Siquijor: Isla del Fuego

January 1, 1970

by Dee Yan

April 2016

Honestly, I never thought I could make it to this trip. It was the worst time of the 1st quarter of 2016, Audit period. I was managing a restaurant and my leave request was not yet granted. My travel buddy already booked his flight because whatever happens he needs to be there for the Visayan Longboarding Trilogy,  an event held in visayas; First leg will be in Siquijor Island, second leg will be in Oslob, Cebu, and the 3rd leg will be in Carcar, Cebu, Philippines. My boyfriend will be racing for the downhill competition at the Siquijor leg and I can’t let him miss that. Eventually, a week before the event, my boss granted my request so YAY! I immediately booked a flight without telling my travel buddy and he was so surprised when he found out.

It was an early morning flight from Manila to Cebu. Apparently there are two ways on how to get to Siquijor. You can take the Manila to Dumaguete flight, which is easier but tickets are more expensive so we took the Manila to Cebu flight. Upon arrival at Mactan Cebu Airport we took the cab going to South bus terminal. It took around 30 minutes to get there and it cost about 225 pesos. At the South bus terminal we took the bus going to Liloan Port which took us around 4 to 5 hours and costs 180 pesos per head. Before going to Liloan port we decided to drop by and have lunch and take pictures by the sea of Cebu and at the Ruins of Oslob Cuartel.

Oslob Cebu sea


Ruins of Oslob Cuartel Cebu

At the port we took the fast craft (a fast ferry) to Sibulan Port Dumaguete. Our trip took only 15 to 20 minutes to get there and costs 62 per head.


After a long trip, we decided to stay at our friend’s house and just took the first trip to Siquijor the next morning. From Dumaguete port we took the fast craft going to Siquijor that took around 45 minutes and costs 145 each. At last, we made it! We finally arrived at the mystical island Siquijor. I heard about the myths encapsulated in the island but as I gazed upon just one side of the island I doubt it. The island is so beautiful.  From the sea, the sand and the trees, everything is technicolor!

First thing’s first, don’t forget to ask for a map upon arrival at the port so you could easily plan your tour at the island. Staying at Siquijor, one must know how to drive a motorcycle. It’s the cheapest and easiest way to wander around the island. There are motorbikes for rent by the port and you can use it for only 350 pesos for 24 hours. Just make sure you have your driver’s license with you so you could rent one.

Welcome to Siquijor!

Since we were there for an event, we had a free campsite to accommodate us. Yes free! How lucky! Aren’t we? We brought our tents and hammocks and found a good spot by the beach. At the back of our campsite was a barbecue place which was really good and cheap. You can find cheap accommodations and nice resorts here so don’t worry about where to stay. We stayed at the island for 3 days. We were able to meet some locals who will be joining the competition. We decided to start our adventure with our new found friends on our first day before everyone gets stoked with the longboard event.



campsite siquijor

Where to  go when in Siquijor?

First stop, Cambugahay Falls.

We went down at this one hundred thirty five stone steps before reaching the falls.  I have never seen a waterfalls my entire life and this melted my heart. You can bring your food and have picnic here or just relax and enjoy swimming in the fresh water. You will also find a swing there where you can hold onto and dive into the water or just simply jump over the top of the falls.  I really enjoyed swinging myself and jumping into the water. Cambugahay Falls is located at Lazi Siquijor. At the corner of the road going to the falls you will find old churches and convent which are also included in the tourist attractions of the island. (Check out the video at the end of the blog to see a better view of this beautiful falls)

cambugahay falls

Next stop, Salagdoong beach.

It is located at Maria, Siquijor, which is the other side of the Island. This is the best view I’ve seen so far. The amazing hues of blue of the sea, the brightness of the sun, I just stood up on the high cliff and stared. They have cottages for rent where you can have a picnic or you can just eat at their restaurant if you don’t have plans staying long. This is the place where tourists face their fears of cliff jumping. Guess what? I didn’t jump. But my boyfriend did so I guess that’s for both of us. 😀 After that we decided to take a tour around the main road of the island and it took only about 2 hours of driving.

road to salagdoong beach

salagdoong beach

Last stop, the canal.

This is the best part of our stay here. This is where everyone from our campsite took a bath during our stay at Siquijor. The water is so fresh and clean. This is where the locals take a bath and wash their clothes.

bathing at the canal in siquijor

Photo by Sheldaun

Other places to visit:

Old Enchanted Balete Tree with fish spa and souvenir shops

Bandila-an Mountain

Lugnason Falls

Cantabon Cave

Capilay Spring Park

St Francis Assisi Church

Lazi Convent

and more

After refreshing ourselves we just sat by the shore on our campsite and waited for the beautiful sunset.


Kenn’s longboard set up and the sunset at San Juan, Siquijor

siquijor sunset

After dinner we started socializing with our new found friends and started circling around a bonfire.

bonfayaaah at siquijor

Our billion star accommodation's perfect night sky view

Our billion star accommodation’s perfect night sky view

Every year, the government supports the Visayan Longboarding Trilogy. The event is attended by international and local participants. Let me share with you some photos of my travel buddy and our friends during the VLT Siquijor Leg.



VLT 2016

You can also check out the video my travel buddy made during our adventures at Siquijor.

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This trip is very unforgettable for us. Not just because of the fun and adventures we had but because we found new friends to keep, good memories to share and we will definitely come back to make more adventures with them.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog and watching our video. See you on our next story!

Photos by Kenn and I 🙂

Video by Kenn

Dee Yan

By Dee Yan

I am Dee, a Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate from Pampanga, Philippines. My life is about baking, cooking, events, music, longboarding and travel. I started my wandering adventures last 2009, but this 2016 my travel buddy, Kenn, introduced me to awesome adventures with nature, extreme sports and beautiful sunsets. Here on my blogs you will find our travels together. What I like about travel is you get new discoveries, meet strangers and create friendships and memories, release stress and just enjoy the moment of being somewhere you've never been.


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