Singapore: Free trip by Transit Ticket

January 1, 1970

by Citra Adriana Gerungan


Hello guys,,,I’m Citra from Indonesia. I want to share some of my traveling story. May it will be useful for you.

Planning the trip

I start my first traveling abroad by going to Singapore and Phuket. My and my 2 officemates are planning this trip for 4 months ago. We start saving money, hunting ticket, hunting hotel, see what places we have to go and transportation. First we booked flight from Jakarta to Phuket and Phuket Jakarta. cost about:

Jakarta to Phuket (via Singapore) — IDR 550,000 or USD 42.30 by Tiger Air

Phuket to Jakarta (via Singapore) — IDR 850,000 or USD 65.38 by Tiger Air

Very cheap flight because we get promo ticket with no baggage. Every flight has 1 night layover in Singapore. So we get 2 days holiday in Singapore. We take it as a part of our journey (at least we can visit Singapore for free). Instead of searching a hotel or hostel for one night me and girls agree that we will sleep at the airport. Because our flight to Phuket will be 8 am the next day. So avoid late or rushing to the next flight, we will have a sleep with many people from all around the world at airport.

H-Day. Day 1 – Singapore

And the day has come. Me, Maria and Marisa meet at the Soekarno Hatta International Airport Jakarta Terminal 2 at 9 am. Our flight is at 11.50 am. We hold our passport and ticket and get inside the queue for check in. After check in, we go to second floor for immigration validity and we found a very long queue also. In Jakarta traffic are everywhere. Not only in the street but you will find traffic in airport, restaurant, cinema, gas station, and many place (frustrating). We start worry we will getting late because it may take 30 minutes until our turn comes to get stamp from officer. And finally the our turn has come. Immigration officer finally give their holy stamp to our passport which mean we can go outside Indonesia..yeayyy…cant’t be more happy than this. But wait we still have 1 more obstacle. Boarding queue..whoaaaa,,,very long. And I’m sure I still in Jakarta. Hahaha. Officer try to check what’s inside the bag that will be bring into cabin. That’s what make it very loooooooonggg. Thank God me and the girls don’t bring something liquid or  other weird stuff so we can easily pass the final check. After that we run to the gate. When we arrive at the gate, our airplane arrives. Fiuuh…happy we can catch it. Passengers get into the plane very quick and finally we get into our seat. Three girls and their three backpack are fit in the cabin. We take selfie before we switch our phone off. The flight attendant are doing the flight safety demo as usual, we put on the seatbelt and the plane take off.


All about Changi International Airport Singapore

1 hour later about 02.45 pm we arrive at Changi International Airport Singapore. The best airport I’ve ever seen. Very cozy, luxury and modern. I think I can stay for a week in this airport. Haha. With 24 hour free wifi, hot water, thousand stores, massage seat, cozy sleep seat, and seeing people from around the world. Very friendly airport for the backpacker like me and my friends. You can see what’s inside the Changi by click here.

After we reach Singapore, we save our bags at Terminal 1, Departure  Transit Lounge, Level 2, Basement 2, Public Area. 1 bag cost about $ 5. If you drop by group the they will count it as together and get discount. After that we can  walk arround Singapore with no baggage. Changi Airport has free city tour for passangers who have more than 7 hours transit. It sounds good, we can go arround the Singapore for free, but they have schedule and we are late to catch the last city tour. So we decide to go arround Singapore until night.

the best airport in the world. Changi Airport

Transportation – MRT

First we go to MRT Station at Changi, we buy EZ-Link card (EZ-Link is the official transportation card that use in Singapore) and deposit about $20 for our transportation expense. You also can buy Singapore Tourist Pass (STP) for 1 day pass for $10, 2 day pass for $16, and three day pass for $20 but you have to deposit $10. And many benefits that STP can give you. you can check by click this. When you get back the card to the MRT officer you will get your $10 deposit. STP will give you free MRT, LRT, and bus for thousand times in Singapore. Very affordable for tourist. Because we only have 1 day in Singapore so we buy EZ-Link Card. We get inside the Mass Rapid Transportation (MRT) and get surprise because their MRT is so much much much better than train in Jakarta. Very clean, safe, and comfort. The rule is never ever eat in the public transportation. You will get charged. First stop is in the Esplanade to see the greatest Merlion statue and walk arround Clark Quay and Esplanade.

Best Spot – Merlion

So we walk for about 20 minutes (including selfies) to reach Merlion. So many tourist and people over there to take pictures or having coffee at the cafe arround. Very lovely afternoon. No Doubt this city is very modern and clean. Seeing the beautiful and luxurious Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Art Science Museum (The building with unique style like big flower), Singapore Flyer, and many more. We are so mesmerized. Then when the night comes, we see dancing lights comes from Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Really beautiful and we also can see the light from Garden by The Bay and Singapore Flyer. So fascinating. No doubt this is the most expensive city of all the world. They can build their infrastructure by the income they got. After seeing the lights we become hungry, we searching street food close with Merlion and Esplanade so will make it easy to get MRT. then we find  Makansutra Gluttons Bay.

infront of Marina Bay Sands Hotel

MRT Station in Somerset


Singapore Flyer

Happy in front of Merlion

Maria and the food at Makansutra Glottons Bay

Happy girls in front of Marina Bay Sands

Amazing night in SIngapore


You can find many asian food over there. The food price cost about $5 to $10. We buy Sate and lime for dinner. We all very hungry that time. So we are more than enjoy our food. After having dinner, we continue our journey back to Changi for sleep. We buy snacks and noodle for our meals in Changi because everything in Changi are expensive. In our trip back to the Airport we get the last MRT which is almost empty.

Almost empty MRT back to Changi for sleep

Sleep in Changi

After reach Changi, we take our bag and go to the toilet for clean our body and change. After change we check in, then go to the terminal 2 for sleep. Changi has sleep center in terminal 1 and 2. In terminal 2 it close with gate 11. If you late this place will be very full, so you have to keep you eyes seeing which seat is empty. But dont worry Changi has many spot for sleep. you can sleep at the carpet or desk. Not so comfort at least you save some penny for hotel. You can get free wifi for every 2 hours by scan your boarding pass at the monitor close with customer service. They have veryyyyyyyyyyy fast internet connection. So we use this chance to share our Singapore Photos. Then me and girls go for massage and having tea that we buy outside. After massage we back to the couch for  sleep peacefully and waiting our morning flight to Paradise. About 4 am the many police complete with their weapon to do security check. They check our ticket and passport. I heard that passagers can’t sleep at changi if they have afternoon flight in the next day (still have more time before flight). Because my flight is in the morning so they allow me to stay. We continue sleep and wake up at 5 to get ready. And Phuket day is finally arrive. At 6am go to waiting room and see our plane is park in front of us. We are so exciting. See yaa again Singapore. We will come again to explore Garden by the Bay, Little India, and Orchard Road. wait my next trip…

Waiting our ride to bring us to the paradise

Citra Adriana Gerungan

By Citra Adriana Gerungan

Travel is not always for rich people. travel is not all about money, but about desire and hobby. The more you Travel, the more you get. Even it knowledge, friends, new place, idea, and experience


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