South Cebu Adventure, Philippines

January 1, 1970


Here’s my 3 days and 2 nights adventure in Cebu City, Philippines last July 2-4, 2016.

We booked a roundtrip airfare ticket through Air Asia, the ticket costs PHP 2,300.00 because we booked it 10 weeks in advance. I think there is a lot cheaper tickets if you booked atleast 6 months in advance.
Air Asia is offering web check-in 14 days in advance. If you are a buzzer beater type of person (like me), you can benefit a lot in the web check in process because you do not have to line up in the check in counters just to get a boarding pass.

DAY 1: Cebu City

Our flight is 45 minutes delayed due to bad weather condition. Travelling during rainy season is cheaper but not advisable specially if you only have a limited time since most of the flights are delayed plus the fear of experiencing turbulence during the flight (Creepy!!!)

mactan international airport

We arrived in Mactan International Airport with a heavy rain welcoming us. The weather is so cold.
We rode a white taxi going to Ayala Center Cebu, we asked the driver how much time are we going to consume on our way to the mall, according to him it usually takes 45 minutes. On our way there, the rain keeps on pouring and there is a very heavy traffic. We arrived in the mall, 2 hours later. The fare costs PHP 290.
We looked for unfamiliar restaurants because we want to try something new. Then we found My Joy, it is a fast food restaurant that serves steaks, fried chickens and some delicious desserts.
I ordered a combo meals that cost 139 pesos. This includes a rice, viand and an iced tea.
The food is good, but is too salty. Not sure if they really serve it that way, because none of the diners complained.

After our lunch, we checked some of the stores inside the mall. Almost everything is on sale. We are tempted to buy! I suggest thet you bring extra cash for some shopping spree. In my case, I stopped my urge to buy something unnecessary because I was thinking of not spending half of my pocket money on my first day! hahaha

My friend and I decided to commute going to our hotel. We started asking locals on how to get to Crown Regency Mactan, luckily there is an FX going to Lapu-Lapu City which will drop us infront of the hotel itself. Since it is already rush hour, we waited for almost 1 hour before boarding the FX. The fare costs 30 pesos each, it is very cheap compared to our almost 300 pesos taxi fare earlier.
It is still raining and very traffic, it took us 1 and a half hour to arrive in the hotel.

By the way, we booked the hotel through Metrodeal for only PHP 3,777.oo per night with breakfast included. The room is good for 4. Oh what a great deal from

We arrived at the hotel, unpacked our bags and proceed immediately in Cebu Yacht Club for dinner.
We ate at Shrimp Bucket Restaurant. The place, ambiance and food is great! They have big servings where a group of 4 can enjoy.
The sumptuous dinner only costs us 300 pesos per person.
After dinner, we head back to the hotel.


Day 2: South Cebu

We booked a city tour through a travel agency.
We chose the package that includes Oslob Whale Watching, Tumalog Falls, Trekking in Osmena Peak and a visit to the very beautiful Simala Church. The package costs 2,300 pesos inclusive of guided tour ,lunch, transportation and entrance fees
Call time is 3 am, they picked us up in the hotel lobby. We joined other groups for the tour, every one was picked up from their hotel accommodations which is safe unlike other tour packages which asks you to go to a certain place for meet ups.
It is a 3- 4 hours drive from Mactan to Oslob.
We arrived at 6:30am.
You are obliged to attend a 5 minute seminar, to briefly discuss the do’s and don’t’s in the whale shark encounter. (Important notes: Do not apply sunscreen, as this may harm the whale sharks)
After the seminar, they will give you a queue number, you will have to wait for your turn.
When it was already our turn, I was very nervous and at the same time excited. They will bring you in a deep part of the sea. I didn’t know how to swim, at first I was very nervous to take off my life vest but the boat drivers are very accommodating and supportive. They will assist you and they can even be your photographer 


Oslob Whale Shark Watching


The water is very salty, the buoyant force is so strong that even if you do not know how to swim the water will lift you up.

After the activity, we ate our breakfast at the local canteen by the sea side . The meal costs 120 pesos for an order of rice with a slice of fried porkchop and an egg.

We proceed to Tumalog Falls after our breakfast.
You have a choice whether you want to walk or ride a motorcycle going to the falls. We choose to ride in a motorcycle for only 50 pesos back and forth.

We the proceed to Osmena peak, it is an hour and half drive from the falls. Then you will be asked to transfer to a motorcycle which will drop you off in the Peak’s center or office.


Osmena Peak, Dalaguete Cebu


It is a 45 minutes trek depending on your capacity to hike the steep mountain. It took us more than one hour to reach the top because we keeo on stopping for picture taking. The view is so perfect that you will regret if you will not bring a good camera. Thank God that the weather that time is perfect for trekking. Not to sunny and not raining.

Osmena PEak

We really enjoyed the view on top. We are supposed to take our lunch on the peak, but we decided to just eat inside the van. We are so lazy to go down, we are exhausted but feeling fulfilled because we saw one of God’s perfect creations.



Then we went to Monastery of the Holy Eucharist or also known as the Simala Church. It is famous for the miracles of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The walls are filled with thanks givings from the people and devotees that received miracles by praying in the church.

It is still under renovation, but you can still see the beauty of it. I feels like you are in Europe.

They is also a store inside, selling different colors of candles. Each candle has different meaning depending on what you wish for. Here’s the list of the colors and meanings of the candles:

  • Gold: Healing (Good health, Recovery, Spiritual, Family Tree)
  • Green: Prosperity/Success (Exams, Study, Financial, Business)
  • Blue: Perseverance (Employment, Career, Assignment, Promotions)
  • Violet: Achievement (Plans in life, Struggles, Endeavors, Journeys, Voyage)
  • Red: Love (Utility, Friendship, Engagement, Family)
  • Yellow: Peace (Courage, Strength, Hope)
  • White: Purity (Enlightenment, Guidance, Right Path)
  • Orange: Reconciliation (Sweetheart, Wife, Husband, Enemy, Family)
  • Pink: Thanksgiving/Happiness/Joy (Spiritual, Physical)
  • Black: Souls (Forgiveness, Pardon)
  • Brown: Vocation (Marriage Bond, God’s Servant, Single life)
  • Gray: Deliverance (Bad ways, Things, Spirits)
  • Cream: Conversion/Faith (Children, Household, Couples)

I choose Gold and Violet. The candles costs PHP 35 each.


That was our last stop for the South Cebu City Tour.

We gained new friends because of the tour, now we’re going back to our respective hotels.

The tour ended but the adventure forever remains in our heart and mind. I was a one of a kind experience that everyone must try.

We really enjoyed the trip!!!

We went to Larshian for dinner. It is a place where there are a lot of small restaurants offering different kinds of foods then you will choose how are they going to cook it. We ordered Chorizo (a local, sausage type food) , Buttered shrimp and a smoked Squid. Then they will give you a basket full of banana leaf wrapped rice. It is called Puso (heart) , because it is a heart-shaped rice, it is also know as the hanging rice because the locals hang the rice wrapped in banana leaf.

Honestly, I didn’t like the rice because what we ate is not hot. Maybe, we’ll enjoy it if it is still hot. (Sorry)

After dinner, we went to La Vie Pariessiene for some wines. They have wine stellar offering different types of wines in all prices. They have the cheapest and most expensive wines in town plus the best ambiance. We ordered a bottle of wine for only PHP 290. Some said that if you bought that wine in Manila, it will cost you PHP 500 – 800.


Day 3: Going back home

We woke up at 8am and prepared for our check out.
We had our lunch at Rico’s Cebu Lechon.
They have the best tasting lechon, partnered with some shakes.
I ordered calamansi & cucumber shake. A perfect combination!


I you have less time, it’s better to buy souvenirs inside the airport than to drop by at some souvenir shops along the way. Some shops inside the airport offers the same items and sometimes cheaper. I bought bunch of Shamrock Otap (Best tasting Otap, A must try!) , and Banana Chips. You can also try the Masareal, it is a crushed peanut with sugar that is molded into square shapes.


We arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 4, 2 hours after our expected time of arrival.

Travelling during rainy season is a bit of a bad idea, but it is just a matter of mindset and optimisticity that will let you enjoy what nature can offer!

So that is how we roll in our 3 Days 2 Nights adventure in Cebu.
I would to come back over and over again.



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