Russia to Slovenia by car

This summer we went to Slovenia by our car. The way from Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) to Ribnica (Slovenia) was long, about 4 days, but amazing!  The route ran through Byelorussia, Poland, Austria and Czech Republic. We visited interesting cities and places and fell in love with Poland (I tell you about it later…). You can see it on the map below.


 First of all, to make your journey pleasant, you should know all information about: • International driver’s license; • Vignettes (especially in Austria, Czech Republic); • Appearance and good conditions of your car; • Special documents, which you should have always in your car; • Passing border control;

Pay attention to this list, please, and treat to your journey carefully, as we did. I don’t want to be boring, so let’s start to follow our route!

Dear reader, I suppose it’s not interesting for you to read about two-day–long strait road, an unchangeable landscape outside the window of the car in Russia and Byelorussia (with all due respect to these countries). But then we visited Poland…

About Poland

First of all we were amazed by low prices in its supermarkets. All goods were cheaper there than goods in Western Europe. Secondly, the people were very helpful and kind to Russian people, so it refuted the stereotype. Thirdly, we saw very beautiful cities, with its European architecture like in the Middle Ages. One of them, Krakow,we visited.


It is the main square of Krakow, Stare Miasto.  As you can see there is a fountain on the flour, and I think it is a great idea, because the weather in summer in Poland is usually sunny and hot. Also it is the best place for children! Imagine laughter and childish screech, looking at this photo. Also there you can find shopping arcade, where you can buy some souvenirs and handicrafts. After walking you can take a pause and have a bite in one of the numerous cafes. For example, you can order an apple cake and the price will be pleasant.


One day in Krakow was not enough to get acquainted with this city well. That’s why we decided to stay for one day more. We were very grateful to the host of the apartments «Arena of Krakow», because it was not a problem to prolong our staying there.


It is Bob… in the apartments.

About route in Czech Republic

Then we stayed at a small hotel «Penzion na Grunte» in Vranov, Czech Republic, for a night and were very glad, because it had all modern conveniences, which we were in need of. In spite of our late arriving (21:00), the host was friendly and helpful. Next morning we went to Vienna, the capital of Austria.

белые маки

But I cannot help saying about our way to this city through poppy fields in Czech Republic. It was a breathtaking landscape!  As for me, I had never seen white poppy before. It looked like show lying on green fields. It was an unusual scene for us, that’s why we stopped driving and took some pictures, enjoying the view.  I think when you have an unplanned stop and you enjoy this moment, in this case it can be called «life during the journey». My parents and I like travelling for it, because such moments are always with us and we live happily due to them.

About Vienna, Austria

Now  let me start by describing our emotions, when we saw Vienna, for the first time. What do you hear, when you read the word Vienna? Do you hear the first notes of Mozart’s symphony? Do you hear a voice of opera prima? I do. What do you see, when you read the word Vienna? Do you see breathtaking gothic architecture? I do.  What do you smell? Do you smell chocolate? I do. Now close your eyes and imagine you walking in the streets of Vienna, listening classical music, looking at the architecture and eating heavenly chocolate…  I think it’s the best way to describe this city.

вена церковь

St. Peter's Church

вена собор

St. Stephen's Cathedral

More about chocolate

«I’m in a fairy-tale! » – I said when we came into the chocolate shop. This shop has a magic atmosphere inside. It seems, you are in a Gingerbread house! There are not only chocolate spheres with milk, nuts, berries and many others ingredients, but chocolate masterpieces such as figurines and pictures! If you visit it one day, I will recommend you to buy chocolate sphere with apricot and raspberry. It’s more than just wonderful! The shop is located in Freyung 2, Vienna 1010, Austria and named «Xocolat».

вена конфеты

Beautiful gardens

вена парк Also Volksgarten is free for all visitors. It is a beautiful park in the centre of Vienna, but it is quite and silent, with different sorts of roses and trees, fountains and benches, where you can escape from the noise of the city. You can enjoy a romantic and historic atmosphere, and feel you are in the XVII century. At least it is a pleasant place to visit. Look! There is a special bridge for birds!

вена парк фонтан

Moreover, walking along the streets you can see something cute and funny. Here is a dog, it is tired and just wants to relax and its owner is waiting for it patiently. Humen are dogs' best friends!

вена собачка

A good stretching, doggy!


Well, next morning we went to our goal – Ribnica in Slovenia. As usual, we arrived at the apartments «Ribnica na Pohorju», which we had booked earlier, very late for local people about 23:00, but not late for us. A receptionist came very fats and showed us our rooms. There was a fireplace! Also we were alone in the whole house. And you can see our car here. It was a paradise!


We had a lot of adventures in Slovenia and in other countries, but it would be another story. P.S. All apartments we booked on booking. сom With love, Alex


Hello, let me introduce myself to you. I’m Alexandra. I live in Russia and I have a family of three: my father, my mother and me and our talisman, my toy, named Bob. We are a regular Russian family, but we try to visit another part of our beautiful world once a year, because travelling is not only a hobby, it is our style and meaning of our life. I want to share my impressions with you! P. S. «Life during the journey – it’s a dream in its purest form» Agatha Christie.