San Juan La Union: Surfing Capital Of The Northern Philippines

Surfing is one of the water sports that anyone can try even without experience. There are a lot of surfing spots in the Philippines and one of them is in San Juan La Union. San Juan La Union is considered as the Surfing Capital of the Northern Philippines. It is one of the perfect getaways for surfing enthusiast and also the best place to relax and feel the good vibes. San Juan La Union is on the west part of La Union Province and it's also a second class municipality in the province of La Union.  

How To Get There

Philippine buses Going to San Juan is so easy as it's just one ride away from Manila. Travel time could take up to 6 to 7 hours depending on the traffic. The travel period in San Juan will be lessened if you will pass through TPLEX or the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway. Partas Transportation Company Incorporated that is located in Cubao, Quezon City is one of the main buses that pass through Urbiztondo in San Juan La Union. You can even ask the conductor of the said bus to drop you off at the exact location of the resort or accommodation you’re going into.  

What To Do:



Surfing at La Union One of the main reasons why people go here is to surf. La Union has waves that can reach 8 to 10ft on a good swell. The best month to go here is from May to March as the good waves last up to 10 months. Waves become consistent in the month of October until March that will peak in December and January and it attract tourist and surfers around the world. Renting a surfboard will cost you PHP 200 or $4 to $5 for an hour and if you are a beginner, there are a lot of surfing instructor in San Juan that you will also pay for the same price and it will be PHP 200 or $8 to $10 for the whole package. The surfing instructors will really teach you the basics so that beginners can surf even if it's their first time.  

Watching the Sunset

Sunset at San Juan La Union The place San Juan La Union is located in the east part of the Philippines and is a perfect spot to watch the sunset. Don’t forget to bring your camera and take a photo or a video as you will be mesmerized by the sunset

Hike and Cliff Tangadan Falls

An optional place that people can go is by going at Tangadan Falls at San Gabriel La Union. San Gabriel is just one jeepney ride away from San Juan. Once you reach San Gabriel, head up to the Municipal Hall and go to the Tourism office and they will be the one who will give you guide going to Tangadan falls. There are two ways to go there, first is to hike for about an hour or more and secondly if you have your own private vehicle, you can drive together with the guide at the nearest place to get to Tangadan falls. Tangadan falls is a beautiful falls at La Union that has a height of 30ft that anyone can jump on. But make sure that you know how to swim as the water is really deep

Chat with friendly locals

Locals at San Juan La Union are really friendly. Just chat with them and you will be able to converse a lot of topics. A lot of locals will also ask if you want to learn to surf as they are willing to coach you but of course there will be a fee.

Eat and get stuffed

Traveling to San Juan La Union will not be completed without eating at their eateries and restaurants.  

Where to Eat:

There are a lot of good eateries and restaurants at San Juan La Union. Their food is really delicious and scrumptious. Some of the foods that they serve are rich in proteins so that surfers can easily recover from sore muscles.


Sandbar restaurant A food shack with meaty foods and serves the famous Ilocos Longaniza.

Flotsam & Jetsam

Flotsam and Jetsam hostel kitchen It is also known as a Hostel in San Juan La Union but they also serve delicious foods that include Pizza. Don’t forget to try their mouthwatering Stone Oven Baked Barlic Pizza which is made up of cheese, bacon, and garlic.

El Union Coffee

Coffee shop This is a place for the caffeine addicts out there and also who loves hanging out at Starbucks. This is a place like the giant coffee shops in the Philippines which mainly serve coffee with different flavors. They even serve sandwiches and desserts. Try their Dirty Horchata, Smore’s Dip and Grilled Cheese sandwich. And don’t forget to enjoy the chill vibes that this place has to offer.

Mad Monkeys

Burget joint One of the biggest protein supplier at San Juan La Union. Mad Monkeys serve a burger that has a large beef patty on it. The Burger includes Belgian fries or onion rings. Eating their one burger meal will really make you full. Make sure to try their 200 gm burger that has a secret cheddar beer sauce.  

Where To Stay:

Almost every buildings and house that you will see near the beach is for accommodations. There are a lot of people going here especially on the month with good waves and that is the reason why people will have a lot of choices in choosing an Accommodation. Anyone can view their website to contact these accommodations or sign up through Agoda and find discounts. Some accommodations also offer surfing lessons. Here are the list of accommodations. Please click the resort's name for you to get to their websites Costa Villa Resort The Circle Hostel Flotsam and Jetsam Puerto De San Juan San Juan Surf Resort Sebay Surf Central Please include San Juan La Union on your bucket list and once you go there, you will surely go back. Everyone would really unwind, chill, enjoy and will feel the good vibe of this place. So what are you waiting for, pack your things now and travel now at San Juan La Union!

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