Rosario, Argentina. What to do, where to eat and sleep.

Rosario is one of the biggest cities in Argentina. Actually, it is the third one in population. It is the heart of the province of Santa Fe, even though it is not its capital city. It’s also the birthplace of “Che” Guevara and Lionel Messi. But Rosario it’s more than that: homemade beer, good football, crowded dining districts, “the island”, its endlessness green areas along the coast and its nightlife will make you think twice before you want to leave.

Things to do in Rosario

Visit the National flag memorial

This memorial is known as the first place where the Argentinian flag was raised. The whole structure symbolizes a ship. Besides the highest building which acts as the mast, where you can take a lift to the top, you can also visit the “Sala de las Banderas” and learn some history about all the Latin American’s flags. This is a must see when it comes to Rosario.

Sunbathe on the “Florida” beach

Do you think you like the summer? Summer seasons in Rosario are really a pain in the neck: terribly hot and humid. The temperature can reach 40ºC and the thermal sensation could be over 45ºC. But don’t worry, if you are a tourist everything is fine. You could ride a bike from downtown to the “Florida”. There are beach volley courts, music, and tasty food. Be ready to pay AR$70. Or You can always enjoy the river from the public beaches.

Cross to the beaches on the other side of the Paraná River

Wanna go on an adventure? Take a boat from “La Fluvial” Station (right in front of The National Flag’s Memorial) or from the “Costa Alta” Station (between the Rosario-Victoria bridge and “La Florida” beach) to some beautiful beaches and sandbanks on the other side. Here you can find bars and drugstores that provide all kind of services and activities; you can sunbathe while drinking a beer by the beach and enjoy the natural environment just a few kilometers away from the city. You can also rent a kayak and cross the river by yourself. Just be careful because one of the biggest ports is in this area and many big cargo ships are sailing at any time. If you pick this way of transportation, you’ll be able to discover new paths among the different islands and even reach the area where the “Irupé” flower lies.

Go for a walk by the coast on a Sunday afternoon

Typically, people run away from their houses when they have the chance. That’s why you’ll find so many families and youngsters all over the place. Flea markets, several streets open for pedestrians and cyclists, cultural events such as free dancing, are some of the options you may find on a long 6 kilometers walk, starting on the “Urquiza Park” and finishing on “Puerto Norte”. Following this direction, you’ll find “Ciudad Jóven” (Young City), a four fully restored port warehouses linked to a public walk that takes you to the river spaces for cultural and social outdoor activities.

Buy food in the “Mercado del Patio”

Go on a tour on a kind of new gastronomic option. Here you can buy, taste, learn and celebrate the regional gastronomy. This place prioritizes natural products. Its commercial proposal is designed for consumers who are looking for fresh, natural, diverse, different, quality food products at a good price. Tip: Buy cheese and other local products in “Almacén de quesos santafesinos”. While you are waiting for your turn, taste their homemade beer and try their “empanadas criollas.”

Best places to eat

Bar “El Cairo”

This is a classic. It has its own particular history, food, and drinks. One of the most famous writers in Rosario used to have the so popular “mesa de los galanes” (Gallants’ table) here. Placed in the center of town, “El Cairo” is known as the most symbolic bar of all times. There you can enjoy your meal while watching a Tango or any other music show.

Pellegrini Avenue and Pichincha Neighborhood

Pellegrini and Pichincha are the two dining districts of Rosario. There you can find several restaurants and a wide variety of options. From the traditional grilled meat with its delicious combinations to different appetizers. Enjoy the homemade beer in almost all places, which is cheap and excellent. A recommendation: “Parrilla La Estancia” if you want to taste the most fabulous meat together with a Malbec and “Antares” or “Baum” for the homemade beer and a young environment; with good music and nice people.

Top hostels

La casa de arriba

This hostel is situated just a few blocks away from the public Medical School, the “Mercado del Patio” and the bus station. From this point, you have access to all kind of public transportation to move around the city. I would recommend “mi bici-tu bici” (public bicycle system) because you will have another perspective of the city and you’ll be able to stop wherever you pleased. This hostel has spacious and comfortable shared rooms with private bathroom option, balcony, lockers and everything you need to make you like it. Prices for a shared room are about ARS 500 (around USD 13,30).

Hostel point Rosario

Hostel Point is located right in the center of the city, in an old house from the turn of the century, totally refurbished. It’s three blocks away from the Parana River and four blocks from the shopping district. Apart from the accommodation, the hostel has a beautiful solarium with a barbecue area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a wide dining room. Prices go from ARS 250 (around USD 6.50) for a shared room to ARS 700 (around USD 18.45) for a double full bedroom.     You can discover so many places once you decide to visit this city. There are plenty of museums, shopping malls, places to do different recreational activities and offers from all kind depending on the season you’re planning your trip. So, now you are aware…If you are visiting Argentina, give Rosario a shot!

Naiara Janise Raffin

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