Rottnest Island- a mysterious Island full of Adventures

Rottnest Island- a mysterious Island full of adventures

I was totally new to Perth – Western Australia and so ready for my first adventure. But the question was where should I go and who would come with me? I'm not that type of person who wants to travel their whole journey alone. So I got myself to put a post on facebook and soon I got the first magic message of a girl (Carmen) who would soon be a really good friend: Our journey could start and we decided to take the ferry to Rottnest Island-an Island in Western Australia full of mysterious, small places to discover!


We didn't really had an idea of that place we would go to, of course not after only 3 weeks living in Australia. So fully packed with our camping gear and way to many clothes we went to the B-Shed in Fremantle to take the Ferry which brought us to the Island. When we arrived we first didn't know what to do with all our luggage and of course it was pretty heavy so not that good to carry. So after we went to the information centre of Rottnest Island we finally had a map of the Island to figure out which way would take us to the Camping Ground-by foot. As I just said our Luggage was really heavy so don't make the same mistake we made and carry all the luggage you have to your place of stay by yourself. There is a service you can take advantage of to get your luggage to the Camping Ground or your holiday house so that you don't have to carry it all the way up there-how we found out went we left the Island. But we felt much better after we arrived at the Camping Ground when we saw that the Camping Spot is directly next to Pinky Beach and one of the Light houses – where you can see breathtaking sunsets by the way!

After we set up the tent we decided to go for a walk to get first impressions of Rottnest and what we first found was so cute! When you have a closer look you find lots of little wild animals which are living on the Island and Quokkas are definitely the most adorable little creatures living on that Island! These animals are little mini-kangoroos hopping around everywhere on the Island and if you're not paying enough attention on your food it will be gone fast, so watch out and look after your food if you don't want to spend the rest of your walk hungry! (Well, there are some shops so not a thing to worry about…)


When we finished trying to take photos and Selfies of us with a Quokka, because of course we really needed some photos of us with those lovely animals, we decided to take one of the mysterious little footpaths which would take us to the inner part of the Island. What we didn't know was that this footpath wouldn't take us back on the proper road that fast-I'm sure that won't happen to you. 🙂 So we accidently came to the very inner part of the Island and since we didn't have the chance to get back that fast anyway we made our way trough the bush of the inner part of the Island – in Shorts and Thongs. What we didn't think about was that there are snakes and other little animals you just can't see but they are right next to you in the bush where they live. After we found our way out of the bush back on a proper Road which would take us back to the Camping Ground and that Area of Rottnest where all the shops and that things are we met a volunteer who told us that we really shouldn't go into the bush with thongs and shorts because the snakes which live in there are very dangerous. The next thing he said was: “Here is just one snake, come and have a closer look!” I stepped forward to see the snake and asked him if this snake is very dangerous if he says that I can step directly in front of the snake. He said: “Oh if you get bitten by that snake you can easily die!”. This Volunteer really calmed me down. I can't really say our little hike was not dangerous, but it was our first little adventure on the Island and it was worth it. I would just recommend long Pants, closed shoes and maybe a guided tour by one of the Volunteers, you don't have to pay anything for the tours. It was really worth it, because what we saw was beautiful!


When you come to that Part of the Island you get to see wonderful lakes which are spread out on the whole Island. Just like the Ocean around the Island they are crystal blue and the most beautiful birds I've ever seen and of course lots of Quokkas live in that area of Rottnest Island. Because our supposed to be 10 minute walk turned our to be a 2 and a half hour hike it was pretty late when we got back. So we just grabbed something to eat and went to the beach where we watched the stunning sunset from the lighthouse at pinky beach. Very romantic. When we got up the next day, we directly hired bikes to go for a bike tour around the Island. There are more options for the tour, so you can decide whether you want to go for a short one, a middle long one or for a very long one. The Island is not that big anyway, so you get to see the whole Island in just one day if you go for the longest Bike tour, what I can really recommend. I would say the Tour is pretty much something for everyone. Rottnest has got wonderful little beaches all around the Island and if you love swimming, surfing or snorkelling the wonderful white beaches and its' blue, clear water is the right place for you! After we've had an amazing, adventurous time on Rottnest Island we unfortunately had to leave to go back to Perth to our Host families.

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Facts of Rottnest Island:

•Lots of adorable little Quokkas living on the Island (Shut your tent properly over night, if you don't want to have a cuddly visitor over night!)

           •beautiful lakes and little animals to explore on the inner part of the Island

           •stunning sunsets which are definitely a good thing to watch for a romantic dinner at the beach

           •lots of small beaches around the Island which are great for swimming, snorkelling, surfing or just to relax in the sun (Bike tour recommended!)

Are you keen for the next adventure in Western Australia? Pack all your stuff together and start your next Adventure on the beautiful Rottnest Island, its definitely worth it! 🙂



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