Santiago, Chile: The city from Southamerica between the mountains

The first post that I wanna write is about my beautiful city in the longest country of the world: Santiago, Chile.

Where is Chile?

I have heard this question so many times in Australia, where im living in this moment. “Southamerica, close to Argentina” I always answer.  And then the people said “ahhh, i know Argentina”. So, then im ask to myself…why the people doesnt know Chile? Chile has a lot of beautiful places that the world should know, and one of those is the capital, Santiago. Where is Chile?

What can you do in Santiago? 

Santiago, in the middle of the country, is a big and beautiful city between mountains that made it unique. Is a big city with a lot of activities to do during the day and night. You can start your day in the center. Take the “Metro” and go down in “Plaza de Armas station”. You will see a lot of old buildings with differents places to visit: The Cathedral, the main Post Office, the Historic Museum and more. You can walk by the peatonal Street called “Paseo Ahumada” with many small stores, cafes and differents places to eat until arrive in one of the biggest avenues in the city: “Libertador Bernardo Ohiggins” or known as “La Alameda”. If you walk for the right, you will see a big flag in the air. Follow that and you will arrive to the house of Government called “La Moneda”, typical place to take photos. Plaza de Armas After that you should come back and walk through la Alameda until arrive to “Cerro Santa lucía”(Santa Lucía hill). A beautiful “small mountain”, hystorical military place. You can walk around and see the city from another point of view. In the top, you should try a typical chileand drink called “mote con huesillo”, its really refresh, specially if the day is hot. Cerro Santa Lucía In the front of this place, you will see a fair with craft and typical products, ideal if you wanna buy some travel’s memories. Close to this places there are another area called “Barrio Lastarria”. You can find many restaurant and cafes and some design stores. The people said is a hípster area, maybe it is, but is really good. During the weekend, people sell some products on the Street. I will recomend go to a place called BUFFALOS WAFFLES. You will find the BEST waffles in the world ¡!! Delicious and really big!. Waffles

Night and drinks in Santiago.

If you are a party person, Santiago has a lot of áreas where you can go. The most typical area is known as “Barrio Bellavista”. You will find a lot of restaurant and pubs with all types of prices. There are some fancys places really expensive, another places with craft beer and good food with medium prices, and others really really cheap where you can buy a big “jarra” of beer of 2.5lts. Very convenient 😉 After you drink a few drinks you can walk around and you will find some places to dance. You can find places with reggaetón, electronic music, reggae music, etc. Dont worry, there are places for all types of people 😉 Another area that you can find good places to drink is in Providencia. Close to subway Manuel Montt is the Street with the same name. You will find a lot of pubs with many people. My favorites: Ramblas, Teclados and Barbazul (this bar is very famous, there are many in all Santiago). In same area, Providencia, there are another good Street with many bars called “Orrego Luco”. One place that i really recommend is “Subterraneo”. All weeks you can find a live band playing music. Very good. After that a dj start to play and you can dance. Another place that all people, that go for first time to Santiago, should go is “La Piojera”. This is a typical bar in a very popular area where you will see a lot of old man drunk. Sometimes they will offer you buy a drink for you. It is very funny. This place is very popular and known for sell the best “Terremotos” (eartqueake) of the city. Are you wondering: What it is a “Terremoto”? Is a typical chilean drink made with Pipeño wine, pineapple ice cream, fernet and granadine (this is optional, but i recommend with that because make more sweet the drink). With 1 terremoto you will feel a Little bit dizy, with 2 terremotos you will feel drunk…If you drink a 3rd one, you will no remember more hahaha La Piojera Terremoto

Do you wanna have a panoramic view of the city?

You should go to Cerro San Cristóbal (San Cristobal Hill). It is a big mountain where you can go up by walking, bycicle, car or cableway (funicular). You will see a lot of people doing sports, picnic, taking pictures, etc. I really recommend go by walking. You dont need to hurry up. You will find good places to stop, take pictures, buy some wáter or even food. There are some áreas with pools and grass to lying on. View from San Cristobal Hill On the top of the “Cerro” you will find a White statue of Virgin Mary. This statue you will see from many points of the city, even at night because there are lights that make it luminous. There are big stairs where you can take a rest and see around. Also, on the top, you will see a panoramic view of Santiago . You must take some pictures here. The view of all the mountains around is amazing. My Friends at The Virgin **The best view from here is after a raining day, because is not so many smog in the air. ***Many people go up at night time. Please be carefully, try to not go with expensive stuffs. There are bad guys around looking for tourist people to stole cellphone and cameras. Another place to have a good view of the capital is a kind of new building called “Costanera”. In this building you will find a big shopping mall in the early levels, and in the floor number 61 and 62 you will see “The Sky Costanera” where just for 10 dollars you can have a beautiful panoramic view of Santiago. Costanera Sky Costanera  

Other things to do/visit in Santiago:

Mercado Central. Im not a sea food girl, but if you like it, this is the place you should go. You can buy for your house and also there are some restaurant you can try the food. Mercado CentralParque Bicentenario (Bicentenario Park). At Vitacura area. Big park, very beautiful to do a picnic. – Try a typical food called “Chorrillana”. Its delicious (fries, onion, meet, eggs). You will find in many restaurants and pubs, don't worry 😉 Chorrillana – Go to “Cajón del Maipo”. Good for a day trip. Feel the nature. There are some trekking if you like to do it. – Do a wine tour. I did the Santa Rita tour and its very good and not expensive. You can try some types of wines and learn a little bit about the process to do wine. (There are a lot of others companies with tours. Im just recommending this because I went). Wine Tour – Go to “Viña del mar and Valparaíso” . Just 1and a half hour from Santiago. Very beautiful places, you will not regret.Valparaíso -If you like music, Lollapalooza is happening every year around March-April in Santiago. Very good and big concert with many local and international bands.

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