Spending a day in Fougères

January 1, 1970

by Katniss

Have you ever heard about Fougères? If the answer is no, I do envy you, because you have this amazing possibility to go and check one of the cutest towns in the region of Brittany, for the first time. The little commune which is situated in northwestern France provides astonishing surroundings. This place suits you if you like history if you are hopeless romantic or just the person aiming to search for not ordinary places.



Getting to Fougères from Rennes.

My living in Rennes turned out to be very useful in terms of reaching beautiful destinations. My friend and I decided to visit Fougères and we were scared that we could not get sits so we went to the station two days prior departure to buy tickets, actually, it is not scary not to buy tickets that early, as the bus had only 3 passengers during our traveling. A single ticket for a round trip costs 10 euros and you could buy it directly from the driver, as well. It takes only a little more than one hour to reach Fougères from Rennes. You should make a note that the bus number is 9a and it departs from the Gare Routière Rennes. I recommend taking a booklet of the bus schedule from the station and planning whenever you would like to return back.

Things to explore in Fougères:

Outdoor Market

If you are a little town lover or enjoy walking around tiny houses, you must pass the Château bus stop and arrive at Fougères Gare Routière and take a walk to the center.  I assure you, it never disappoints. First thing I came across with was the outdoor market, where you could grab a quick bite to eat as it provides the variety of fresh fruits, local produce, and organic food.

The Public Garden

If you want to see a cute fountain perfectly fitted in the space and the green colored outside beautifully combined with different kinds of flowers and if you wish to check the best spot to get inspiration like Balzac and Victor Hugo did you need to visit the public garden. The garden provides an astonishing panoramic view and also can lead you to the castle.


The Magnificant Castle

The history told by the innovative tools, the history living in the walls of this unique castle is the most important thing you need to feel in Fougères. Your journey to the castle begins at the ticket office, there are different tariffs for families, students, etc. As you’ve got your ticket, booklet and the motivation to explore one of the amazing places in Brittany you are free to start your adventure. Technology shines inside the walls of the castle, a very interesting video and audio presentations are on all day. For some people, it may be disturbing to see modern technology living with the oldest walls but I found it very interesting as they told the history and brought us back to the time. The view from the castle is very exciting and it takes your breath away.


Things to do in Fougères:

Try a ride with the PETIT TRAIN

If you would like to take a tour of the town after you had a long walk throughout the day than the little train is the perfect options.  The whole journey takes nearly 40 minutes and there is the English audio guiding provided, so if you did not read about the history in the leaflets and if you enjoy a hand waving to locals the little train is the perfect option at the end of the day. I am very courageous about saying that the train was worth trying.  It was parked in front of the château entrance. The price is different depending on age. It is 5.50 euro for adults and 3 euro for the kids(from 3 to 12 years). The train departure time is different during the seasons, so it is highly recommended to check the schedule which is provided on the site, also, you could see the banner next to the train, saying the exact time of the following departures.

Enjoying the lake views

That’s true, I went to Fougères and thought that the château was the only admiring thing in the town but it is so not true. If you walk a few meters from the Château bus stop you will come across the lake, it is surrounded by rocks all around and has been astonishing for us as it makes you feel to be a kilometers away from the city. You could also check lake view during the tour in the chateau, I did have glimpses of the lake from one of the towers of the chateau, as well.

Tasting food

Galette, Crepe, Cidre. These 3 things will help you to make your day full of energy. Your stay in the crêperie should never end without asking for a galette, which could be the best things you eat in Brittany. A friendly host and a cozy surrounding, traditional creperies are as attracting as the other touristic sights in the town. If you don’t know it yet a galette is a buckwheat pancake and it is very famous in this part of France.


My friends told me that 4 hours were pretty enough to have a look at the town, and yes, maybe one day is enough to check the sights but I will need eternity to be finally done with Fougères. These little wooden buildings are other things that blow your mind, they follow you on your way to the castle and make your trip more unusual.  Everyone around is very sweet and welcoming. You could enjoy the town whether it rains or the sun shines. I will be very frank and advise you to walk around old town, taste local food in the Saturday morning market, check the panoramic views and never hesitate to enter the castle as it could be the highlight of your journey to Fougères.

Bon Voyage!


By Katniss

I love little towns

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