Saint Lucia: The Island I call home

January 1, 1970

by Kelly Imbert

                                        Saint Lucia: The Island I call home

There are so many reasons why I love this island that I call home: Saint Lucia. From exciting adventures with family and friends to that special romantic get-a-way with my fiance’. Oh where should i start? Did someone say adventure?? Oh yes! There are lots of adventurous things to do.

Top 5 on my activity list are:

  1.  Enjoying baths from many natural waterfalls, but my favorite is the Diamond Waterfalls, although you can’t swim under the waterfall, there are many pools where you can tap dips in mineral water which is very refreshing.
  2. Zip-lining through our tropical rain-forest is an awesome tour, the Adrena-line zip line tour is the most exciting ride for me,  I also enjoy taking peaceful walks with my fiance in the tropical rain forest.
  3. Relaxing mud baths at the sulphur springs which is home to the world’s only drive-in volcano, and one of the main attractions!
  4. Climbing the Pitons, for me it is a very intense hike, but it’s all worth it. The ultimate goal is reaching the top, the beautiful view is breath-taking up there!
  5.  The Boat Rides are very entertaining, soca music captivates your body as you cruise along the ocean, drinking lots of various drinks, there are lots to try but my favorite is Banana Moonshine. And lastly on my list, enjoying the sandy beaches. A picnic day with my family, or friends is always enjoyable. The tropical weather makes it perfect for visiting the beach, getting a tan (for travelers). To make my beach day even more enjoyable, I treat myself to smoothies from Sea Grapes Restaurant at Bay Gardens Beach Resort (Rodney Bay).




Generally the people of Saint Lucia are very friendly to both locals and travelers who are on vacation, which makes the experience enjoyable and memorable.

Another bonus to my experience in my homeland is FOOD. I enjoy having my taste buds tantalized by lots of unique eats and specialty dishes that showcases my heritage. To name a few, green bananas & salt-fish, pemee, bread nut and lots more!

One of my favorite dishes to make is pigtail bouillon, the ingredients are always readily available, and my family loves this dish when I prepare it. It is also on most menu’s at our restaurants and hotels.

I would also recommend these activities such as horseback riding, or climbing the famous Pitons I mentioned earlier, sea trekking or simply getting that perfect tan on our sandy beaches.


About Sugar Beach Resort

Sugar Beach Resort would be number one on my list, this amazing beach is located in the town of Soufriere.

I loved snorkeling there, the beach is very close to the Pitons so the view is very breath-taking and there are lots of beautiful fishes to see, especially the very colorful ones.

There is a other side to my lifestyle, it is enjoying hotel experiences, my fiance and I love treating our self to days or nights for two! I have stayed at almost half of the hotels on the island, the rest are on my bucket list.

My Top 2 Favorite Hotels

  • Sandals Resorts: My first reason is that it’s an all-inclusive hotel! I loved enjoying the water-sports activities, the staff at the water-sports department are very helpful are very friendly. Out of the three beautiful hotels,  Sandals La Toc was the perfect getaway.


  • Coconut Bay: This is a great hotel in the South of the island: It is located in Vieux-fort! It is very kid friendly, it includes a water park and paintball! There is also a kids gaming room where the kids can play all day, and for parents a DISCO! The food and drinks are both yummy! It’s also an all-inclusive hotel, so I would definitely recommend this hotel for families.


But overall, my most enjoyable time of the year is in JULY! Birthday month & Carnival Season! From exciting events like Power Soca Monarch till the “Parade of the Bands”. I just LOVE it! Nothing is sweeter than St. Lucia Carnival. You really can’t miss it! The revelry, the color, the costume, the music and the vibe.


Events & Entertainment

I love Gros Islet street party! It’s held every Friday evening, it is the best place for nightlife, people dance in the street and enjoy company of family and friends with food and drinks till daybreak.

There are so many events which are held annually. To name a few, Jounen Kweyol and Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival and like I mention above Carnival.

Jounen Kweyol is a local event where we showcase our local tradition, from local dishes to local crafts. We also wear our traditional “madras” outfits.


Another internationally staged event is the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, normally held in May annually. World-renowned artists as well as talent regional musicians are showcased, the festival has expanded to other events such as fashion shows namely St. Lucia Hot Couture Fashion Show.


There is lots to do, lots of places to explore, I can’t never get bored! So there’s no other place in the world i’d rather be than, sweet: Saint Lucia: The island I call home!


Kelly Imbert

By Kelly Imbert

I am an optimistic person, to me i believe with determination any one can succeed. I previously worked in the hospitality field, which I love but its unfortunate that I lost my job. I am currently studying a hospitalty diploma which would enhance my qualifications and provide me with more knowledge for my career path in hospitality as a manager, i love to express my feeling and say what's on my mind. Being a freelancer writer would be new to me but i am willing to try this venture and see how it goes. I love fashion designing, beauty and travel. although i have not travelled outside my homeland, travelling the world is on my bucket list. generally i am looking forward to a successful journey in freelance writing!


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