Singapore: Get Closer to Nature

January 1, 1970

by Beatrice Loh

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and embrace the naturistic side of Singapore.

Have you been to Singapore several times and have visited every famous tourist sightseeing places? Are you looking for a change of scenery and atmosphere? Are you looking for places to escape the hustle and bustle of this concrete jungle? Then you’re in the right article!
Personally, I’m not one who loves crowds and I love being close to nature. I took a few years to properly explore parts of Singapore and found places I really enjoy going to.

As these places are outdoors, here are a few tips for visiting these places.
1. Weather forecast. Check the weather forecast the night before your trip just in case it rains. You wouldn’t want to be caught in a middle of a terrible weather that will ruin your entire day.
2. Wear comfortable clothes — preferably short sleeves/spaghetti strapped (For ladies) and shorts — as the weather in Singapore is humid and the heat can be stifling at times
3. Visit these places during the weekdays or off-peak periods. The early morning or late evening would be a good time as the heat isn’t too unbearable and the majority of the people are at work or school.
4. Bring a bottle of water! This is most important. You wouldn’t want to be dehydrated along the way of your trip.
Now, let’s get started!


Things to do:
– Hike
– Cycle
– Experience the village lifestyle
– Enjoy fresh coconut water after a long hike
Personal experience:
A friend and I spent a night at the airport because it was closer to Pulau Ubin. We wanted to get up early to catch the sunrise there. If you ever decide to sleep at the airport, don’t forget to wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts. Jackets are essential because it was freezing! Fast forward to the next day, we woke up and had a quick breakfast at Macdonald and we took the train from Changi Airport to Tanah Merah station and switched to take a bus to the Ferry Terminal.















It was a weekday and there wasn’t any crowd or queue. We only waited for 20 minutes to board the ferry and the ride was about 10 minutes. You can take your time to see the whole of this island and experience the “kampong” life. This is one of the last few rural areas we have in Singapore. If you look around you, you’d notice they have overhead electric cables instead of underground ones.

Upon arrival, you’ll come across a store that sells fresh coconut water and up ahead, there’s a bicycle rental shop.








This isn’t the first time visiting Pulau Ubin as I have attended school camps that were organized here. Our goal for today was to trek up Puaka Hill. We managed to do it by noon and we could see the rainwater reservoir from there. Surprisingly, the island was really quiet and I barely bumped into anyone along the way. I wouldn’t advise you to trek in the late evening because it gets dark really fast. There aren’t any street lamps in certain parts of this island and it can be dangerous if you get lost alone. But don’t worry, try to go in the early morning when the sun is rising. The cool morning breeze is sure to wake you up!

Drop off at Tanah Merah station
Take bus 9 to Changi Beach CP2
It’s a 5-minute walk from the bus stop to Changi Point Ferry Terminal
Changi Point Ferry Terminal
51 Lor Bekukong, 499172
You will have to go downstairs that terminal and you’ll see an area for you to sit and wait for the ferry to take you to Pulau Ubin
One-way cost: $3 (This was how much I paid in 2016. Not too sure whether there’s any change in price now)








Things to do:
– Fishing
– Picnic
– Jogging
– Cycling
– Water sports (E.g: Dragonboat, canoeing)

Personal experience:
The first time I went there was in the evening. They have tracks for you to jog and cycle. I used to be part of the school’s dragon boat team and we trained at this reservoir every weekend. We were required to be there by 9 am or earlier sometimes. Despite being groggy this early in the morning, I was blessed to see the beautiful sunrise during my commute. You have to take a train then take a bus to reach this place.
As I walk to the training vicinity, I would see small groups of elderly people doing their morning exercises like TaiChi. I’d see a few people with their fishing rods, standing by the reservoir and patiently waiting for fishes to tug at their rods. As I walk, there would be others cycling or jogging past me as well. On days when I’m earlier than the team, I’d sit by the reservoir and watch the sun light up the place. The reflection of the orange sky was eye-awing and it took away all my grogginess. Yeap, I was fully awake now.

Take the North Line (Red line) to Khatib station
When you tap out of the gantry, turn left. You’ll see an overhead bridge. Cross to the opposite bus stop.
39, 85, 117, 851, 852, 853, 853C, 854, 854E, 855, 857, 858, 965, 969
Take any bus of these buses to Yishun Sports Hall (1 stop away)





Things to do:
– Picnic
– Watch performances that are open to the public (They’re free!)
– Jogging/ Trekking
– Flower gazing
Personal experience:

Spent the entire afternoon with my boyfriend at Botanic Gardens and managed to take these beautiful photos. Most of the photos of flowers were taken by him. Credits go to him! ?

Nearest MRT station:
Botanic Gardens (Blue/Yellow line)


Personal experience:
Took a hike up and witnessed the sunset with my friend. We went there mainly for a photo shoot so here are some photos!

Things to do:
– Hike
– Photography
– Witness the sunrise/sunset
– Jogging
– Picnic
Nearest bus stop: Aft Telok Bangah Hts (Stop ID: 14051)
Buses: 124, 131, 145, 175, 273, 408


Things to do:
– Jog
– Photography
– Picnics
– Cycling

Nearest train station: Chinese Garden
Nearest bus stop: Chinese Garden Stn
Stop ID: 28341
Buses: 180, 335

Beatrice Loh

By Beatrice Loh

20-year old college student Major in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Singapore and an aspiring journalist.


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