Slovenian coast: Why is Izola my favourite city

January 1, 1970

by Elena

Slovenian coast is small but beautiful, really beautiful. It has everything you want, even sand beach. You can take a walk through old, narrow streats, take a ride with a fishing boat, eat your lunch by the sea, ride your bike from one side of the coast to another or buy new clothes in big shopping center. As I said, everything you want. Each city on coast has it’s own story and each is different than the other. If you’re looking for a wild night out, than Portorož is city for you. But about that we’ll talk some other time. Today I want to talk about my favourite city on Slovenian coast: Izola.


What do you need to know about Izola?

Izola is small, old fishing town. It originates from the Italian word Isola, which means »island«. It has around 15,000 residents. Length of coastline in Izola is 8,5 km of the total 46 km (yes, we have small coast, but that doesn’t mean it can be beautiful). There are two main beach, one with sand, it is called San Simon, and the other one with little stones and grass. We called it Pri svetilniku, because there is a small lighthouse there. Both are great, but I like one without sand better. In San Simon is always a lot of sea grass and a looot of people. Sea by the beach with lighthouse is usually cleaner, so I like to go there. There si a lot of other options too, especially locals will show you many places where you can leave your towel on a rock and jump into the sea.

If you came to Izola by bus or taxi, you have no worries. If you came by car, you have to worry a little. There are many places where you can leave your car, but most of them are payable. If you stay for a whole day, it’ll cost you about 10€. Maybe is better solution to leave you car somewhere in Koper, where you can park for free or for 1€/day and take a bus to Izola. That’s one more thing I love about Izola, but I’ll talk about it a bit later.

I’m hungry, is there any place to eat?

Of course it is. There are quite a few restaurants with different offer so it shouldn’t be a problem to pick the perfect one for you. If you’re a pizza fan, you must go to Primavera. It will take you 10-15 minutes walking from center or 5 minutes from San Simon beach. They have a lot of different pizzas. For example, if you want to eat »Sea pizza«, you can’t just order it, because there is a whole page named »Sea pizzas«, so you have to choose one of them. Anyway, go eat there. Prices are a bit high, but I think it’s worth the prize. There is one very good restaurant in the center too, but prices are not so friendly. It is called Gušt and their food is simply amazing. If you’re looking for something to grab while you’re exploring the city, I recommend you a sandwich at Veni’s. You can pick your favourite, they bake it like a toast and it will coast you something around 3 or 4€. And I have to say they are pretty big, so you will not stay hugry. Near Veni’s is the place where you can buy the cheapest ice cream I’ve ever seen. Ever. One ball will cost you 0,50€ and it’s good. It’s not the best but for this price.. hey, we will not complain. You can also find a few grocery stores such as Mercator, Hofer and Špar. You can go buy some snacks or drinks there. I don’t know where you are coming from, but I think you won’t find it very expensive there. You can buy a sandwich, drink and some snack for less than 5€. In some of them they sell pizza slices, prepared meat, potatos, so you can buy whole lunch there.

So, why is Izola my favourite place on Slovenian coast?

  • It’s small and beautiful. There are a few stores and shops, but not big shopping center and that is why Izola still has this old-town-by-the-sea-with-narrow-streets feeling.
  • It takes you a few minutes to get to Koper, where you can find cheap or free parking places, biiig shopping center, train station, main bus station.. It’s very practical if you leave your car in Koper and take a bus to Izola. They drive every hour and it will cost you just 1,80€. From Koper to Izola by bus is only 10 minutes. Perfect!
  • Sunsets! Oh god, those sunsets. As you walk by the sea in Izola, you can see a lot of sailboats parked there. And when the sun goes down right behind all those sailboats, it is stunning. And old buildings.. Ah, I fall in love with this city every single time.




  • I love running. Izola is perfect for that. You can run (or walk of course) from one side of the city to another and you can do it by the sea all the time. If that’s not great, I don’t know what is.
  • People in Izola are very friendly and nice. They will help you if you lost or just need an advice where to go and what to do.
  • Izola is connected to Koper with road by the sea and it’s good experience if you take a walk on it. I recommend you to go early in the morning, when everything is waking up and it’s chilly.

I could go on and on with things I love about this city, but I think it’s better I don’t tell you everything. Come, visit us and create your own opinion. I’m pretty sure you won’t be dissapointed. And for the end, one small hint. As Slovenian coast is so small, you can see all of it in one day. Yup, not a joke. Come early in the morning and leave when sun will kiss the horizon. You will have a great day and more than 5 new cities checked on your »to-go« list.

See you in Izola!


By Elena

I recently moved to Slovenian coast and I can't wait to explore every single peace of it. Of course I'll share it all with you.


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