Sekumpul - Bali´s hidden Waterfall

June 27, 2016

by Sandra

Bali an island located in the middle of Indonesia, is lucky to have a big number of amazing waterfalls. While most Tourist visit the easy to access and way overcrowded waterfalls like Gitgit, they are definitely missing out on one of the best waterfalls. The quite hard access (in western- and lazy tour guides eyes) keeps this places mostly in there natural beauty. Far of the beaten Track you find one of the biggest and most beautiful Waterfalls Singarajas.

Imagen a stunning journey to reach one of Bali’s Haven on the Island of Gods.


The Journey:

The Journey it self its worth an experience. Waiting for you are amazing views, cute little villages and never ending smiling locals with there kids waving or happily welcoming you to there village. On my first trip to Sekumpul we stopped many times on the side of the road to enjoy the ‘original’ Bali.


How to get there

My first experience was going with a small group of people in a hired car, after we got the Hint from a local woman in Lovina. Being a Western woman driving the car while a local peacefully sleeps next to you is in a area like that surely a big gossip topic. Why you not try to get famous yourself 😉 But be careful if you are good driver in Asia you should definitely give it a go and explore that places like that yourself (Please only drive a car or a motorbike if you know what you are doing. Driving in Bali is NOT the same like driving in first world countries. It is also definitely NOT the place to learn how to drive! If you don’t know what you are doing you could easily get a free Bali Tattoo, injure yourself or others or even kill somebody)

– The way from Pura Ulun Danu Beratan:

Pura Ulun Danu Beratan (Jl. Raya Candi Kuning, Desa Candikuning, Kec. Baturiti, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia)

Follow the street up north to Lovina/ Singaraja. Up the hill, at the T-junction go straight (right)

At the 2nd T-junction turn right again, at the 3ed T-junction turn left and follow the main street until Sekumpul ( Singaraja, Kecamatan Buleleng, Bali, Indonesia)


From the parking Lot to the Waterfall:

Now the hart part starts. You definitely have to own the right to see this place.

ConditionsPart 1 WARMING UP:

What is waiting for you, is a little exercise. You will start with an trek, going up and down through the jungle (It is a small way in perfect conditions).

On the way to the waterfall you fallow from time to time a little river. You also can see rice fields, Coffee- and Kakao trees and other plans. Along the first part of the way there are a few little Warungs (shops) where you can get refreshments, delicious food or simply just have a chat with the locals.

Then you will see Sekumpul and his twin falls for the first time. Your first pay off. You might want to take a rest there and enjoy the view for a while.

Part 2 – THE STEPS:Stairs

The way down is a never-ending stairway (I am not to sure how many steps there are, people say around 320 to 400 steps) down to the waterfall. Take your time to master them, the way down itself exposes incredible views.


Don´t panic just yet, the way back won’t be as many stairs as it is a round way up the hill. In the end you will pass the small Warungs from Part 1 again where you can get yourself some refreshments. So you not just make your self happy you also support small local businesses. If you too tired to walk all the way back, there is also the solution to take the transport offering from some young locals half way up the hill.

Twinn Falls MeMonkeyRainbowsRainbowTwinn Falls




Congratulations you made it to the bottom of the stairs! After you crossed a bright you can decide if you would like to go fist to see the main waterfall or rather get a dip in one of the other 7 Waterfalls.

To the left: – Breath taking ViewsTwin Fall from the Bottom

Still full of energy? Good then you should go straight to the main waterfall. Shortly after you turned to the left at the T-junction there is a fresh water spring. You might want to refill your water bottels. Before you can see all of it you need to cross over a river. Just take your shoes off and cross it carefully.

And there you are, at the bottom of the waterfall you worked so hard to reach.

Now you will get wet! At the biggest one you will definitely end up dripping even if you are not allowed to go swimming. The water is splashing all over that place, showing there visitors the best side of Bali. It is truly magical. Imagine a nice summer rain surrounded by rainbows while watching an incredible beautiful creation of mother earth. It truly is breath taking.



To the right: – Take a shower underneath a natural showerNatural Shower

The way to the other waterfalls it a bit more challaging. You will make a few watercrossings as well as climb over the one or other rock. To reach this one you have to follow the track for around 20 minutes. Just take all the time you need and dont rush. Some of the rocks are really slippy, you want to get sure that you dont have an accident in a remote area like this one.

You will only be allowed to swim at the last Waterfalls. It is definitely worth it to take a dip into the refreshing waterhole or even take a shower under the Waterfall. If you more into adventure, why not try to go up the little cave/ rock and risk a jump? Don’t be afraid of it, where you will be jumping is only sand at the ground.



Being prepeard:

Through the raff conditions to enter all of the waterfalls it is recommended to get prepared beforehand:

What to take:

  • Closed shoes (yes you have to master the way along the river through water and rocks)

  • Swimming Suit

  • Sunblock

    Even it is in the middle of the Jungle don’t forget to protect your self from the sun. Make sure that every day of your Journey is an amazing one.

  • Spare Close

    It doesn’t matter if you go swimming or not you will get wet.

  • Sarong (Towel)

    Honestly, you are in Bali you need it for everything. You might just want to have one with you at any time.

  • Camera

    A must take! Not just for the Waterfalls, you can also see real alive Luwaks (the cats witch eat the coffee beans and poo them out to make the most expensive coffee in the world). Catch your memory’s so they can make a smile in your face every time you watching your photos.

What you don’t need: ->Sorry for all the guides out there trying to get a costumer but you just simply don’t need one. Like everywhere in Bali also at one of the remoter places people will try to make money of you. Be aware at any time! If you would like to get more Information about this area, there Story or anything else Interesting about it witch I guide could tell you then you should defiantly get one.

But if you only want to see the place you can easily explore it yourself. The way is clear and save to walk on. There are enough signs so you wont get lost. Rather save your money and allow yourself a nice Luwak Coffee at one of the Warungs (little shops) down the road.



By Sandra

My name is Sandra and when I was 19 years old I decided to leave my nest in Germany and explore the world. With nearly no knowing about English or the Country I packed my Backpack and left on a 3 month journey to Australia. The problem was my ´Plan´never worked out. Instead of 3 month I lived and travelled all around Australia for 3 Years. That´s how my journey started. Bitten by the travel bug I also explored most of South-East Asia. Ever since I was a little kid Asia was fascinating me. Not ready to go back to the ´real´ life I decided to settle down in Indonesia. It wasn’t a hard decision to leave the western world. A country with the most friendly people, an never ending summer and amazing lifestyle is my personal haven on earth.


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