Skyzone Trampoline Park in Hyderabad

January 1, 1970

by Pooja

Hyderabad is the capital city of the state of Telangana in India. Located in Gandipet, on the outskirts of Hyderabad, Skyzone Trampoline Park is one of the places that every family, every group of friends and practically everyone should visit at least once. Even though it is on the outskirts of the city, it is surely worth visiting.

How do I get there?

You can hire a cab or drive yourself to the Gandipet. There are no buses that take you directly to the Skyzone center. But it is just a 20 min drive from the Financial District Area. You must ask the cab to wait for you as getting a cab back is difficult and there is no readily available local transport

What are the prices?

The cost per individual ranges from 650- 1500 {Check the website for exact prices}. Weekends are peak days and the cost is higher then. You must keep that in mind. So, if you plan on going in a large group, plan beforehand and go on a weekday if you want to save money.

You are allowed to move around and use all the attractions that are present there for the time that you have booked the slot. Slots vary from an hour to 2 hours.

What kind of Attractions will I find there?

The age group of 7-35 can try out all the attractions. But the attractions are not toddler-friendly and people above the age group of 50 should restrict themselves from most of the attractions that are present there. Each of the attraction has a gatekeeper who helps you with the whereabouts. The attractions include

Freestyle jump:

In the freestyle jump arena, there are many squares on which individuals can jump on. There are gatekeepers who monitor your moves and they ensure that you stay in one square. More than one person can not jump on a Trampoline square. This is sometimes frustrating as you would really like to jump around with your friends and family, but then safety comes first. Which is also a good thing

Ultimate Dodgeball:

If you have watched the movie – “A Bad Moms Christmas”, there is a scene where are the three families go to Skyzone and there is a competition among all of them in the Dodgeball Arena. Let me tell you beforehand, don’t go there with such high expectations as they really dramatize it in the movie. There are only 5 balls and if you are going in a group of more than 5 members, there is a high possibility of many not being able to throw the ball. Also, you don’t get the place all for yourself. You will have to adjust to other families and groups that have come. But jumping around and throwing balls at each other sure is fun.

Foam Zone:

If you can land a flip here, it would be just awesome. This attraction requires you to run and jump on to the Trampoline and then flip and fall into the Foam zone. Watching people do this is fun. Kids can surely brag about it later to their friends. But getting out of the Foam Zone is a difficult task. You feel like you are being sucked deeper into it and it feels like quicksand. But then you eventually figure out how to get out. The Foam zone has big foam squares that are really comfy and you feel like just lying down and relaxing in them. The moment you do this you have the Gatekeepers who come and snap you back into the reality.

Foam Zone attraction in SkyZone Hyderabad

Foam Zone

There is another Foam Zone right next to the Foam Squares. Just like the Foam squares you must run and jump onto the Trampoline and jump into the Foam Zone. But instead of the foam squares, you have one big square that you jump into which is squishy in nature and literally sucks you in. Here I will give you a tip that a friend of mine found out. If you want to come out of this squishy foam zone, you must roll to the end of it. That way it is easier to get out.

Sky Slam:

This is like playing basketball on a trampoline. This requires the players to take the ball and jump around and hoop the ball. I didn’t find this that interesting as you can’t battle it out and it was more of an induvial score against another. There are two Hoops, both at different heights

Sky Ladder:

The sky ladder is an interesting attraction. Here you have to climb the entire ladder without falling into the Foam Squares. Cause like I said, once you fall into the Foam Squares coming out of it will take some time. This could have been made more challenging but the one that exists is a huge hit with kids.

Sky Joust:

This is present just beside the Sky Ladder. The idea is to have a gladiator-style combat on pedestals that are placed in the Square Foam Pit. You are given a prop and keeping your balance, you must knock out the other contestants off the pedestals. The last man/ woman standing wins.


This attraction had the least crowd. Here you are required to balance your way across the skyline which is a millimeter-thin raised slackline. Not many are able to walk across. This attraction could have been made more fun by keeping the distance between the skyline and the bottom a bit more so that the participants feel like they are falling.Skyline attraction in Skyzone HyderabadSkyline

Warped Wall:

This attraction and the next makes you feel like you are in an episode of “WIPEOUT”. Here you must run across and climb the Warped wall and slide down a pole. This really challenges you.

The Warrior Course:

This is the most challenging attraction of them all. This makes you use your upper body and lower body to the maximum. Not many can make through the entire course. My suggestion would be to try this out immediately after the Freestyle Jump as you will have more energy then. On trying this attraction in the last, you will be left with absolutely no energy and you won’t be able to complete even half of the course

The other things that you just can’t miss:

There are few other things that are worth mentioning about this place. They give you a pair of orange colored socks with a good grip at the bottom. This way you don’t slip around on the Trampoline.  Walking with it on the normal floor makes you feel like a frog as it sticks a bit to the floor. Now, who wouldn’t want to experience that?  There is a refreshment center inside Skyzone and we are all thankful for that. You get really tired even after one hour of jumping around on Trampolines and the small refreshment center there feels like a blessing.  The officials there give you a sticker that they stick on you, which states the time slots that you have paid for. They are very strict about adhering to the timings. So, don’t think that you can play around for another half an hour without them noticing.

After this, if you still have the energy, then you can go an visit the Gandipet Lake. But it closes at 6 pm. You can still hang around till sunset. The sunset there is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.






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