Samboan Cebu: The Lake and It's Satisfying Tranquility

January 1, 1970

by Charmaine-villacarlos1

Have you ever wished to lay down in a floating native bamboo pieces attached to each other while swinging you gently and the same time looking up at the perfect blue sky while listening to the sound of the leaves crashing by the wind?

We all need some tranquil times in our lives. We are all busy making a living but we sometime forget to live. Live life as if we only live today. You and I know that we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. We are lucky enough that we are still waking up everyday with the sunshine on our face.

Every morning sunshine is gift of life.

Now, it’s time for us to give back to our lives by making memorable experiences, living in the moment and making the most out of this temporary life in this world.

The best place to meditate, relax and feel the living spirit inside of us is to visit the most quite, most calm and peaceful places like this one of the best

Punong Lake, Samboan Cebu, Philippines

Punong Lake, Samboan Cebu, Philippines

My Meditation on the Floating Bamboo Bench

Witnessing the most satisfying clear reflection of the perfect blue sky from the Punong Lake and feeling the most unexplained feeling while I laid down on the cozy bamboo bench is one of the best moments I ever had. In addition, the roof that was made of braided dried coconut leaves that perfectly filtered the heat of the sun and eventually gave me the comfortable temperature added the comfort of my meditation. It was a nice feeling ever. It was a life without problem. I was thinking at that moment that maybe that moment is the moment that is waiting for me in heaven. It was like a moment in heaven, in paradise.

The Tour Around The Lake

You can tour around to every corner of the lake with the en-charge around this area, his house is just around the corner. We gave him P200.00 for his kindness for touring us around. At first, he hesitated to accept it but we asked him to accept small amount of money just for our thankfulness then he left us for our privacy.

This photo was taken at exactly 4:35 pm where sun was about to set. We left the lake at 7pm and went back to the house where we stayed.

The lake is open for public even to foreign visitors. This lake can be your pokestop but there’s no pokemon here, only the most tranquil time you and your travel buddy can earn. There is no corkage as well but here’s the thing, please don’t leave any valuables and also don’t leave your mess.  As a traveler, we adore nature so much that we are responsible to all our acts especially in avoiding to hurt our mother nature.

Some Tips

Don’t leave Punong lake so late.

Lake looks scary at night.

Be friendly to locals around who pass by.

They would be very happy to smile back at you.

Don’t make disturbing noise. 

You might disturb local neighborhood.

Take a deep deep breath. 

Feel the sound from the crashing leaves.

Live in the moment.


Be Extra Careful

Ask as if you have been here or as if one of your friends have told you about the lake already and you only just wanted to confirm. You may use Esparcia Family name, which is very known in Samboan proper or center just to avoid bad intentions from people.

The Way to Punong lake

This lake is located in Poblacion Punong Samboan, a place before the center of Samboan. We rode motorcycle to get here. It only took us 5 mins from the main road so it’s also walking distance.

The Best Time to Visit

It is nice to visit Punong lake when the sun is about to rise and about to set. Also, if its possible visit Punong lake not on its peak season so can have alone time in the lake with your travel buddy. Philippines’ not peak season for travelers are from

January 2nd week after New Year to February before school year ends

June 2nd week to the last week of July

October 2nd week to December 2nd week

Peak Season

2 weeks before Christmas

1 week after New Year

After the end of School Year to the start School Year

1st week of August is Poblacion Punong Barrio Fiesta (San Roque)

September Last week is poblacion Samboan Barrio Fiesta (St. Michael Archangel)

Just a disclaimer

Not all specified weeks have visitors and surely have don’t. It depends on timing. 🙂 But, most of the time are because of these occasions.


Nonetheless, I enjoyed my stayed in Samboan. So, maybe it’s time for you too. Take time to look at your calendar and think about the best time to visit Punong lake. Hoping you have a great time in Punong Lake, Samboan Cebu.

Till next travel. More travel blogs about Samboan in my travel blog soon. Visit where TRAVEL, LIVE, INVEST and RETIRE and all in.

Malipayong paglaaglaag!




By Charmaine-villacarlos1

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