South Coast Canyoneering, Adventure and Falls : Alegria Cebu

January 1, 1970

by Jonash


South Coast Canyoneering,
Adventure and Falls

From the Municipality of Alegria to the famous Kawasan falls of the southwestern part of Cebu, you can now enjoy the beautiful sceneries of nature. What’s the catch? You’d have to take the challenge of jumping on heights tall stones to rivers, swimming through cold crystal clear waters, sliding through lime stones and trekking for about 4 hours to see the beauty of Kawasan falls at Badian Cebu Philippines .
The adventure had been reopened after fixing a few government policies after it became priority to the bucket list of adventurers over the past summer season. To reach Alegria form the City, you can take a bus at Php120 from the Southbus Terminal to Alegria proper. At Alegria, locals have been emppwered to guide the adventure at a certain package fee. At 800to 900 per head, with or without food, with gears or gears at your expesnse, or with waterproof cameras. After paying for government mandated fees for the preservation of the environment, the adventure starts with a short orientation at a Local Government Office. Ofcourse, precautions and expectations are set then you are sent to renting huts to get your gears for the adventure awaiting for you.

The Jump Challenge

The first task to jump into this challenge is literally to JUMP into the water. At approximately 20ft, the jump off area is where the adventure starts. Its the firat steep waterfall drop to commence the adventure path. The only way to motivate you to really jumping in is knowing this is the shortest among the jumps you’ll have to make along the way. Tallest jumps range from 50 meters or more. Proper jumping procedures are also being taught. Though the life jackets are well secured, it is encouraged to take a hold of it on your shoulder. You can also opt to hold your nose. There are designated jump off areas as you might be jumping on shallow waters or those with rocks nearby. Whne you’re ready to take the plunge, take a step and jump off feet first. There are some jump off areas where you can jump head first, but you’d have to ask from the guides for directions. Extreme jump off areas are as tall as buildings where you can flip and jumm all you want.

Swim Till You Can

Crystal clear but deep as 40 meters they say, you’d have to swim your way through majestic rock formations. Don’t know how to swim? No problem. The gears you have include adventure grade life jackets that really wraps around your body. It is locked around your waist and legs to make sure the life jacket won’t slip off as you hit the waters. You can just lay down the water and enjoy the scenery of the canyons and green forestry surrounding you. Helmets are also provided, as sometimes, rocks do fall from the canyons. Yes they do. you asked for adventure. You got it here. As much as nature is very much alive in the area, myths and folklores are also present. This is why it is not advised to be very noosy around the area and never to wander put off the adventure route. Respecting nature and thise that love among them is observed.

The Joyful Slide

Ya yah. You’ve been to the tallest slides from resorts around the country. But, nothing beats a natural slide made for you, by mother nature herself. What’s exciting about the natural slides is that it has its own greasiness caused by smooth limestones making your slide faster into the deep cold crystal water awaiting for you below. TIP: Some tall jump off areas are REALLY TALL, it would shake you. But you can always take alternative routes, usually where you can use mother nature’s slide. When you reach the highest level of Kawasan, a man-made slide can be enjoyed with rushijg waters falling from the falls. You can enjoy unlimited slide at Php 10 per person to subsidize constuction cost. The slide still looks natural though, it blends into nature. The community is already aware of the importance of preserving it’s natural look more than modifying it.

Trek The View

If getting in tune with nature is what you ask for, you’d have to feast with what you get here. From the crickets chirping, the birds tweets, the trees humming and even monkeys howling. If you’re lucky enough you’d encounter them along the way. Most of the time you’d see monitor lizards, different kinds of fish and insects while birds fly high abive the adveture path. This is what it means to be with nature. Data by the way isn’t very much accessible there, so you have no choice but be disconnected on line, and get connected with nature.

Head on to Kawasan


I’ve been to kawasan a thousand times, yet, little did I know there were a couple more levels of Kawasan falls behind. What we normally feast for, is the tall majestic falls after kilometers of walk from Badian Highway. In this adventure, you’d see the beauty of Kawasan from behind. More than just a tourist attraction, Kawasan is actually providing the community of Badian the water supply they need. Behind Kawasan, is the community working for its preservation. That is more majestic than enjoying nature itself.

Food All You Can

Food stalls await you at the site of Kawasan falls. If you opt for the advebture package with food, you just have to be directed to the stall where sumptuous food is waiting for you. If not, not to worry, sevsral stalls are still there. The thing is, you might ave to wait in line especially if there’s a lot of adventurers who have already reserved or might have also been waiting o queue.
The journey will be tiring, I’d have to say. But the the experience is well worth it. Will I do it again? A million times, as much as I can. If you haven’t tried it yet, come to the South Coast of Cebu and get the adrenaline rush you’ve been wanting.


By Jonash

I usually travel alone. And when I travel, I share stories of how I reached the places, the story I heard of the places and it's beauty. I am a thrifty traveler, that is why I travel using public transportation and most people who travel that way could relate to my experiences. It is surprising how much you can save travelling through basic means.


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