Spending A Day at Singapore Zoo and Singapore Night Safari

  Welcome to bustling dynamic Singapore. Glittering skylines, some fantastic cityscapes, and stunning waterfronts. It’s like you have landed on the sets of some futuristic movie. Clearly, Singapore has proven to the image that the big things come in small packages.

The Place To Visit

#1. The Singapore Flyer

I was at the Singapore Flyer where giant observation wheel tires at 165 meters above the city. Let’s enjoy an uninterrupted view of Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The worlds largest giant observation wheel, the Singapore Flyer is Asia’s answer to the London Eye. Come for the giant observation of view giving you breathtaking 360-degree view of the city and beyond. Now that’s called hypes of being spectacular, literally. If you have no problem in being suspended for the most eye-catching vision of the city then Singapore Flyer is just for you. So for the next few hours for the reality, I prepared to have a fantastic time.


#2. The Singapore Zoo

You can walk in through the rainforests making some new friends through the zoo. Welcomes to Singapore zoo. Three thousand animals,316 different species and 36% of them sitting on the edge of survivals. These are not merely just the numbers but these are kind of report cards of Singapore zoo. A perseverance and hard work that has gone into making this more than three decades of zoo a reality. With 28 hectares of open space all to themselves, the animals live here in environments that resemble their own natural habitats. Before I began my exploration at Singapore zoo, I had my breakfast in the most authentic wildlife environment. The jungle breakfast is set amongst greenlust forests where you get to eat food surrounded by lots of exotic animals.



Right next door to the restaurants begins the territory of Orangutans. The word Orangutans in MALAYALEE language means a person of the forest. The shy solitary apes are the largest in Asia and inhabitants of south-east Asia, Bosnia, and Sumatra specifically. With plenty of open spaces and thick vegetation, the apes are free to spring about as they wish. Orangutans are an endangered species. Thanks to the destruction of the natural habitat by encroaching humans.


White Tigers:

With no cages spent on the animals and birds and animals scampering about freely, its like you have landed in the wild jungle. It is difficult to believe that this is the zoo and animals are bred in captivity. Only one out of 10000 tigers are white tigers which explains why the white tigers are left in the world. The natural ambiance of the forests reminds me of the deforestation.



As you walk out of this place its hope that you can take back some thoughts and some issues in saving the environment. You can even master the skill to have python called around you. Acute and adorable, at the zoo, you will be fortunate to see the animals in the range of moods and delighted to be allowed to be a part of their world even if it’s for a day.



It will take you to the better part of the day to tour all the animal’s enclosures and you will still find it difficult to leave at the end of the day. It may be as simple as watching around Rhinoceros snoozing in the hot sun, of following the massive gut of hippopotamus and its enclosure.



A simply watching a pride of lion sitting languidly after a heavy meal in front of you. This is unadulterated entertainment.



I am speaking of entertainment you can catch elephants at work and play. A show that showcases the physical exteriority of the intelligent animal. The elephant show has been the highlight of my optimum, with the innocent behavior, they have completely won my heart. Here at the Singapore zoo, all visitors get a chance to witness unique animals on a one on one basis.



Its speeding time right now while all the animals are having feeding food, I am going to try my feeding hands to at least one of them. It may be a little difficult to believe that the nearly 1.5 tonnes of massive creatures that are eating so decisively out of hands can run at an average speed of 50 kilometers per hour. At the Australian note, Get ready to be swept off your feet by Kangaroos. It is the experience to feel friendly mass appeal fearlessly hoping to feed right off my hands. Drastic part ways, imaginary of animals, all shapes and sizes, the Singapore zoo is much as attempt to explore the wildlife as it is to understand the interplay of animals for the survival of the planet itself.


#3. The Singapore Night Safari

As the sun sets, thousands of animals to rise and praise brand new night. I am at the worlds first night safari, the journey setting unique darkness and mystery. I went thru the 8 different geographical regions and saw animals from all across the world. Set in the same complex of Singapore zoo, the night safari is a four-hectare park that houses over a thousand animals from 115 species.

Shanghai Deer:

As I started hindering into the forest, you will cross the Seletar reservoir, one of the largest reservoirs in the country. Keeping an eye into Asian view the only 300 of these exists in the world today in the green forests of India. You will find large shanghai deer, as you try to identify that you are a predator.



The tall giraffe and strange looking bongos announce the beginning of equatorial Africa.


The massive hippopotamus presence here merely in search of food. More people are killed in Africa because of these river horses.



Golden Deer:

At the Burmese hillside, you can catch reciting of the farmer of the golden deer that is near extinction. The night hides many creatures of its fold and if you are lucky you can see them up close and personals. I make some moments to steal some creatures of the night show, a twenty minutes of a production starring some. They are sharp, they are whirly and they will steal your heart from their entities. They are stars while others will make a hasty exit.



Fire Ritters:

The finale of the evening definitely had a glittering performance of the fire ritters.


At the night safari, as the animals were hunting down their night, I had another side with an adventure that I will never forget. Every country should take a leap out of Singapore book. Sizewise it might not be that big. There is much more to Singapore than its shopping and concrete jungles. In fact, you will be surprised to end up discovering. Just after having so much fun, its time for me to leave now. I have only tasted the slice of this exotic country while I can assure to explore some exotic experience. I will come back for sure.

How To Reach :

The Changi airport connects the country to over 200 destinations worldwide. There are regular coach services running between Malaysia and Singapore. The Singapore cruise center operates more than 25 cruise lines connecting Singapore to important destinations across the world. The mainline train station is at Tanjong Pagar. There are regular train services from Thailand and Malaysia to Singapore.

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