Sharr Mountain – The place for those who live for winter sports

This winter we are going to Serbia. This country has amazing nature and a lot of beautiful places to visit. Many people come to Serbia to see her beauty and go home with many memories and stories about their Serbian adventures. Many of them are from the mountains, especially in winter, because winter is the best season if you want to explore the mountains and if you love winter sports. In this story, we are going to the south of Serbia, in one of five National parks. In the next parts of the story, you can read about Sharr Mountain – the most beautiful mountain in Serbia, and heaven for skiing lovers – Ski Center Brezovica.

Cable car Big meadow

What Sharr Moutain Has?

Sharr Mountain is a mountain located on the border of Serbia, the Republic of Macedonia and Albania. It is also known for its other names: Skardus, Imperial Mountain and Monte Argentario dating back to the Middle Ages. According to its basic morphotectonic characteristics, it belongs to the Dinarides. The width of this mountain ranges from 20 to 25 km, thus it can be assumed that the surface of the Sharr alpine area covers over 1,600 km². Above the spacious mountain ridge (average altitudes of 2,300 m), with numerous peaks and presets. Sharr Mountain is something so magnificent that at one glance you can admire the magical masterpiece of nature while you are feeling great awe before you take a breath for a moment. The Mountain is fearless and, above all, proud because she is ancient and will always stand where it is now. Snowy and warm at the same moment, strong and fragile on the same day. It’s defiant, but she’s never humble. This is where freedom in its original form lives, which found refuge in the wings of a raw eagle and the rapid extremities of fearless lynx.

Shtrpce lake on Sharr Mountain

Its name is obtained by color, by a large number of plant species that grow on it. There are almost 2000 of them, which makes about half of the total Serbian flora and about 15% of European. Shar-mountain is located in the far south of the Republic of Serbia, in Kosovo. It extends along the border with Macedonia, from Lepence in the east to the Albanian border in the west, from the source of the Vardar in the south to the Prizren Basin in the north. The Shar-mountain National Park was established in 1986 and covers an area of 39,000 hectares and it is the highest national park in Serbia. It covers the municipalities of Kacanik, Ferizaj, Prizren, Shtrpce, and Suhareka Below the very ridge, Sharr Mountain lies numerous cirques, in which many beautiful glacial lakes, also known as the Mountain Eyes, are located, while under the cirques there are formed deep-valley valleys, which most often represent the sources of many rivers.  

Ski Center Brezovica

For those who enjoy winter sports, Sharr Mountain is known because of the Ski Center Brezovica, which is located on the northwest side of the mountain, in Serbia. Its remarkably alpine nature and high-mountain atmosphere reminds the immediate surroundings of Brezovica to the most famous European tourist centers. This is why the winter Shar Mountain is a paradise for lovers of winter sports. This is the place where your adrenaline will jump to a certain extent due to the ultimate ski trails and you can easily afford it. In 1954, the beauty of Shar-mountain was transformed into ski tracks by the establishment of a tourist company “Shar Mountain”, which was an invitation for the successful development of tourism in Brezovica until 1999. At that time, this mountain was a favorite destination of European passionate athletes and people eager to rest. In addition to the divine look, clean air, and magical landscapes, the ski center also provided excellent service and good prices that have been bait to tourists to return. The complicated political situation that affected this region had a greater negative impact on the functioning of the ski resort. However, although they prevented tourism development, hostilities did not completely close this ski center. In 2008, the name of the ski resort “Shar-Mountain” was changed to “Ski Center Brezovica”. Ski Center Brezovica organized two European championships in Alpine skiing, nine national championships in the days of the glorious past, and every year (until 1999) a downhill race and indescribable championship called “Inex Ski Cup” is planned. Unfortunately, this fairy tale does not end with the famous ones stereotype “I live happily for the rest of my life …”, given the fact that since 1999, the ski center has been halfway away. But the political situation did not prevent lovers in this beauty from initiating the reconstruction of the ski resort. On the contrary, the mountain merges people and does not ask for nationality. In recent years, the conditions for dealing with winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, have been significantly improved. The superb paths that are parading the tracks of the famous ski resorts have not changed anything.

Ski Center Brezovica

Years of rest are now beyond Shar Mountain, finally, the ski resort is progressing with modernization. Today Ski Center has two car cable – Big meadow and Lions door, and one Ski lift named Ba?ilo. All of them are extreme and exciting.

Where to sleep and eat?

If you want to visit this amazing place, you can sleep in the village of Shtrpce which is 12 km near to the mountain.
But, if you want to feel the real atmosphere of the mountain, you can sleep in Brezovica. Hotel Molika is the best choice because of the location which is on the trail. If we talk about food you must to try the pizza and hot chocolate in pizzeria Tina which is near the hotel.

Window wiew in Hotel Molika

This Ski Center is cheaper than other centers in Serbia, so if you want to enjoy but save money Sharr Mountain and Ski Center Brezovica are the best choice for you. Snow is keeping over 280 days so we can say that here winter never ends.  

Tijana Sibinovic

I am 23 years old girl from Serbia, born near Shar Mountain in Kosovo and Metohia, but in love with the sea. I am a student of journalism and communicology at Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade. I also work as a tour guide at Go2Max tourist agency. Travel is my passion but I often use a quote of Shinji Moon to describe my life: “You will fall in love with train riders, but sooner or later you will realize that nowhere seems like home anymore.”