Singapore Zoo and River Safari in a day

January 1, 1970

by Belle-markz

Today we’ve set our mind to visit Singapore Zoo and River Safari. Singapore Zoo was our first stop then River Safari for the boat ride just within the neighboring area.

Let’s start with Singapore Zoo.

Singapore Zoo City








Singapore Zoo was previously known as Singapore Zoological Gardens and locally known today as Mandai Zoo. Both are located at Mandai Lake Road, Singapore City. River Safari on the other side is where boat rides and river cruise are located. Both open at 10:00 in the morning until 6:30 in the evening. Excited as we are, we boarded bus 138 from Ang Mo Kio air-conditioned bus interchange.  It would be impossible to get lost using Public transport guide from the web and a GPS guide. Going there was easy, thanks for the amazing transportation service here in Singapore, I would give two thumbs up for that. It took roughly 10-15 minutes bus ride before we reached our destination. Both Singapore zoo and River Safari entrances are few meters away that could be easily seen at a glance.

We handed off our corporate passes a free avail from the hospital I’ve been working here in Singapore. For information, admission tickets and fees for Singapore zoo is $33 (Adults), $22 (Child and $15 (Senior Citizens). Meanwhile, River Safari tickets would cost $30 (Adults, $20 (Child), $14 (Senior Citizen). Boat rides do have separate payment for $5 for adults and senior citizen and $3 for children. Tickets could be purchased online or by walk in through their ticketing shops.



Singapore Zoo








Colorful flowers and Chinese New Year decors welcomed us. The decorations were set in connection with the Gong Hei Fat Choy (A Chinese New Year every January or February of the Chinese Calendar). It is so inviting and fascinating to take selfies from this area with the cherry blossoms behind albeit the plastic form. Nevertheless, it was still nice and picturesque.


Singapore Zoo









We started our long walks following our guide from this Singapore zoo maps, it is everywhere so it would be impossible to get lost. I would give thumbs up for taking the initiative of putting those maps especially for people lacking with Spatial Intelligence. Here we were trying to plan for the next animal to see and how we could make shortcuts through it.


The Animals

Singapore Zoo White Tiger






Singapore Zoo Zebra









Singapore Zoo









One of the remarkable animals I have seen was this White Tiger. There were two tigers but I only saw one white inside this big cage resembling their original habitat. White tigers are bleached version tigers with their unique pink noses and blue eyes. His/her name is Mohan. Basically, I didn’t know the gender. I spent there for 15-30 minutes staring at this wild creature. At times he would sneak into the edge of the cage and I would think she might be planning her escape. Mohan oftentimes runs and play with the water. Zebras and Giraffes were among the features from Africa. Giraffe’s place was so stinky with their urine everywhere. They look majestic with their long necks. Here Kimbe was showing off her skills in jumping around trees. Tree kangaroos can jump up to 9 meters.


Singapore Zoo Baboon

Singapore Zoo Baboon









From I.R Baboon Cartoon Network episode to showing them personally was a kinda fulfilling experience. I proved to myself that they really had this red butt. Their red butt was calloused for protection while sitting commonly be seen on females.



The Arctic Region

Singapore Zoo Polar Bear

Singapore Zoo Polar Bear








Singapore Zoo IglooSingapore Zoo Igloo

We walked halfway through 28 hectares zoo with roughly 2800 different species of animals and my soles were aching badly. Good thing this Polar bear area where Inuka lives is chilly that I forgot the scorching heat outside. Wolverine could also be seen in this area. I thought wolverine is just a cast from a movie, never in my life, I thought that it was a muscular bear animal until I saw them personally. Wolverine was sleeping so I was not able to take a snap. Mainly we spent the day in this arctic region of the zoo. One of the attraction sights here was the Igloo. I found it cozy to live inside the Igloo. I’ve always wondered how ancient people from Arctic region live inside this insulated capsule looking house. Nevertheless, I would like to try the real one someday 🙂


River Safari and Boat Ride

Singapore Zoo Stingray









It was almost afternoon and we moved our way to continue on our trip to River Safari Mr. Stingray welcomed us with a smile. 🙂


Boat Ride

River SafariRiver Safari






River safari conceptualized this idea from Mississippi River from the world’s largest river covering ten states in North America. We started our Amazon River Quest. Alongside the river were different kinds of flowers and some cute animals. Our boat ride starts with a shock of a sudden drop and water splashes.

River Safari FLamingo








River Safari

Continuing our ride we saw several feathered animals like Flamingo, they are so graceful with their pink feathers and long legs. “Beware of Jaguars”. I thought jaguars were literally in the open area reaching us at any time. So I was about to get nervous. I don’t know the nature of Jaguars I only know that they are among the fierce muscle cat species. Entering the zone was a relief seeing the glass separating us from the jaguar. Luckily, I saw one but was sleeping.



River Safari Panda









River Safari









The best part of my River Safari trip was seeing Pandas for real! I always find them cute and cuddly. If only I could have a panda pet (sobs). Anyway seeing them up close and for real was a moment in my lifetime. One panda was eating, the other sleeping and another one were playing. It was a complete scenery of their everyday routine. Oh, how I wish I could live as a panda. According to a legend, the reason behind the dark pigmentation surrounding their eyes was when Pandas are grieving they totally cry and other friends would hug the grieving panda thus the black fur on their arms.



River Safari






That was my Singapore Zoo and River Safari. Together with my friends, we would give 5 stars for the Panda experience. Ending my journey with a selfie, the only mammal in the zoo who knows how to take a snap. 🙂


By Belle-markz

Travelling is learning something schools and books haven’t taught about. While traveling we meet and converse with different people living in a different culture. I want to support and feature local businesses and tourist destinations starting from my country Philippines and hopefully expanding to international places. As a registered nurse I know I am not limited to the confined spaces in hospitals, but my holistic thinking brought me into writing to make the world connected through my articles and blogs.


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