Spring in Novo mesto, Slovenia

January 1, 1970

by Sonja-zupancic

Finding nature in the city

Nature in Novo mesto

I grew up in the countryside and to me, nature has always been a place of inspiration, relaxation, and tranquility. Luckily, Slovenia boasts with its greenery, forests and wonderful spots in nature, which call for weekend trips and moments to stop and cherish during weekdays.

I have lived both in cities and in the countryside. This experience has helped me appreciate the peaceful and tranquil moments I experience in nature. Whenever I am in town, I tend to escape the city noise and the constant rush by searching for beautiful green spots that fill me up with positive vibes and energy. At the moment, I am extremely grateful that such escapes are not difficult to execute since I am currently working in the lovely town of Novo mesto in the southeast of Slovenia. The article presents wonderful places in Novo mesto to enjoy nature.

Novo mesto view

A pathway by the Krka River

There is nothing I love better than the sight of green leaves, the smell of grass and the chirping of the birds when I feel stressed or pressured. I have also discovered that the presence of water has an extremely relaxing effect on me. To my luck, there are wonderful spots in the city core of Novo mesto that match these requirements perfectly. There is a lovely pathway right next to the bank of the Krka river that has been my go-to place lately. There you can walk amidst small local gardens, enjoy a quiet moment by the river, relax on one of the benches or watch the ducks swim by. Currently, the banks are full of daisies and spring flowers, which has a special effect on the place.

The wooden bridge across the river

Should you start your walk near the tennis courts by the Cineplex complex, you will cross a wooden bridge across the Krka River. In the evening hours, you can enjoy a splendid view of the setting sun over the river. During the day, however, I often stop for a minute and watch the river silently flowing by. Occasionally, I pay a visit to the local restaurant (Gostisce Loka) in the close proximity of the Krka River. The cafe offers a terrace on the river, where I love sitting while sipping on my tea or lemonade. They also serve great local food and delicious desserts.

The playground at Loka

Especially in times of good and sunny weather, the locals and the youth of Novo mesto gather at Loka to have fun and hang out in nature. There are playgrounds for children, volleyball sand courts as well as plenty of space to enjoy a good game of football or basketball with your friends. Quite near, there are also tennis courts as well as a fitness center. What I love about these spots is that I can relax, be active while at the same time still enjoy the sun, fresh air and the calmness of the river. Not to mention, the place is wonderfully chill in the summer time.

The architecture of the old buildings

While I walk from the playground at Loka to the Old Town Square I always admire both the river bank on my right as well as the front facades of the old buildings on my left. The houses are built into the hill, rising quite above the river bank level. Imagine waking up with a view on the river like that! However, this is mostly a precautionary measure since there have been some instances of the Krka River flooding the banks in the time of heavy rain. The facades are mostly wooden since the locals are trying to preserve their historical value and the typical architecture. Underneath the buildings, facing the river, the locals often cultivate their small gardens.

river bank

The Kandijski most Bridge view

Pretty soon, the pathway ends among the houses and as soon as you climb uphill, you are in the Old Town Square! One of my favorite places for hanging out with my friends is a cozy tearoom with a pleasant atmosphere, situated right there at the corner. From there, you can either turn left or right. Should you follow the right turn, you find yourself crossing the Krka River over the Kandijski most Bridge. I have often enjoyed the view over the river from there, admiring the beautiful greenery on each side of the river. From there, you can also see other hidden spots by the river and occasionally, you can see a fisherman by the river.

The Old Town Square

To the other side of the tearoom, however, is the Old Town Square with its renovated historical buildings and paved roads just like it was centuries ago. While you shop around in the little boutiques or stop for a drink in one of the many cafes in the square you can still admire the spring blooms of the many trees there. Sometimes, I simply get lost in the small sideways and side roads, which often results in discovering beautiful hidden corners of the city that often have a wonderful view on the other side of the Krka River. The other option is to climb the small hill up to the Kapitelj with its church. From there, you can admire the river and the view.

The river bank and the forest Ragov Log

One of the beautiful hidden gems is also the bank by the Jerebova Street. Similarly to Loka, there are pathways for running or walking as well as a playground for children. The view of the river is amazing! There is another amazingly constructed wooden bridge across the Krka river, which leads the way into the forest called Ragov Log. In there, there are marked pathways. Nature, peace, and tranquility are practically at an arm’s length. What is more, the vibrant green colors, the freshness of spring and the colorful blossoms make the place extremely beautiful and attractive?

 Jerebova river bank


I love to travel, but I love returning to Slovenia as well. I often miss my home country precisely because of its wonderful nature. Nevertheless, I’ve learned that I can find wonderful nature in cities as well if I search for it and appreciate it. Thus I can enjoy the best of both worlds!

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By Sonja-zupancic

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