Shopping in Frankfurt am Main

January 13, 2020

by Jasmina Zaborski

Frankfurt am Main is an elegant mix of old and new. It’s one of the cities in Germany I always like to come back to since it’s never dull, there is always something going on. This time it was a business trip that gave me a chance to explore Frankfurt for two weeks during winter. I was lucky that the timing was ideal to enjoy Carnival events in and around the city. However, the chilly winds of February made most of the sightseeing an arduous pastime so I spent a substantial amount of my free time either in Frankfurt’s numerous engaging museums or bargain hunting. The timing was perfect for that as well since I was just in time for excellent winter discounts.

Here is a list of destinations in Frankfurt am Main that shouldn’t be overlooked if you’re in need of some retail therapy.



The most obvious destination that comes to mind when one thinks about shopping in Frankfurt is definitely the busy Zeil street. The part between the underground stops Hauptwache in the west and Konstablerwache in the east is a wide pedestrian zone brimming with shops and stores of all kinds like Primark, Zara, Peek & Cloppenburg and Pimkie, to name some. Shoe lovers can head to Deichmann, Görz and Salamander among others.

In the immediate proximity to Konstablerwache, there is also an open-air market selling fresh produce on Thursdays and Saturdays. Furthermore, if you cross the street and continue to the east, you’ll come upon a few more budget-friendly shops like Kik, as well as numerous reasonably priced restaurants. When your shopping bags get full and your stomach empty, do come by. What awaits you is a wide selection of different cuisines (e.g. Turkish or Thai) competing to indulge your taste buds.


Zeil is also home to a few larger shopping establishments and among them, MyZeil is beyond any doubt the most unique. Even if you don’t intend to buy anything, do enter and take a ride on the longest unsupported escalator in Europe and enjoy the ever-changing view on the architecturally exceptional interior.
If you do wish to go on a shopping spree, then expect to come across Bershka, Gant or Adidas.

Galeria (Karstadt, Kaufhof)

Karstadt is a department store that can also be found on the Zeil street, not very far from MyZeil. If you don’t mind paying through the nose for a high-end handbag, then the ground floor is your destination. If it’s the opposite, you can always hope for discounts – there were some excellent deals when I visited. On the other floors, you can also find clothing, shoes, toys, sporting goods, houseware… Finally, if you are hungry, head to the restaurant on the top of the building and check out their rich offer of food and drinks. On workdays, there are special lunch offers from 11 to 15.

The other department store on the Zeil from the Galeria family is Kaufhof. It is quite similar to Karstadt and can be found at the Hauptwache. From its top floor restaurant terrace it offers a great view on the city so bring your camera with you.


Skyline Plaza

My favourite shopping destination was definitely the Skyline Plaza near the Frankfurt Trade Fair (Messe). It was my last day in Frankfurt and I had already done tons of window shopping and had also bought a few things so I didn’t think I would buy much more then. But do you know that feeling when a day is just right for that shop till you drop situation? You enter a store and without too much hassle you actually stumble upon some pieces that you like – for an appealing price; you don’t mind visiting the dressing room for the zillionth time to try on just another pair of jeans that caught your eye (leaving my winter jacket in a locker helped tremendously with that); finally, you really find yourself in pieces that fit you and look good on you. The aftermath of my Skyline Plaza afternoon: a jacket, a bag full of shirts, trousers, a handbag, 2 pairs of shoes, and a realisation: there is no way I can fit this into my suitcase!
Some of the stores you can expect to find in this mall are Pimkie, Desigual, Colloseum, CCC, Mango, Orsay and many others. Due to the fact that shopping can be quite an exhausting venture, you can grab a bite in one of the many restaurants that can be found there. Other options are to visit the Skyline Garden and enjoy the magnificent views of the Frankfurt skyline from its terraces or recuperate in the MeridianSpa spread out over the 3rd and 4th floors.


This and that


When it comes to the type of shops I enjoy browsing through even if I don’t have any intention of buying anything, that would definitely be the home accessories shops. In Frankfurt (near the Zeil) I chanced upon the Butlers and immediately fell in love with its inspiring assortment: from glasses and cutlery to candles, lamps and numerous other practical and decorative knick-knacks.


Teddy Paradies

I had visited this one-of-a-kind shop on Römerberg Square a few years earlier out of mere curiosity. In the meantime, I had become an aunt so this time I popped in to find a cute present for my nephew.
As the name suggests, paying a visit to this gem takes you to a teddy bear collector’s paradise: big or small, stuffed or not, toys, souvenirs or collectables – bears are all over the place. However, many of the specimens are quite pricey but, whether you plan to buy a teddy or not, it pays to come in and look around. It’s definitely something out of the ordinary.


Other places worth visiting

Goethestraße: luxury labels and top designer brands

Malls: Hessen Center, Nordwestzentrum

Flea markets: at the Sachsenhausen riverbank and the Osthafen (alternating every two weeks)

Kleinmarkthalle: indoor market hall and a culinary paradise

Hauptbahnhof: a little bit of everything

Unique / unusual / designer: Brückenstraße, Berger Straße

Jasmina Zaborski

By Jasmina Zaborski

On a regular day I am an English and German teacher that doesn't appreciate getting up early and is sometimes overwhelmed with paperwork. To regain my energy, I love to cuddle up with my cats under a comfy blanket and enjoy a good movie or a tv show. At the same time I am always in search of new experiences and destinations to visit. At times I tend to sit for hours in front of the computer, fine tuning the itinerary of our next adventure for our experience to be the perfect balance of authenticity and affordability. My most faithful travel companion is my boyfriend. Starting from our beautiful Croatia, together we have explored much of Europe, set foot on Asian and African soil, and are determined to reach the other continents as well.


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