Rome, Italy: Places to visit

January 1, 1970

by Ana Stefanel

This is a quick walk through the beautiful Rome – the capital city of Italy. As soon as you arive at the Ciampino Airport, the journey begins. First of all, you have to take a taxi or a bus (there are plenty of them right in front of the airport – I recommend the bus, for 5 euros you can travel comfortable) and go to wherever you are staying.

I used the application Airbnb and I found a very nice and cheap suit for me and my three friends, in a very good location if we talk about the distance to the main attraction points. Also, if you pay attention to the reviews you host has on Airbnb, you can find some nice people which will help you during your trip. Our host was Frank, a very nice man who gave us some advice and made our trip more safe and interesting.

The beauty of Rome in 5 places


If you are in Rome, you can not miss Colosseum. From the street I was I had to walk only 15 minutes to Colosseum and I saw it by day and by night. My advice is to try to pass near it by night, the lights are impressive. By day, you have to know it is full of people. That is why I bought an online ticket. That is how you avoid the crowd and go right into the beautiful construction. Then I bought an audio guide because is cheaper and you have also a list and you can go to whatever point you want.

colosseum by day

Fontana di Trevi

This is a place that will last in your memory forever. Also, it is situated in a very populated area so you can meet a lot of nice people from all across the world. Do not forget to throw a coin in the clear water and make a wish.

Fontana di Trevi by night

Piazza di Spagna

It is very close to Fontana di Trevi. You can get there in 10 minutes by foot. There are a lot of stairs and if you climb them all you get to see Rome and especially the churches. The view is really nice.

Piazza di Spagna by day

Villa Medici

If you get to Piazza di Spagna you can not miss Villa Medici. The architecture is impressive and the guide talks very well English and makes the tour very interesting. Also, you have a variety of languages to choose from if you do not understand English. What I liked the most was the view we had at the end of the tour. You can see a big part of the city from there.

Villa Medici - view

The Pantheon

This is another place you must see if you get there. It is close to Piazza di Spagna and on your way from the stairs to the impressive building you have a lot of stores. There you can find the most important brands in the world in fashion. The building itself is a place to see because of its interesting story. There is a hole right in the middle of the roof and the locals say that the rain never gets inside. Also, there is a nice place to take a break and chill for a couple of minutes.

Good food in Rome

If you are a food lover, you have to visit Rome. From pizza to pasta, all kinds of cookies or any other food you wish, that is the place.

I recommend going to restaurants near Fontana di Trevi. You have to choose from dozens of places, each one with all kinds of menus. Of course, try pizza and pasta with good wine, but also food from international menus. It is worth it. The price is not very high and you can eat and drink well.

Italian pizza with Prosecco

Also, many restaurants are situated in Piazza di Spagna. The waiters are very nice and they give you free drinks. There I tasted the most delicious seafood ever – along with a glass of Prosecco it was just perfect.

You can try small restaurants, those in which you can feel the Italian spirit. There you can eat the best pasta ever.

Another food you have to try in a restaurant located near Colosseum is lasagna. It is made by a very old recipe.

Waiters in Rome are very caring. My advice is to order a bottle of wine while you are waiting for your order. You will receive the best snacks ever.

If talking about sweets, ice cream should be on your list. You can find every type you want. My favorite was the coconut one. It is delicious. Cheesecake is also worth trying.

Ice cream in Rome


Ways to travel

I traveled by taxi only on my way back to the airport on my last day. It is a bit expensive and the bus is also comfortable, so I recommend it.

When visiting the city you can take one of those city buses which take you to every main attraction. Although, I recommend trying to walk as much as you can because Rome is beautiful and you can meet a lot of people.

Also, there a lot of little stores from where you can buy really nice souvenirs.

If you are staying longer and you get tired, use the subway. It is very cheap and effective. You get from one side to another only in a couple of minutes.

Just a few tips for an unforgettable trip

It is very important to buy tickets to the main attractions online – right before your trip. It saves a lot of time and you will not need to wait in row.

Try to walk as much as you can. The capital city of italy is incredible and every building has its own history.

In the morning try to drink an Italian coffee. That short espresso. It will make your day.

Save some money before you travel to Rome. You will want to try every ice cream on your way.

Every waiter knows al least English, so do not worry about that.

Try to avoid very crowded places by night – for example subways.




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