Sevnica, Slovenia: what to do and where to stay in a small town

September 27, 2019

by Tjaša Rupar

Sometimes we crave losing ourselves in a city, but other times we need the quiet in the countryside. If you wish to experience a little bit of both in the same spot, I might just have a solution for you. The town I have spent my childhood in offers both of that.

Sevnica is a town as well as the 12th biggest municipality in Slovenia. While the municipality counts around 17 000 people, the town only consists of around 5000. It is situated by the longest river in Slovenia; Sava.

Small cottage in the forest

What to do in Sevnica

Visit the castle

If you are interested in history and you believe smaller towns cannot satisfy this need of yours, Sevnica will prove you wrong. In a village next to it, there is evidence, that this area had habitants already in prehistoric times. Starting off with Celts and continuing with Romans later on, there are archaeological finds you can take a look at, for example, “Ajdovski gradec”. In case you are more interested in the Middle Age, you should visit the castle of Sevnica. Not only is it a majestic fortress that offers an incredible view, a coffee shop and an amazing place to take some photos, but its walls also offer amazing stories. Certain rooms, for example, have ceiling frescos dating back to the baroque. Nowadays the castle offers movies about Sevnica, a baroque salon, a wedding hall, historical collections, a chapel, a puppet theatre, art exhibitions, a vineyard, etc. In the castle park, there are also energy spots for those interested in spirituality. A stroll through the old part of the town below the castle is a dream for anyone interested in the remains of small towns from the Middle Age.

Visit Sveti Rok or Lisca

One of my favorite things about this town is that more or less, you can walk anywhere. Even though the town has spread very much in recent years, it is still manageable on foot.  Not only is the traffic not too bad so the walking by the road is still pleasant, but there is also a path made by the river that you can choose if you want to walk by the water (and meet a bunch of adorable dogs that people take on walks there). If you are interested in a short hike, you can always access the castle on foot or you can visit a church called “Sveti Rok”. It can serve as a great picnic spot or just a place to see the overview of town from. For those that wish to explore more, I suggest a hill called “Lisca”. The walk is longer, but this hill offers the biggest view on the area and what’s even better – on top of it, there is a cottage that serves food and drinks. I have yet to try them, but I’ve heard the pancakes there are delicious! If you are more into cycling, the area around Sevnica is great for that as well as there are many less busy roads (and even the main ones aren’t too flooded). In the summertime, you can refresh your spirit in the town pool, and if you absolutely need to stay on track with your workouts, this town has got you covered. Despite its smallness, it offers two gyms: Studio Vitaja, a female gym in the heart of the town, and Kings Gym, that is for men and women and is open all the time. Literally, 24/7. Take that, excuses!

Visit Kruhek for morning coffee and Rondo for lunch

Even though the size of the town excludes intense nightlife, there are still some fun activities you can participate in. There are many coffee places that can also serve as bars in the night time (two most popular are Central’s and Nula nula, but for morning coffee I would recommend a coffee shop called Kruhek). For food, I would highly recommend a restaurant called Rondo; just about everything I have ever eaten there was good, but Plus is also great if you are in the older part of town. Sometimes, there are shows held or movies played in a hall next to the fire station; this hall is beautiful and major municipal events are held there. If there are none while you are in town, you can also go bowling. If you can, you should plan your trip here in the warmer months. There are summer concerts, a festival called Kitajirada that celebrates rock music, a party intended for youth called Vejžde žur, a wine festival called Modra Frankinja, events in celebration of the making of salami (yes, you heard right, it is called Salamijada) and so on.

Picutre of taxi

Transport and where to stay

There are buses that will take you from one area to another, but you should definitely check the schedule because they do not run every 5 minutes. You could always rent a car or grab a taxi because they are not too expensive, but if you are mainly staying in the town of Sevnica, I think you are alright just using your foot and a bus here and there. To get to the town, I recommend the train; the station is right in the city center and will take you in any direction you desire. In terms of accommodation, if you want a hotel your best bet is Hotel Ajdovec, which also has an amazing location. Other than that the town offers some apartments, country houses, and tourist farms, depending on your preference. Either way, the prices are budget-friendly.

If you want lots of excitement and partying, then Sevnica is not the right place for you, but if you are looking to relax, see lots of nature while still living in an urban area with reasonable prices and everything you could ever need, then I recommend you give this treasure a chance. It presents a great way to destress and reconnect with yourself, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine while looking down on the town from the castle fortress.

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