Rome : A 3-day trip to remember.

January 1, 1970

by Evelyne Mermigi


This trip to Rome was a dream came true. My friends and I have been planning this for over two months and since we were 7 people in total, it was hard to find a date suitable for everyone. So, when we finally set the date, it really felt like a dream that would definitely come true. Italy was an obvious choice. It’s close to Greece ( where I live ) and filled with history and mesmerizing architecture.  Since we were not planning on making it a luxury trip, our first thought was staying at a hostel. Hostels are a great way of saving some extra bucks thus making a trip to another country more affordable.


Hostel is the key.

Hostel Rome

We booked at the ‘’Hotel Des Artistes’’ which was a beautiful hostel, friendly and apparently very lucky, because the manager there happened to be from Greece! So the actual (native) communication helped quite a bit, since he provided us with useful information as to where to start, and which days would be more preferable to visit certain areas.Outside our hostel, across the street, there was a small cafe from which we’d get our first coffee of the day before start exploring! There are plenty of hostel choices in Rome, so feel free to do your own research before booking!

Map or app.

General Rome map       Citymapper

Let’s start with the basics.

If you’re new to Rome, always carry a map with you. The map helps you have a geographical sense of your surroundings and offers you an obvious sense of security. Since technology has evolved so much, there is also one more option to get everywhere you want… with one click. There is an application called Citymapper.  It’s a life-saving app, since you just enter the location you wish to go, and it shows all the possible ways to go there. Through subway, taxi, bus, foot, how close you’re at any means of transport, how much distance is it and the estimated time you’ll get there. We used all means of trasport but we mostly just walked because we wanted to explore Rome’s beautiful streets, full of breathtaking alleys while interracting with people.

After waking up, we made sure we had breakfast, but more importantly, coffee. Their cappuccino and espresso, but especially their cappuccino, was the best I’ve ever tasted in my life ( that was a tip for coffee lovers, such as myself). We went to the local supermarket and purchased something quick to eat later on, since we didn’t want to lose much time eating lunch and dinner. We’d usually eat something packed, continue exploring and then go somewhere to have dinner.

Colosseum :

Roman Colosseum

The minute we got there, we couldn’t stop looking around, admiring every aspect of the view. As expected, Colosseum was very crowded but there was plenty of space for everyone. Colosseum due to its history is, in my opinion, one of the most intimidating ancient treasures. Gladiatorial combats, wild animal fights and the ancient Romans cheering is definitely something you can feel while admiring it.


Il Vittoriano ( Altare della Patria ):

Rome Vittoriano

Even though it was pretty crowded as well, everyone would silently pay their respect to the unknown soldier. It was a surprising moment to look at each other and realise that people were willingly more quiet, trying to take pictures and still be respectful over this monumental sight. Rich history does conquer all, after all. We headed to the top, only to admire the amazing view and stayed there for quite some time, trying to captivate the beauty with both our minds and our cameras. Piazza Venezia was an amazing view.


Fontana Di Trevi :

Fountain Di Trevi

After passing through piazza di Trevi, we were heading towards the most famous fountains. The Trevi Fountain is very popular and personal, one of my very favorites. Of course, the first thing we did once we saw it, was to go throw a coin inside the fountain!  The coins shined beautifully and the overview of the fountain left us pretty much speechless. The sound of the water cancelled all the noise of a huge crowd who came to also admire it.  All in all, Fontana Di Trevi is definitely something worth visiting.

By the time we finished our stops, we were starving and decided to go somewhere to eat. We despirately wanted to go to  ” Rome’s favourite neighbourhood ” : Trastevere . We’ve heard so much about it, quite a few people suggested we go there, not only because the food is much more affordable and tasty, but also because the night life in Rome begins in Trastevere. There is a place for everything there. Gellato, food, drinks, stores, music everywhere, people walking in the alleys, talking, laughing, hanging out.

We had a wonderful time, we spent both our nights there, eating mostly pizza and pasta and drinking wine or coctails. I highly reccomend it as a priority place to visit if you need a break from historical sightseeing.


Vatican :

angels in St Peter's basilica Vatican, Rome  Vatican, Rome


We first went to the Vatican museum with a guide, due to the fact that it was that specific Sunday where the Vatican was free and the the people gathered there to enter it for free were just an excessive amount. So, we packed our headphones and followed the guide to a magical tour of endless ancient civilization and history. It was extremely hard focusing on what the tour guide had to say, because the uniqueness of the Vatican is truly one of a kind. The Sistine Chapel left you with nothing but owe, admiring the miraculous talent portrayed all over a building that wrote history.


Piazza Navona , Piazza Del Popolo , Campo de’ Fiori :


We passed through Piazza Navona, Piazza Del Popolo, Piazza di trevi  and although we didn’t stay for long, we noticed that there wasn’t a single piazza that wasn’t filled with people who all had a certain vibe of enjoying themselves just for being there. We choose Campo de’ Fiori to be our place to sit and enjoy our coffee, Rome’s most flowery place. And of course, before sitting at the cafe, we went to the flea market to get souvenirs and more importantly, pasta. The variety of pasta there is insane and their quality and taste are beyond any pasta I’ve had so far.

We were stunned by the city’s architecture. The fact that Rome has maintained its original, historical beauty, is admirable and something definitely worth experiencing.


Villa Borghese Gardens :

We dedicated our last day to Villa Borghese Gardens. Once you get there, you have the opportunity to go through the entire Villa Borghese with a bike! We preferred to walk and take our time. I fell instantly in love with the water clock and the fountain of the sea-horses. Villa Borghese really makes you appreciate the beauty of nature and become one with it.

Water Clock     Horse fountain

All in all, it was a magical trip. We managed to make a 3-day trip to Rome, a sweet nostalgia that we’d be looking forward to. Here’s a small video that captures our trip in one minute! Enjoy!

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Evelyne Mermigi

By Evelyne Mermigi

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