep on coming back to this hotel due to its affordability and cleanliness of all the rooms, it’s was all well lighted and quite big that is why it’s comfortable to sleep. You will feel like home. The hotel is quite old but has been renovated. You can also use their swimming pool 24/7 and parking is not a problem too because the place has a wide vacant area for your car. They have also a church beside the Tiara Hotel building. Buildings are called such as Tiara, Garnet, Opal, and others.

Subic International Hotel

It is the nearest hotel upon your arrival. It is located just in front of Harbor Point Subic. You can see the history in the building, it is old but it was well maintained. It was affordable too. They have a cafeteria inside the hotel where you can dine and if you don’t want to leave your room, you can order thru phone call. It was a hotel accessible to all, establishments, restaurant, and malls are just walking distance.

Other well-known Hotels in Subic Bay are
*Lighthouse Hotel
*Subic Waterfront Resort and Hotel
*Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel
*Subic Bay Peninsular
*Court Meridian Hotel and Suites
*Terrace Hotel Subic Bay
*Diamond Hotel

All places inside SBFZ are accessible thru taxi, taxi in Subic is colored white with a sticker of SBFZ and the body number. But if you own a car you just ask an SBMA officer about the place you want to visit and they will be going to tell you the right way. Subic Bay has a 24/7 security officer on duty that is why Subic is guaranteed safe and secured area.

Let’s talk about food.

In terms of food, restaurants in Subic provide different varieties of food. If you like Korean food, there is Seoul Restaurant, Bulgogi House, MG Korean Grill, Oh Ga ne Korean Food and Grill and many more. Texas Joe’s House of Ribs for Mexican food. There are also Coco Lime, Crab and Belly, Red House Taiwan Shabu-Shabu and many more which offered different cuisine. All of them serve delicious food that you will hope your loved one left behind back home is there with you to taste the mouthwatering food you are eating.

You can also dine in a shopping center like in Harbor Point Subic. It has many restaurants inside aside from establishment who offered branded and quality products. You can shop whatever you wanted as souvenirs and giveaways. You will not be going back home empty handed because all kinds of stuff are really worth to buy. It has also a cinema where you can watch your favorite movies on the show.

Other Subic Bay Shopping Center are the following:
*Royal Subic Duty-Free Mall
*Puregold Duty-Free
*Freeport Exchange
*The Outlet Store

Do you want some Wildlife Experience?

Zoobic Safari will fulfill your excitement.

It is located at Group I Ilanin Forest, Subic Bay Freeport Zone where you can see and feed tigers and other wild animals but don’t worry you’re inside the jungle truck with durable barricades so you are safe. Zoobic Safari is the most popular wildlife attractions in Subic Bay. You can get an entry pass for an affordable price. Your pass grants you to access the Tiger Safari Ride, Forbidden Cave, a train ride around Savannah, the Serpentarium, and the Bone Muzooem, where preserved skeleton of different animals are exhibited. You can also include lunch for an upgrade.

What about a Dolphin encounter?

Ocean adventure won’t let you down.

This place will satisfy your excitement for a wonderful Dolphin show. Ocean Adventure is the first Water Marine Theme Park in Southeast Asia and It has become a premier attraction in Subic Bay. The show composed of five activities in a different area. First is the tour in the big aquarium. Fishes are clearly visible in the clean water. Second is to the marine patrol are where seals or sea lions conduct a show. Next, the wildlife area where well-trained animals show their talent. The fourth was the Pirate show, it’s an entertaining show where musical and circus-style are the main attraction. Lastly was the dolphin show, the dolphins perform their tricks and talents in front of viewers. All attractions are fun and entertaining, and all activities remind everyone to take care of nature especially all living creatures.

Want more Water adventures?

Adventure Beach Water Park will give you a good deal.

It is located in Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area, Subic Bay Freeport Zone. It has a Lot of enchanting areas for selfies and groupies. Cottages and cabanas are what you can see around the place. There are also slides and pools for both kids and adults with free swimming vest for kids as for security. There is also a guard who always on sight and alert in case of an unexpected situation. Food and colored drinks were not allowed inside but you can bring bottled water.
 Shower areas and dressing rooms were clean and cozy. Lockers are available for a fee.

What about a sunset view?

Subic Bay walk has one of a kind.

Subic has also a beautiful view of the sunset. You can view the beautiful sunset in Subic Bay walk. There is a shoreline where you can feel in your foot the cold sand, you can also feel and smell the breezy air. There’s a lot of people visiting the area at noon to see and experience the sunset especially couples.

Subic Bay is a nice place to create good memories that you will treasure every second of your stay for the rest of your life. You will not be going to stop yourself from getting photos of attractive scenery. You will not be going to think the place and not feel jealous for those who live in the area and You will not be going to stop yourself from sharing your unforgettable experience to others and hopefully, you can go back as soon as you can get a chance. Online

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